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What inspires you the most? Is there any person that has a big influence on you and what you do, in a good way?

(( OOC: I’m assuming you mean in terms of what I do on this blog? In which case there’s lots of people that inspire me, I think my friendly friends most of all. Every one of them is so insanely creative and funny and talented, the level of thought and effort they put in to their work massively inspires me and motivates me to do the same. I get so proud and happy to watch them all work on something and see the reaction the final result gets. And as with any good friends, they inspire me outside of my blog as well. Having friends that support you and challenge you and love you is so important, and they regularly inspire me to be an even better person, if that’s possible.

The rp community in general is a huge inspiration for my blog. There are so many clever and talented people out there and I love watching all the stuff you make. So I think the feedback I get from my fellow rp-ers is the most appreciated, because whilst we are all just a bunch of nerds playing dress up in our rooms, to me what you guys do is pretty bloody cool. Keep doing it. ))

To everyone who wished me a happy birthday, thank you so so so much. As per usual, my birthday wasnโ€™t great, because I have pretty much no social life irl or any family, which resulted in only four people showing up. But thanks to everyone who left me a message or liked my post, I was so happy and it made me feel like it was actually my birthday. Iโ€™m just flabbergasted and humbled, really. Thank you for making this birthday memorable.

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DM extends out the Conjure Animal to Druid (Team Stumblefuck)

The group is still in the underground, in a massive 50 yard space to fight 8 Half Dragons.  Since Druids are not really allowed to touch metal, the DM agreed with the Druid about the reason being that it burns.  Upon hearing this, the Ranger wants to use his wolf to protect the Druid against any attacks directed to her.  Druid was actually ready to use a new skill learned, Conjure Animal.  The DM asked the Sub-DM about what the limitations are for the skill, and the Sub-DM had replied with all the information in the book.  To make a long story short, Druid can summon up to 8 creatures at the current spell level, and given that the type of creatures the Druid can summon is limited to a small number.  DM goes through the Monster Manuel, looking up the requrements of each beast type creature, and the following happens;

DM (OOC); Okay, so you can summon an Allosaurus, Triceratops, Pteradactle…. *DM proceeds to list off all the beast type creatures from the Monster Manuel, then looks to the Druid* So, which one are you summoning?

Druid (OOC); Fuck the 8 wolves I was going to summon, I’m summoning that Allosaurus!

DM; Okay, the Druid summons an Allosaurus to battle.  You now have an extra action slot because of the summoned creature.

Druid; “Allie!  Eat that Half Dragon!  The first black one!”

*Eventually the First Black Half Dragon ends up killed, and the Wizard is very happy with the results.  His turn comes up.*

Wizard; “I cast Animate Dead on the dead Half Dragon.”

DM (OOC); OH WHAT THE FUCK!?  CRAP!  That means I have to expose everything to you about the Black Half Dragons!

Wizard (OOC); Druid!  I want you to write down everything for me.

Druid (OOC); Want that in Druidic?

                          just a warning to everybody following this blog as it is a current issue—- within my verses is now a specific au in which j spiritually takes up the role of twisty the clown from ahs: freak show. while this hasn’t been too prevalent on my blog before, as a result of including this my blog content will now contain themes related to coulrophobia and images of clowns. if you do suffer this phobia, i suggest you UNFOLLOW ME NOW or block my ahs verse tag. stay safe, stay happy, and we love you ♡



So as you all know I bought a house a while ago but I just wasn’t satisfied with how it looked anymore.. Well after so much hard work my house is completely different & just the way I want it! I have to say I am beyond satisfied with the end result! I’ve worked so hard to get where I am now & I must say that I am very proud of myself! I’ll definitely have more pictures of the house soon but as of now I have more decorating to do.

*OOC: House built by me! [ @kdsimmer ]*

it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it

“Henry brought me to Storybrooke to bring back the happy endings. My job’s not done until I do that for everyone.” (4x01)

“I made you a promise I intend to keep. Everyone deserves their happy ending.” (4x12)

“Wait, if you’re afraid of losing your happy ending, then that means you found it. What is it?”

“Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you.” (4x16)

The above quotes are why I don’t think Emma Swan is ooc at all. This monotone, constantly tired looking, somewhat drained performance we’re seeing on a weekly basis is the result of Emma accepting her role as the savior and fully committing to it. If being the savior means giving people their happy endings, and Hook’s happy ending is herself, then it’s her job to give herself to him, which is exhausting because her heart isn’t fully in an occupation where the work hours are 24/7.

Emma Swan is completely IC. She’s chasing after Hook in order to fulfill her duties as the savior. Any signals Regina’s putting out - you’re too good for Hook, btw I’m like Hook but better, I’m totally your type - don’t compute in her savior brain. She’s focussed on giving the most important people in her life what she thinks they need to be happy. She has no idea that Regina would be happy with her, and even if she knew Regina loved her, she would still choose to be with Hook because he’s basically claimed that she’s the only thing that could be his happy ending. Whereas Regina has a soulmate that presumably makes her happy. 

In the end, Emma is going to choose the person who is direct enough to say I want you not the person quietly longing for her. She still has an orphan mentality, she wants someone to choose her, to chase after her, to like her enough that they refuse to leave her alone. That coupled with her savior responsibilities makes Hook the obvious choice to be with, not Regina.