ooc: i have no idea how to starter

i’m gonna drop a large majority of my threads ( not really sure which ones yet but still i need to just chill out and not worry about having 70+ threads ) but since there’s so many new people and i still wanna write shit, consider this a small starter call!!

Starter Call?

I have literally just two threads waiting on me over here; all my others, I think, are dead from my neglect of this blog ^^;; So that said…

Would anyone like a starter in the next couple of days? Give this post a ‘like’, and I’ll see what I can do ^^

consider this a starter call !!  if you don’t have a clear thg verse on your page i’ll just set it in your canon verse ( if i have a verse set in it )! or if there’s something you’d prefer leave this a reply saying what, even a small plot line. also feel free to pop me a message to plot!

Kinda sorta wanna do an open starter for Pokeverse stuff…
I had a random idea and wanna see how it pans out >w>
Would anyone be down for that?
Or should I do more like…like for a starter and that can be one of them?
Random verses?
I dunnooooo I’m so bored lmao

@masked-oracle: So like, we’ve just started writing together but your blog and writing is A++++ I’m very excited to get out thread going!!


Let me just say, thank you.

Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I needed that.

And I don’t say this in an awkward/shy/stalker way- but I have been following you for what feels like an age now, and your Steph is beautiful; for starters.

But for seconds, I was starting to feel, well… invisible.

I know I haven’t been the most active RP’r since I’ve been back at it (3 weeks), but when I write, I do always try to put my all into it.

Not for appreciation, not for attention, but because writing has always been a part of my identity. (So for anyone who doesn’t like my Babs- that’s fine, I get it, I do.)

And so when I was pouring my weekends into my muse and getting 3 threads, tops, as the fruits of my labor… I was starting to wonder what it was all for.

So thank you, @bleedingpurple, and the handful of others so far, who have done just that, and reminded me what it has all been for.

I can’t wait to put our thread into action either.

This has been a PSA. Ha ha.

You can find the original post here.

Obligatory starter call!

Sup guys. Name’s Ryan, this here is my shitty OC Vodka who I have no idea how he’s gonna work in a powerless environment but we’ll just have to see about that I guess??? For now though, let’s get this ball rolling as I procrastinate on my semester long project and dive in to what is my first attempt at a new RP scene in a good long hecking while. So, like this or hit me up in PM’s / IM’s for any plots or if you just want a random ass starter of Vodka being a waste of time and space in your muse’s unfortunate life, then I can give you that too.

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“Well…I’d say so, but I have a very very loose definition of friend. Like, right now, there’s a 80% chance I’m probably going to add you to my mental list of friends." 


Morrigan studied her, trying to figure out if this was a joke or not. “But we just met,” she said at last. “That doesn’t qualify me as… well, anyone important. At all.”

And then, the final stroke of proof, “I don’t even know your name.”

        HELLO LOVELIES !! It’s been awhile since I made one of those !! 
I’ve decided to make a new one because many people who’ve liked the previous one have deactivated, left or stopped interacting with me.
                So with liking this you’re totally okay with me: 

  • Jumping in your ask randomly/Sending Ic & Ooc Stuff! 
  • Jumping into your IM and start talking to you! 
  • Making graphics, icons & Drabbles for you & Our Muses 
  • Talking about headcanons with you
  • Shooting Plot ideas at you whenever I have some! 
  • Writing random starters for you  ( one liners, shorter ones. )
  • Sending you love whenever I have the urge to do so! 
  • Telling you how wonderful your are! 
  • Randomly starting a discussion about a topic that interests me
  • Sending you stupid jokes whenever I found a new one
  • Loving you in general!!!