ooc: i think i'll have to go now


(( Anyway, I think I’m gonna go ahead and call a hiatus.

School started yesterday and I have to focus on my studies from now on. My schedule for this year will most definitely not be as full as next year’s, and I’m sure I could probably fit roleplaying in there one way or another – but the muses are just… gone? I don’t feel them as much as I used to; which doesn’t surprise me, given the fact that I’ve had this blog for about six months I think?

I’m sorry I couldn’t stay long enough to let relationships develop further – that’s probably the only reason why it took me so long to let go, to be honest. Do know that I loved having you as a partner, I love your writing and muses even if we’ve never written together before! I really do wish I could’ve interacted with everyone more.

That said, if mutuals would like to keep in touch, just IM me and I’ll give you my Discord/show you my personal blog so we can chat there! Seriously, even if we’ve never talked before – don’t be afraid to ask me.

I dunno when exactly I’ll be coming back, but it most likely won’t be on this blog. Thank you for writing with me, or even considering to. It’s honestly been a joy to run this blog and develop these characters and their relationships – and, of course, it’s been a joy meeting all of you!

Thank you for sticking with me till now, and I’m hoping we can interact again as RP partners in the future. <3 ))

Headcanon that Sam actually plays the cello and that’s why she has such excellent upper body strength and listens to Bach’s cello suite no. 1 while taking a friggin 3 hour bath (Because her muscles are really sore from practicing).