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Elf: (ooc) so I’m going to go to the stables and I have the perfect plan to steal a horse.

Dm: okay you and your team mate go to the stable.

Elf: hello there, I am interested in buying a horse!

Stableman: oh that’s great! I’m going to need your names.

Elf: (named Ezolin), Aladin.

(Ezolin rolled a 7)

Wizard: (named Zinnia) and my name is Aladin.

(Zinnia rolled a 18)

Stableman: you're​ both named Aladin?

Ezolin: I’m Aladin with an A she’s Alidin with an I.

(That isn't​ all)

Stableman: alrighty then! What can I do for you Aladin?

Ezolin: I really like this horse… But I wanna maybe take her for a test drive? Ya know to make sure that she’s a good one and that I am getting the best deal.

Stableman: well I would love to do it but I’ve had many people steal horses by just riding off with them.

Ezolin: I give you my word as a high elf that I will not do that.

Stableman: I’m sorry but I can’t do that.

Ezolin: listen, buddy. (Ezolin puts his arm around the stableman really buddy buddy like)

Zinnia: (ooc) what are you-

Ezolin: (stabs the stableman in the kidney and steals a horse.)

Draco Malofy x Plussize!Reader - Don’t listen to them

A/N: I don’t why but this on kinda sucks. :/ I tried my best but Draco ended up more OOC than I can admite to myself, but I hope you guys still like it >.<
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Thanks to my beta reader @true-queen-of-mischief ^^

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Word Count: 853

You hated the holidays. While everyone in Hogwarts was excited to go home and see their family, you were just sad and scared.

To say it nicely you were on the bigger side. Not really fat but not skinny either and your family seems to not miss any chance to remember you of it.

Everyone in your family was perfect. From head to toe. Perfect hair, skin, clothes and even the perfect body shape.

While you sat in the Hogwarts Express together with Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson, you just watched out the window, ignoring the conversation your friends had.

You didn’t notice how Draco would glance at you once in a while, opening his mouth as he would say something to you but closing it before words could come out.


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Remus Lupin & Peter Pettigrew
  • Remus was the one to tell Peter that yeah, he could sit with him on the train
  • The two sat in silence until Remus noticed the shirt Peter was wearing
  • They both bonded over the muggle band
  • When James and Sirius joined the compartment, Remus made sure that Peter wasn’t left out of the conversation as he seemed to shrink into the corner
  • Remus was happy to know that he’d have another half-blood with him in Gryffindor once Peter was sorted
  • Peter noticed that Remus tended to keep to himself and worked to try and break his shell
  • In that attempt he ended up becoming more social
  • He started seeking out James and Sirius in an attempt to get them to help out Remus
  • The three of them ended up becoming good friends
  • Peter would find Remus and the two would study in the library together
  • Peter was the one who figured out that Remus was a werewolf
  • He was reading some books about the creatures in the wizarding world and put two and two together
  • He kept it from the other boys at Remus’ request
  • But after seeing Remus in the hospital the next week
  • He decided they need to take action
  • Remus at first was upset that Peter had exposed him
  • But later came to appreciate it
  • And wasn’t afraid to tell him, often
  • Remus encouraged Peter to ask out Mary
  • And Peter encouraged Remus to ask out Sirius
  • Together, the two pulled very few pranks
  • Remus was more of a rule-follower, and Peter was just a follower in general
  • Peter always looked after Remus before and after full moons
  • Made sure he was eating and drinking
  • He always calmed him down whenever he got upset as well
  • When Peter felt down and had little self-esteem, Remus would pull him aside and they would exchange hushed whispers as Remus would comfort him and make sure Peter felt loved, and appreciated
  • Remus was heartbroken when he’d learned the news that Peter was dead
  • One of his best friends, the person who could read him like a book, dead?
  • Something about it didn’t sit right with him, but he put it down to it being Sirius that had betrayed them
  • When he heard that Peter was on the map, Remus realized what a stupid mistake he’d made
  • He felt absolutely furious
  • Peter hoped to god that Remus wouldn’t find him
  • Wouldn’t figure him out
  • Because even though they were on opposite sides
  • He couldn’t stand the look of disappointment
  • Of anger that Remus would give him
  • When Peter died, Remus was both upset and relieved
  • He was relieved because it was one of the worst people he’d known, gone
  • But he was upset because it was one of his best friends, dead
  • He was the last Marauders still living
  • He’d make sure to punch Peter in the afterlife, though
  • Thankfully, he only had to wait about two more months

Molly: Yes, my love?

Arthur: The kids are all asleep, dear. And I’m up here, all alone.

Molly: …Uhh…

Molly Weasley is offline.

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The Eightfold Squad

Here are the people that make my day 100282398732% better whenever I come home.


Deth! The one who started it all. If it weren’t for their little promo I would have never made this blog I treasure so much. I’d like to thank you for accepting me into the group and making me feel welcome. I was nervous and reluctant to join at first, but I am now very happy I built up all the courage and asked to join. You are an amazing person with amazing writing skills with a great Overhaul portrayal and once again, thank you for letting me join. 


The first Eightfold mun I met other than Deth is none other than the magnificent Dio. Honestly, you are such a nice person and reading your threads and seeing your art makes me so inspired to thrive on with my own threads and art. You’ve been nothing but kind and supportive and I want to thank you for that. Also, your Chrono portrayal gets me so hyped up.


Czech, buddy. Did I tell you how much of an amazing Nemoto you are? Or just how much of a great roleplayer you are in general? Well, I am now. You are such a smart, cool and funny person who I look forward to talking to with the others every day! 

@iimperium /@solidatur

BIRDY. MY FELLOW AUSTRALIAN! We are two sides of the same coin, are we not? You are such a great, kind and caring person and I am so happy to have met you. Thank you for streaming ST for me seeing that I am an uncultured swine who doesn’t have Netflix lmao. It’s an honour to roleplay with you and your muses and I honestly feel so bad about making you wait for my replies which take me like, 21763217798 years to get to.


Penny is such a sweet person. We haven’t talked much, but when we do I am really glad to chat with you! Your Tabe is just AMAZING and adorable! When I found a Tabe blog follow me I almost fell off my chair because my boy was missing his friend, ya know? I really hope we get to talk more because you seem like such a nice person.


Next up is Pita, who’s Rappa is 11/10 would interact with so many times again. You’re a cool person and I’m glad to have met you alongside the other muns! I look forward to Rappa and Setsuno interacting more even though it’d probably be a trainwreck with how their personalities just clash LMAO.


Blue, you sweetheart. You are so kind and I just feel so relaxed to talk to you! Your Tengai is just perfect and I love the fact that he feels uneasy around Setsuno. (In case y’all haven’t noticed, I love friction between characters lmao). Meeting you was a very good highlight of being in the Eightfold group and I’m glad we have met!


Here we have 8-Bit. An amazing roleplayer who’s Mimic is astounding. I am sorry for having him put up with Setsuno’s bullshit omg forgive me on that, haha. We may not have talked a lot but I can tell you’re a really amazing person! 


Last but not least out of the squad is Witchy. The legend. Gosh, your OC Kokushi. Her? Yeah, I love her. Give me more of that Kokushi art because your art style is amazing! I also love Setsuno interacting with Kokushi because it can be so funny and also so heartbreaking *glares at that thread where he got hurt really badly*.


Look at this mun. What a good mun. They are so nice and kind even though we don’t talk that much, it’s still a fun time whenever we do. Vespa is such a good OC and I love her sm.

Other Amazing People


Sixx! Did I tell you how much I love you? Because I do. You are such a cutie and thank you so much for being here and supporting my journey from my first ever roleplay blog to this one. Thank you so much for being a great friend and your Dabi has got to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, okay? <3


VANUR BABY. A A A A A A A AA  I love every single blog you have because you put so much thought into each OC you have. Speaking of OCs, Xern? I will protect you and her with my life because you’re amazing and sweet! 


Here we got James, the chill and cool roleplayer I talk to almost daily. It’s so fun talking to you OOC and I am SO SORRY FOR THE SHIT SETSUNO GIVES TO ALL YOUR MUSES. HE JUST INSULTS THEM AND I’M SO SORRY FOR THAT I LOVE YOU OKAY? <3

@solchimaera and @tamakipse

You two Tamakis always meddling with my Setsuno’s plans smh. Just kidding, I love ya both and both of your Tamaki portrayals make me so happy! Keep meddling with his plans please, I need him to verse heroes.


I am. So. Sorry. For whatever Setsuno has done and is going to do. You have all rights to whoop is ass lmao. Interacting with each of your roleplay blogs is so fun and you are such a cool person! Keep up the great work!

Other blogs that give my dash life

@ask-kavarin @overholla @eri-rewind @thequirklesshero @powersurged @surprisetrash 

Of course, there are more but I have such poor memory when it comes to these things.

Overall I would like to thank everyone here on my journey on my Setsuno and other roleplay blogs and I love you all!

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lieutenantabarai  asked:

This goes out of character: you have ALL my congratulations for your work with Nnoitra. Your incredible level of creativity is one of the best things that I enjoy reading your posts! I envy you, but in the good way! I'll say this: keep going, keep going and keep going! I just love it a lot, thank you for all the stuffs you write! And happy almost 2018, don't stop writing or I scold you! 😍

     [ HAS TO TAKE A MOMENT BC WHAT EVEN— Honestly, thank you so much! I know I have said it two hundred times, but I’ll say it again: getting compliments on my Nnoitra, and having people noticing how much work I put into him, makes me SO GODDAMN HAPPY HOLY SHIT !! Writing Nnoitra is the most important thing to me, because it’s the one thing that gives me energy, a sense of purpose and the feeling that I’m good at something! He is literally my entire world and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself without him. So thank you for noticing my work on him! It’s only been three years, but boy have I written a lot!

     Thank you for reading my posts! Nnoitra is like an endless pool of inspiration and creativity for me, so I’ll keep on doing allll the stuff with him! I have 24941314 ideas for things I wanna do. Threads, plots, relationships, aus - there is no end! And to have people actually enjoy my work means so much to me! There can’t be anything better than sharing the stuff you love with someone who enjoys it, right?? I’M SO HAPPY!! This day is so great! Thank you so so so so much ( i am terrible at getting my gratitude across but I hope you understand how much it means to me ) for making my day even better!!

     I will definitely never stop writing Nnoitra, and - a happy almost 2018 to you too! ]

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