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hey again everyone it’s your girl toni and i’m back at it w another muse… and by popular demand it’s hoseok, or jaesung, leader of snake. i hope i don’t disappoint everyone bc he is… definitely not… an angel, or anyone’s hope. sorry not sorry. tw for death and torture

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 riverdale  jughead :  sits  in  some  dark  corner  in  the  back  of  pops ,  slumped  w/  a  half  eaten  milkshake  while  writing  his  novel  like  “ moonlight  dripped  over  the  midnight  sky ,  the  town  residents  innocently  asleep  &  blissfully  unaware  of  the  horrors  taking  place  that  night “ 

 comic  jughead :  rolls  up  to  betty  &  archie  on  a  pair  of  heelys  w/  some  shades  on.   a  slushie  in  his  hand  &  a  burger  in  the  other.   “ whats up ,  heteros? “

SO HERE’S THE DEAL :   so my activity is Wild nowadays with school & for my spring break i anticipated being here but lbr tumblr is stressful & i needed to Breathe for a bit . that being said gives away that i have trouble looking at tumblr as a relaxing outlet for me , & i wanna Fix that . so for starters : this is now officially a “take my time” blog — because i have a lot of responsibilities right now , it’s tough to designate time to do replies & it’s more of a “when i can settle down & stop Panicking for a minute” & there will probably be certain replies that I do before others out of comfort . this isn’t meant to be bias at all . it’s getting increasingly harder for me to just spring into new threads with new people . which brings me to my second thing: if you wanna write with me , i will Make It Happen . but the thing is i don’t want to promise exclusivity or being mains to anyone when i can’t be here 24/7 . so , if you wanna be exclusive with me or mains , that’s cool & i would love that BUT . i can’t promise being around here all the time . it would be selfish of me to restrict what YOU can do in terms of writing because i get busy . If that doesn’t matter to you , then cool . We’ll spit and shake hands . if we’ve established exclusivity or mains & you wanna stick around , let me know . or if you don’t , let me know . or don’t . just do what makes you happiest my man . THIRD THING: in terms of threads , the count will probably idle for a bit . i’m comfortable-ish with what i have right now , & i’d like to keep it like that until i can devote more time . I probably won’t put out starter calls all the time now . if you’re genuinely interested in writing with me & my slowness doesn’t bug you , come talk to me ! i would love to write . & that’s about it . i’m just trying to make this as low-stress as possible because that’s what i need & if my needs don’t coincide with yours , i completely understand my dude . godspeed to you . don’t let me hold you back . i love all of you !

MANGO:   hi there’s been a party at my house for the past 6 hours and i am done dealing with actual real life people at this point

ooc;; hey alpha dream/intelligent systems, i know you’re having fun working on the mario series, but you know who’d also be good for fun RPGs,

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