ooc: i just ship it too much

i love talking headcanons over ships with partners. even if it’s something that may never happen, i just love the discussion of the ship regardless. literally talking for hours in cap locks over two muses you care for so much is amazing. and it makes you feel good knowing your partner is as dedicated as you are and thinks about your two muses in different situations too.

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So I absolutely loved your most recent RP with TT. I was just wondering if you ship wolfstar? And how you picture Remus falling for Tonks after Sirius' death?

(( OOC: Thank you! And I do ship Wolfstar, probably just as much as I do Remadora. For me, I really like how the two relationships compliment each other, and how they are able to exist in the same timeline. 

I talked a little bit about it here, but my head canon is that Remus and Sirius weren’t able to make a romantic relationship work after the first wizarding war. If anything, I think maybe Sirius was more inclined to still have feelings towards Remus, but ultimately both men had been through too much and were too changed from the young boys they once were. And at this point, Remus honestly doesn’t believe he is worthy of love. He’s too broken, and Sirius is too broken to help him realise he’s wrong. That’s where Tonks comes in.

Tonks is a complete force of nature, so different from anyone Remus has ever met before. What starts as a partnership slowly turns into the type of friendship Remus so desperately needs. Tonks is clever, and funny, and over months of various Order missions they become more and more at ease with each other. They’re a team, but they’re best friends, too.

And then Sirius dies.

Sirius was the last connection Remus had to his old self, to a time where he was happy and where he had friends who loved him. When he loses that, Remus can’t envision any future where he may be happy again. He volunteers for incredibly dangerous missions, not caring whether he lives or dies. But Tonks cares. She is there as a friend, first and foremost, but she cares, and she saves him.

In the months after his death, leading up to You Could Be Happy, Remus and Tonks grow even closer. Remus realises she has become one of the only good things left in his life and he knows that some part of him is falling for her - but also knows that he could never be with her - and besides, she would never return those feelings. *cue intense eye roll*

Of course, Tonks returns his feelings. When he finds out, it completely throws Remus off. Post-war Remus has not experienced love or being loved in a very long time and it’s terrifying. But it’s also dangerous, because Remus knows loss more so than anyone, and he can’t go through it again. Whilst he loves Tonks, he doesn’t want to sentence her to a relationship with a werewolf, so he refuses to acknowledge his feelings - both to her, and himself.

Tonks isn’t oblivious - she knows Remus has strong feelings for her. So it wasn’t ever a case of convincing him to be with her… it was a case of convincing him he was worthy of being with her. Crucially, Tonks knows Remus for who he is then, and doesn’t expect him to be anyone else. She isn’t there to fix the broken man, because she already loves him. In the end, Remus starts to allow himself to love Tonks… and to be loved in return.

And they all lived happily ever after the end. ))

This is too OOC, why did I even draw this?  ∑(O_O;)

um..uhh..ignore me.

Inspired by Bob’s Burgers. I don’t know but this image flashed into my brain  when I watched it.. Err, Don’t judge. ╮(•˘︿ ˘•)╭ ]

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What's mod's favorite vocaloid OTP? And what vocaloid would you ship yourself with?lol - OTP Anon

((Ah hello OTP anon! Thank you for asking!! I’m actually not sure I have an OTP for Vocaloid. There’s many ships I like! I’m a multishipper when it comes to Vocaloid so I like seeing all kinds of pairings and interpretations and there’s not really one I like more prominently than another! I’ve really liked rarepairs for Vocaloid lately though! I could list a couple of my faves rn I guess! I really like MikuxRin/MikuxLen, MikuxRuby, MikuxYukari, YukarixIA, GumixLuka, KaixMei, FlowerxRana, UnaxRana (only platonic or slightly older iterations if romantic tho), GumixIA, IAxRin, FukasexRin, FukasexOliver …I could honestly keep going ships are just too much fun and too cute haha >w< As for who I ship myself with well

Shiteyanyo is the only one for me. Idk I don’t really think about pairing myself with Vocaloids too much they’re just kind of my children. Gumi or Luka maybe?))

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Okay shit you love Steve? Like fuck yes, my baby. Buff Steve or preserum!steve? What's with Stucky? Steggy? Steve×Peggy×Bucky? Which uniform? Stony? I have so many questions xD please ignore me if you don't want to get into a lengthy discussion about my punkrock baby fighter. And like Chris Evans? What about Chris? Like do you love him as much as Stevie? Sexuality headcanons? Ugh, I need someone to talk xD okay bye -TJ

((OOC: Right sit down because it’s story time motherfuckers. 

Its impossible to pick between preserum and buff Steve, I love them both although in very different ways. 
I ship both Stucky and Steggy (because Steve is bisexual af lets just face it, Straight men don’t look at each other like this:

In my personal head cannon Bucky is the one great love of Steves life. He protected him, provided for him, loved him and in return Steve loved him back. Obviously it wasn’t accepted back then so they both hid it from the rest of the world. Bucky dated too much to compensate but it was always Steve that he cuddled up to at the end of the night.

The the war came and everything went to shit… Enter the second gorgeous brunette: Peggy Carter. She filled the hole that Bucky left and allowed Steve a chance to be happy again. Bucky coming back didn’t change the way he felt about Peggy (I imagine this being vaguely similar to the fact that Sirius’ return didn’t change the way Remus felt about Tonks) and in my head Bucky and to accept that Steve wasn’t the same person and most importantly wasn’t His any more (*cries forever*)  

Bucky’s ‘death’ changes Steve’s perspective on everything and he goes from ‘I don’t want to kill anyone’ to ‘I’m not going to stop till all of Hydra is dead or captured’…. Skip forward 70 years and Steve has Bucky back but by this point they are two entirely different, broken people… cue years of learning to love and allowing themselves to be healed by the other all over again. 

I go through phases of shipping Stony however thats a relationship that in my head is purely physical rather than emotional. They are the antithesis of each other and while constant arguing wouldn’t work in a relationship it definitely makes for pretty great sex. 

also yES I also love Chris Evans 

Bloody hell that was long winded, I’m so sorry XD I just want to point out though that these are just my own personal views and I’m well aware that people have completely different views)) 

Listen you guys...

I’m just so tired of people picking on each other because they don’t agree with shit and have to make a scene.

You got a problem with someone’s ships, art, preferences, or writing style? Talk to them in a civil manner. Communication is important after all. Otherwise keep your hate to yourself and learn to deal with it instead of harassing people.

We all got opinions we don’t agree on, but that doesn’t mean you should take it out on the other party especially when it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Shut your mouths and go do something that you enjoy. You’re wasting time spreading needless hate.

Joining the permanent starter call bandwagon.

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Joining the permanent starter call bandwagon.

By liking this post you:

  • Allow me to tag you in random starters at any time
  • go through your wishlist and make you wishlist starters at random
  • send you tons of memes and i mean TONS. Break my ask limit kinda tons
  • ask for skype if you have one
  • hit you up at 3 AM(or any time) AND RAMBLE AT YOU ABOUT OUR BABIES
  • tag you in things that remind me of our ship if we have one
  • talk to you ooc without feel like i’m bothering you
  • write tons and tons without feeling like it’s too much
  • just do all the fun things with you.

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🔥 marichat

yikes ok i mean 

i didnt actually really get the ship in the show? like even when i saw evillustrator i was still not entire sure where all the hype was. and its not that i dont like the ship, it just wasnt something i immediately latched onto 

im rambling but my unpopular opinions here are that in a really broad general sense im not a huge fan of fandom marichat. i dont actively go looking for it at this point and i havent seen a lot of ml on my dash, but generally imo it seems ooc for both parties but particularly on chats behalf

its also just sometimes too much for me. like sometimes theres just only it on my dash and id like to see something else, you know? 

maybe not the best thing to say this month but yeah thats where i stand

Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion / send an unpopular opinion and I’ll agree or disagree

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I was mostly asking from a spectator kind of position, and about all the muses. Author, and Illya, and Riggs, and even Martha. Do you have any people those characters are clicking with more than others be it a romance ship or otherwise, because I'd love to follow those threads is all. Is it easier to ask who your top ship mates are in general? That might be more difficult to not seem like favorites. So yes back to just who are your top players with each muse would be what I'm wanting to know. :D




I gotcha.

Well, I don’t have too many ships yet because I haven’t been on here very consistently until lately. However, here are my favorites per muse. 


@recklessrose​ - she and I have been rping with each other since my hotch blog days ( @hotchsauce​ ). we pretty much clicked, and fell in love with our muses chemistry and history and everything we developed. I haven’t had the chance to do a whole lot with her on here, though. It’s mostly on my old blog but she’s a fave.

@partiallystcrs​ - also a fAVE, and someone i met on my hotch blog days. their relationship is SO crazy, and I fucking love it. It’s so different, and i’m really quite interested to progress their story together. 

@seanhotchner​ - also from my hotch blog days, but we haven’t interacted on this blog yet but listen - the brotherly feels are strong. and wonderful. i cry about it a lot.

those are my current connections. not much on this blog to see yet, because it was on my hotch blog just now rolling over to here lol. 


@spectrcm​ - AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE AND LOVE!!!! We’ve had small interactions on here, but this was MY MERLIN from back in the day, and I’ll follow her everywhere basically.

i follow a few other merlins, and other bbc merlin characters but we haven’t had TOO much interaction yet. I hope to change that very soon.


@waynetowered​ - listen, this bruce wayne blog is LITERALLY the bruce wayne of my heart. we connect SO WELL on my Superman blog, and so naturally i had to send Martha their way

@warcoded - believe it or not, this Zod is like one of the best people in my life, and honestly i cannot get enough of Dru-Zod all bECAUSE OF HER. and basically they have a weird sort of understanding ( zod and martha ).

not enough interactions honestly. people, come love on ma kent jfc.


@oncegilded​ - just Tess. I love Tess. I love her so much, and I feel like her and Riggs are gonna have one hell of a great, but complicated relationship. Especially considering it’s set in a Zombie Apocalyse, soooo -- lots of drama and angst and it’s the best.

he’s real new, so Tess is pretty much the only interaction i have at this point, but it’s my fave nevertheless.


like i stated before, @witcheswrath and @oncegilded


@unclesolo- UMMMM, i’ve been playing with this SOLO since the release of the fricken movie. Actually we talked and cried over it before the movie even came out bc hello the original series??? BUT anyway. I am in love with this Solo. We write so well together, and honestly whether it’s serious or funny as shit —- i cannot imagine my Illya without this cowboy. most of our stuff was back on @kuuryakin but we’re bringing it over here now. 

@brckenkindness​ - We’ve been friends since my @kuuryakin days, and my Superman days and honestly — WHAT AN INCREDIBLE OC. i LOVE HER SO MUCH. she is Illya’s little sun, and he will fIGHT you if you even look at her wrong ok. fuck off. lmfao.

@hclywcrs​ - WHAT A BABE. everyone they write is incredible, i swear to god. I LOVE their Solo. I followed them back on their solo blog, and i remember just fangirling over this beauty, and now we actually interact ( though more so on Clark / Lois ), but listen , this Solo is very dear to my heart.

@aliasgareth​ - also love of my life, and a pain in Illya’s ass. Honestly, they used to be just sorta working together and oddly pestering each other, but now we’ve got this amazing verse going on and it’s gonna be spectacular, ok. seriously.

@purrsuasion - fricken Selina Kyle. I mean, she’s a pain in his butt, but he secretly thinks she’s pretty fabtastic. Honestly, who doesn’t??? we don’t get to interact much, but when we do, it’s gr8.

and that is pretty much it. i follow people, and I love like everyone, but these are the people I’ve interacted with most on this blog. People I have good connections with. My pALS. so yeah, I hope THIS finally answered your question??? it’s late and I’m tired so I apologize if, for a second time, i misunderstood you. 

holy shit i just have this massive craving for a ship with a muse that matches fallon’s wild-ness ?? like someone who’ll smoke weed with her and match her drink for drink. and go explore abandoned buildings to graffiti their names among the sprawl of others. someone who hates the world as much as she does and will spend days in a blur of fighting, drinking and fucking. i need it.  I NEED PROBLEMATIC SHIT.

Looking for Amazing Long-Term M/M partners!

▶ Greetings to the wonderful roleplay community. I am R Pink or Drowsy and I’m on the look out for really amazing roleplayers, that are in need to fill their rp wants. I am on the look out for amazing and interesting stories where we can do awesome things within a world we create. Please continue reading if I caught your interest. 

A bit About Me

▹ I go by the names: Rex, Pink or Drowsy 
▹ I’m 21+ of age 
▹ I enjoy ooc chit chatting about characters, plots and mostly anything.
▹ I’m in love with really creative ideas, characters and plots.
▹ Is into m/m ships 
▹ I really like older characters. I love it when they are married and we rp their lives together. I’m fine with couples and such too. 
▹ I actually really love dark, gritty, unsettling and just down right messed up roleplays. I also love serious ones, time set ones and much much more. I universal when it comes to plots, so don’t be afraid when coming to explain your plots or just talk about plots with me. Neo-Noir plots are my absolute fave! 
▹ I’m not a big fan of over using the same tropes over and over again IE: Height differences, one character being extremely cute and adorable all the time, some anime tropes etc. (I like them in small doses) 

What I want in a roleplay partner

▹ I want someone who can be super creative, 
And I don’t just mean in creating characters, I also mean creating plots, worlds and everything and the kitchen sink. I want to feel that I’m not the only one bringing the heat but they are too.

▹ Someone who isn’t afraid to chit chat ooc style
I do find it more fun to actually have small conversations with my partner on the side. So I can know and become friends with them too. I love chit chatting and I would love to know more about the person I’m creating a world with.

▹ Is 18+ 
Now this has nothing to do with smut, I just find it easier for me to roleplay with people closer to my age. I get that some people who are younger than that act mature for their age, but I don’t care. Give me the age I want, please and thank you. :) (If you don’t mind smut then yesss lets do smut okay!)

▹ Makes great and complex characters, settings and plots. 
As said before I want someone who can bring the heat and also isn’t shy with helping out with the plot as well. I also loveeee characters that are complex and are not your typical types of people. I like characters that do drugs, have killed someone, isn’t emotionally attached, all of the things that make Characters look shitty.

▹ Doesn’t mind Dark Themes
Now if you don’t like dark themes then totes tell me cause that’s perfectly fine. I myself love violence, angst, betrayal and much much more. Since my characters are not perfect in any type of way, I love to put that within the plot as well.  

▹ Is fine with older characters
I really like rping older characters and the older the better. 
The youngest I will go with characters is 20. Now I will do a little bit younger, but I love older characters, characters that are ranging from 25-45 is awesome, 45-62 is SUPER GREAT I WILL LOVE YOU AND PROBS REPLY QUICKER TO YOU. If I go any younger I just don’t want to do it anymore.

▹ Your writing doesn’t have to be amazing!
I’m fine with short or semi-long replies. I just don’t want one-liners, you can write up to a few sentences and such.

▹ Doesn’t mind doing several different plots 
Sometimes I get bored which is fine we all do, and I like to do different plots if the other one isn’t working for us! It’s totes fine 

OC Plots & Fandom stuff 

✤ - Wants to go all out crazy and creative with the plot 
✕  - Doesn’t mind if there isn’t any smut or relationships
✦ - Really wants to do this (It’s a craving)
✩ - Can have a lot of smut and gooshy fluff 

OC Plots: 

(Note: Some of these plots are vague while others I actually have more info on them. Just ask away if you want more or not. ) 

▹ Mafia Style

( ✤ ✕ ) Revenge taken Cold: A lot has happened to a certian male and he wants to make sure someone pays for it. His intentions are simple, become the new underboss for the mafia group that did him wrong and there and only there will he take out the boss. Though as he continues to be the underboss, things become more complicated as well as strange with the boss indeed. (Rated R)

( ✩ ✤ ) Out of Luck: Two friends embark on a new life together as they both join the same mob. Though as one of them becomes a favorite the other doesn’t take likely to this one bit. It’s a story of back stabbing and much more. (Rated E-R)

( ✩ ✤ ✦ ) Everyone Wants in: In a small country that is ruled by different supernatural gangs. There is one monster that goes by the name “The Phantom” who will bring them all down and become the ultimate. Though trying to find him will be a handful since no one knows what he looks like. It is up to an single monster to find this being and defeat him. (Rated R)

▹ Fantasy

( ✩ ✤ ✦ ) A sign of change: Within his kingdom a king begins to loose his people to the other side through war and heart lose. Though the person still by his side must watch as the male in front is torn apart while trying to keep his kingdom from falling apart.  (Rated M-R)

▹ Slice Of Life

( ✩ ✕ ) The fashionista/ The Silent Nerd: Getting into a bet with a few of his friends, they decided that the most amazing male on campus must make a nerd into an amazing male as well.  Agreeing to the terms, the job seems simple yet trying to actually do it turns to be a bit more challenge than actually planed. (Inspired by My Fair Lady) (Rated PG-13 for cursing, maybe smut and craziness)

( ✩ ✕ ✤ ) Bully/Angry Nerd: He gets his ass kicked all the time, everyday by the same bully, yet one day when he decides it’s too much. He finally goes over to this bully’s house to find out a bit more than he planed. Now there’s too much on the line and he has to buddy up with the same person who always kicked his ass. Can he do it? (Can be supernatural or sci-fi) (Rated PG-13 - R for mostly anything could happen with this plot. LBH) 

▹ Action/Adventure

( ✤ ✦ ✩) The Lone Magical Boy/The Cop: Magical Boys have protected a Busy city for hundreds of years, yet as the darkness they defeated slowly disappeared so did they. Though in the near future things seemed to be turning for the worst, as the darkness decides to come back at full force making the last magical boy awaken from their slumber and defend the city once more, yet that can’t do it without the help of a single cop and his hidden powers. (Rated R for gore, cursing, fighting, ect.)

( ✤ ✦ ✩) The Drug Addict/ The Wingman: They’ve gotten themselves into a lot of trouble over the years and now it seems that all of it is finally catching up with them. It’s time to right wrongs and do the whole thing called ‘life’ over again. Though can they really fix everything or is this just another pipe dream? (Rated R for crazy and probs offensive shit)

▹ Sci-fi

( ✤ ✦ ✩) Lone Scientist/ Intern: Being the most smartest person in the world comes with one major thing…A sickness for it and everything that lives on it. Taking advice from a friend, a lone scientist opens his lab to those that want quick money and have a place to finish up on any work they have. Though once they come in, they will have to go on a few adventures to places they never knew existed, while being with one utter mess of a Scientist. (Inspired by Rick & Morty/ Doctor Who) (Rated R for Cursing, substance use, maybe gore, ect.)

( ✦ ✩ ✕) Captain / Co-Captain: Assembling a team filled with the best people to go out and free planets from under the rule of the Galactic Stars, a captain destined for greatness, leads a team to such planes. With the help of his best friend who is a Co-Captain on his ship everything becomes a battle for glory, pride and justice. (inspired by Star Trek) (Rated E - R)

( ✦ ✩ ✕) Navigator in Training/ Trainer: After a horrible accident of their empire being taken down, a lone navigator and trainer seek out on an adventure to take revenge on those that planed this. There is heart break and mistakes on the way, but they continue to get through and end up victorious.

▹ Supernatural

( ✤ ✩ ✕) Supernatural Detectives: Two creatures go out and solve crimes within their city, though there is a bigger event that will be coming. (Rated R for maybe gore, ect.)

▹ Mystery

( ✤ ) Gossip Love: After a a student of a jr College vanishes out of thin air and a new student from over seas, seems to take the place of the other. A best friend tries to put together the clues as to what happens. Yet someone is on thier trail and it seems to be the new student. What secret is going on? And what does a popular gossip blog have to do with it?

▹ The Dark Gritty

( ✤ ✦ ✩) Oddly different now: A lone older male finally gets to see his best friend he hasn’t seen in years, yet once they meet again his best friend is a demon with plans to make his life a living hell. (Rated R for gore, ect.)

( ✤ ✦ ✩) Talent Collector: There is one male that wants to have just one talent, yet being around nothing but amazing talentful people…He becomes jealous and desperate. Though one day someone gives him the opportunity he thought he could never have. Now he must go around being someone he isn’t and return home to the true person he took his new identity from. This start to turn stranger as they both fall in love with each other, yet one continues to collect more and more talents becoming filled with greed.  (Rated R for extreme gore, ect.) 

OC Characters (here I have character types I would like to rp, but I can’t think of a plot)

Washed up Actor 
Old Jazz Man werewolf 
Dream Eater
Bratty Rich Man 
Bad Boy/ Bad Girl
Older Rebel 

Fandom stuff:

WinterIron Tony/Bucky

Boombox Junkrat/Lucio

Cassidy/Vampire OC

Jojo Bizzare Adventure:

Mafia 3:

Fandom base but with oc’s:

Gravity falls 
Steven Universe 
Hero Academy 
Sailor Moon

(If you have your own plots or even fandoms you would like to rp in then please tell me about them. All are welcomed. :) ) 

Email: sillybooby@gmail.com
Kik: rexpinku 
Skype: psyche-8bit

When contacting me please tell me a little bit about yourself and what kind of plots you would like to do or have. Thank you! And I can’t wait to chit chat with you! 


i think i’m gonna jump ship off this account and archive it. and then remake. because this account is so messy and gross and disorganized that i can hardly deal with it. and i miss tina so much, but coming onto this account makes me feel completely stressed because there’s just too much clutter.

so over the next week, i’m going to be working on remaking and shifting everything over to a new account !!

ive been scrolling down my own blog and realizing how little of the shippy content is k/l these days… so if anybody followed me for my fanfics and was expecting a lot of k/l, i’m so sorry ;–; it’s still my favorite voltron ship, and i’m still writing for it. but so much of the content on tumblr is made by hateful antis that i don’t want to support (and who probably wouldn’t feel comfortable with me rb’ing their stuff anyway), so that’s what explains the lack, i guess.

idkkkk this is a dumb post but i just… felt the need to apologize, and also kinda bummed, because i miss the good quality k/l, as opposed to the sickly sweet ooc stuff that it’s drowning in. that ship got way too big for its own good.

on the bright side, i also feel really grateful to all the kind and positive multishippers for the great stuff that y’all are making, so thanks you guys, keep it up <3

Answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog.
REPOST. Don’t reblog.

WHAT’S YOUR OTP FOR YOUR MUSE?: Feysand, Feycien ( honestly don’t @ me I kind of like it), Feyre x Aedion, Feyre x Chaol.

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO RP WHEN IT COMES TO SHIPPING?:  I used to love angst so, so much, but now I just love fluff. I like getting to write soft, cute little things. But then I also switch and write the most angsty things soooooooo.

HOW LARGE DOES THE AGE GAP HAVE TO BE TO MAKE IT UNCOMFORTABLE?: wait like IC or OOC?? honestly i’d rather ship with anyone 18 or over, and chara wise too. i’d feel a little uncomfortable if it was otherwise.

ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING?: god hell yes. feyre’s so guarded. so SO guarded. ships are far too difficult when it comes with her, because she doesn’t have it in her to open her heart anymore, or anytime soon. not to mention that in most cases, i chose to follow canon and have her in her relationship with rhysand.

HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NS.FW?: lowkey haven’t written anything steamy in ages but anything remotely close to it will be tagged as NSFW just to becareful!!

WHO ARE OTHER MUSES YOU SHIP YOUR MUSE WITH?: AEDION. AEDION ASHRYVER. WOLF OF THE NORTH. A E D I O N. and god i can see her with chaol, not to mention that sjm said it would basically be a pair in heaven.


HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP?: literally all the time lmfao.


ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE-OR-LESS?:  lowkey in the middle?? i looooove ships but i’ve gone long enough without them to be able to focus on feyre solely, without ships. i’m okay with either.


FINALLY, HOW DOES ONE SHIP WITH YOU?: message me, tell me!! i’m usually down af to see if we can work a ship out

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Izzy x Jareth

Send me a ship and i’ll rate it

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

I JUST!! —– this definitely started out as a joke about Izzy and her damn owl and now I just ship it so hard because Izzy is basically just too good for all of the mortals; so she found herself a fae —- like i properly can’t; XD I love it so much!!! they are freaking adorable and I will ship them into eternity ♥♥♥♥ Such perfection —- like i have this plush owl saved in my cosplay shopping list for her that was meant to be Rumsfeld but like; its basically just gonna be Jareth in my head now – like 100% XD XD 

Ooc confession: insecurity about shipping

((Ok so I need to confess that I have a huge insecurity when it comes to ships.

When I ship whether it be hate shipping, kin ship or romance ship, I get OBSESSED. And I love it when my partner is just as obsessed but I feel as though I still continue obsessung and my partner is kinda going with it.

Like I feel that I water down my ships too much and my partner looses interest and kinda keeps it going just for my sake.

Or they quit responding to shippy things or our threads. Like…I dont know. It just goes with the whole communicating thing. Like I wanna know if you lost interest, I wanna know if you dont wish rping with me any more, I wanna know if you want a do over.

I am not gonna guilt trip you or scream at you. I’ll listen to you and understand and respect your wishes.

Just please talk to me about it..