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I had no idea when I made this blog just how invested I would become in this sassy, little old woman. I also had no clue how much I’d enjoy meeting you all and making all the new friends I’ve made. Even with me being slow as a turtle and hiatused more than I’m on, you guys have stuck with me and I have actually hit a milestone on Olenna that surprised me!

So, as a thank you, I just wanted to make a little list full of people I just really love. So, thank you for following and being sweet to me and my little old lady (and my gruff, bear lovin’ wildling, @tormundbearfucker).

First off, the reason I even thought about making Olenna, @multusxcastalides. She’s been my friend since late 2012 when we were in a Walking Dead RPG together. A pretty lengthy friendship, yep, and she encouraged me to make a lesser-used character for the fandom, and Olenna was born into my head. So, thanks for that! <3

My best friend and main partner everywhere else on this site, @shesboundtolose/ @semperardens / @beautifullybrokenbrass / @johnnysanamerican / @thegcddamnwcrds / @fullofvoices / @stillcannotfindpeace. We don’t do much here, but you are always there for me!

My fellow old folks, @gotwomennoonewants and @neitherknightnorlady. Love you both, a ton. Thank you guys for being amazing.

@liittlehound (and all your other blogs, I probably will list them on here and still not realize which ones are you or not) Shennen is a joy to play with and the mun is just the sweetest muffin ever! I love you!

In no particular order, and I am SO sorry if I miss people, but it is 5am and I am so tired, the rest of the people that I adore on this blog!

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He’s in love.

whispers semi-passive-aggressively into the guzma tag……

all you artists are all great and talented and i appreciate all your contributions and i usually always reblog them but are some of you (or tbh? half of you) not aware ya boi is not actually pasty white?? bc no he is not. he is at least half native alolan :^) pls see his mother and official artwork

Hi, guys! I’m a returning ALLEN WALKER of D.GRAY-MAN, looking to fill up all this blank space on my dash, so LIKE / REBLOG this if you wouldn’t mind interacting with a sad gentleman that just wants to be loved and to eat all of your food. For the most part, we’re looking to interact with characters outside of the fandom; this includes original characters!

                                      [Updates / To-Do List]

Hey! Whats up peeps!

I wanted to take some of your time to sit down and give some insight about my current thoughts regarding what’s to come.

For starters, I wanted to tell I’ve been itching to do a new overhaul for a while. A lot has happened since the last one - roleplay wise and art wise.

 It isn’t as drastic as a theme change, but I will be sure to add some features I miss since the last. Some features I can think of from the top of my head is:

Relationships page - This pertaining mainly the people who roleplay with me and those characters who have already some relationship estabilished with Yasuo.

In-Depth Headcanons page - This here featuring important moments of Yasuo’s life told previously. I have them tagged but they aren’t apart from minor headcanons. Unlike minor ones, major headcanons revolve around indepth and detailed information, such as tales about his childhood, his relationship with Yone, how did he end up with the scar upon the bridge of his nose, etc.

Worldbuilding page - Some of you may know I began a series of worldbuilding posts relating Ionia - but instead of photo reblogs with IRL references, I am hand painting those and fleshing it out through Yasuo’s eyes. He is a wanderer and I figured it would be great to describe the land through the man himself.

Rules and Muse info overhaul - Not so much the information but the way its written. I believe some information could be more objective and some better written. I have constantly touched up these two pages as I saw necessity, but I need to sit down and update everything eventually.

Specially on muse information, I want things to change a bit for better clarity. The issue here is many things changed after Taliyah arrived in the League. My portrayal was adapted a lot after the period and the way I see how Yasuo behaved before that is much more of what I would consider pre Taliyah - his mourning and still in pain self. His earlier years while adapting to his new cruel lifestyle and his fall from his path. I have already talked to every active blog who has interacted with me back then about this.

Everything else falls to excess of information that needs to be filtered and presented better.

Donation Page - Devoting so much time to this blog is always enjoyable, but its also a lot of work. Those following me for a while might have noticed I have set up a commissions page. I now draw for a living, and I don’t plan on asking for handouts. Still, if you like what you see in this blog and feel like leaving this windy hobo a tip, it would be very much appreciated!

[Possible] Thread Tracker - Some of my old followers remember I used to track some threads to make communication easier. I pretend giving the idea thought and bring this feature back since right now I am much more chill with replies. I have to manually update though because some of my followers reblog my threads (no issue on that regard by the way).

URL change - This has been mentioned before, but sometime ago I was gifted the ask-yasuo URL. I believe for a roleplay blog this is more fitting. Some people encouraged me to do so when I announced it but was insecure about it. My current one will go to another blog. Probably a personal.

Old Headcanon Overhaul/Rewriting/Retcon

Concerning older headcanons (this again applies to big stories only), some of them are very outdated and need rewriting and a good art overhaul. Most of them, since I began the blog still stand. I will definitely take my time to rewrite and apply fresh artwork.

For the old followers, this concerns the Jayce ship. I have pondered about it and I decided it is no longer canon for this blog’s timeline. That is so new Jayce blogs may approach if they wish and interact without being placed in a sepparate universe. The Jayce I used to interact with is long since gone and I see no point to keep him within my main roleplay circle. There were mentions of him on a thread with Rinidinger, but this is as far as it goes.

Standalone Headcanons/Stories

Or as I like to call them ‘unrequested headcanons’ - aka, headcanons I think about without having anyone ask me about them. There are still areas I would like to explore with Yasuo and its difficult to wait for the ‘correct question’. I will be looking after stories to enrich his background and tell more about him, but this will come later in time as I already have quite a lot on my plate as is.

Concerning Roleplay / What I seek for future threads

Steady roleplay partners - in short. People whose muses can connect with mine in a less superficial way. This does not stand for friendship/romance always - actually, Yasuo is better at making enemies than friends. This dynamic is something I have been missing dearly, I am not going to lie.

I understand the community has changed and its no longer the same I used to interact with years ago. Because of my recent outburst of ship art, I also believe a lot of you think I am only seeking ‘Dat Graves ™ ’ to ship with and that is not the case. I want to talk and interact with more people, but I have to do that carefully because each thread has a lot of effort placed into it. It’s not just about the pretty pictures - it’s about the portrayal and the writing aswell.

I certainly pretend to keep a decent share of memes, sillyness and other goods to keep a balance and prevent this blog from becoming stagnantly serious. I want to have a good laugh and to shitpost but Yasuo is a serious character. He has his moments but clearly they are not as frequent as desirable. 

To wrap it up with style

 I’m very pleased to announce soon I will be reaching a new follower count milestone and I will be hosting another giveaway event. This time I pretend to mix in what I did in the previous (doodles - but this time in character. Yes. Yasuo is probably going to doodle what you want, if RNG is kind to you) plus two or three free art pieces. Those are sepparate events and will take place at different dates that are yet to be scheduled.

Anyway, I might be missing something or two and I will be sure to reblog an edited version whenever they come to mind. For now, thats it. I appreciate the attention and apologies for the huge wall of text. If you have anything to ask/add/request please leave a comment!

//why does everyone think that Jon would have his superhero jacket hidden under another jacket?? Triple layers of clothes are really uncomfortable guys, especially with two of them being jackets and the underneath being a long sleeved shirt. Not counting any undershirt he might wear which is another layer. GUYS, Jon is smart and creative. Instead of putting him in another jacket, you know what I think he’d do to have it ready in case of trouble?? He’d make it a REVERSIBLE JACKET. Normal everyday jacket on the other side and when Damian calls for help, he just slips it out, turns it inside out, wears it, and TA-DA!! Superhero outfit!!!

Also, come on!! I really really really want a superhero wearing a reversible jacket.

hello !! im sa ( she/her, 17, cst ) and im super excited to be here! this is ilsung, and under the cut is a lil drabble about him lol id love to plot with you guys for him, so feel free to like this and iโ€™ll shoot you a message :)

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Emma || 63194 || The Promised Neverland

  • occasionally surprisingly slow on the uptake for a genius
  • badass enough to cut off her own left ear
  • never gives up on anyone. Ever.
  • gotta do some seriously awful things to get on her bad side
    • raise children like livestock to feed to demons, for instance
  • got some numbers tattooed on her neck woohoo
  • has a whole buncha siblings and knows them all by name
  • Ultimate Sunshine Daughter™
  • parkour? parkour. all the parkour.
    • parkour while carrying a toddler under each arm? parkour.
  • no force of nature can cut her ahoge
  • ride or die with her brothers
    • she refuses to die