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Andrew: *pulls back curtain while Neil is in the shower*

Andrew: Are we - stop screaming, it’s me - are we out of ice cream?

[ Honeyworks - 今好きになる。(Ima Suki ni Naru) ]

Another Valentine’s Day thingy I drew, but this time for a specific person in mind. Sending wishes to my gf, we haven’t dated that long yet but thanks for the fun past year! Not only was she such a big inspiration as an artist, but she soon became someone much more important and dear to me. Who knew that’d happen? I’m also not very good at this HAHAH but really, thank you for everything X’) 

Aaaa wish I could’ve draw something better (and not so cheesy) for a gift but I hope that you like this! The very first collab AU !


The next FNAF game probably
  • Michael Afton: So everyone was calling me Eggs Benedict and next thing I know I'm dead.
  • William Afton: Well you know what they say son...
  • Michael Afton: Dad no.
  • William Afton: :)
  • Michael Afton: DAD I SWEAR TO GOD.
  • William Afton: You can't make an omlette without breaking some eggs.
  • Michael Afton: DAD I'M FREAKING DEAD.

[[ Canon information about the Uchiha clan learned from Itachi Shinden, in no particular order:

  • The Uchiha did not live in a district prior to the Kyuubi Attack. They lived in scattered, single family homes. 
  • The district is riddled with security cameras. Judging by the description used upon their reveal, they are video-only.
  • There isn’t an acting group of “clan elders” above Fugaku. Fugaku is the Captain of the Police Force and the head of the clan, though he must answer to the collective pressure of the clan and steer them as best he can.
  • It is tradition to bring the eyes of felled Uchiha back home, so they do not fall into the wrong hands. They are possessive of their Kekke Genkai, to this extent.
  • The Uchiha are not allowed to take positions considered “central” to the village. IE, ANBU, Hokage. Anything that would allow them to be too close to the Hokage or enact any sort of regulations/laws in the village. This has been in practice since Senju Tobirama’s reign. 
  • The KMPF was specifically created to keep Uchiha out of these sorts of positions. 
  • Uchiha Itachi was the first official entry of Uchiha into ANBU. 
  • Uchiha Shisui was the unofficial entry into ANBU, answering only to Hiruzen himself.                                                             ]]

Things about Cronus I’m rereading from canon:

  • has attempted poetry, slam poetry and dubstep (labeled as bubstep)
  • “jeepers”
  • arguably taller than some of his friends? meenah does call cronus’ possible catches “shorties.” (then again they could all be short you never knooow).
  • cronus sobs at his crosshairs being snapped in half by meenah.
  • snaps mitunas skateboard in half later.
  • one of the only male characters to enthuse the idea of sleeping with another guy.
  • only uses chief once in openbound, and once in ministrife.
  • cronus would be considered the sorta anti-rufioh.
  • seems like cronus only started the whole human thing after entering the bubbles.
  • never calls kankri anything else but kankri.
  • doesnt flirt with kankri either.
  • seems to not flirt for particular quads that are already taken. 
  • goes on a brief date with hussie only for hussie to steal seahorse dad.
  • hussie bought cronus’ ring from meenah using the homestuck kickstarter money.
  • cronus says nyeh (twice) in canon, unlike eridan which is an outdated fanon concept. 
  • “sigh, nevwer evwen MIND, its so ruined nowv. (#just nevwer EVWEN)”
  • uses 8 for “B” in his caps lock words and I still wonder why.
  • says to meenah “ oh sure. no grub sauce on your hands! “ possibly hinting at the substance that is grub sauce? 
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Gabriel:</b> Ah, finally. After a long, hard day, I finally get to have some much need needed rest.<p/><b></b> *lies down and goes to sleep*<p/><b></b> *TWO HOURS LATER*<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> *suddenly wakes up to see Adrien at the foot of his bed, his hair hanging in his face, his eyes wide and one twitching*<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> AHH! Adrien, what is the meaning of this? Why are you not in bed asleep?<p/><b>Adrien:</b> ...<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> Adrien, I do not find this amusing. You have a photo shoot in the morning and-<p/><b>Adrien:</b> (so loud it shakes the whole mansion and can be heard from space) COME UNBLOCK MY CRUNCHYROLL ACCOUNT<p/></p><p/></p>

[[What if in reality, Jouta is just a part of Jotaro’s imagination. Everything that happens in the CLAMP in Wonderland doujinshi was the life he, Jotaro hoped for. All Jotaro wanted was to live a happy life with Kakyoin and be together. What if Jouta was just the child he hoped to have with Kakyoin some day? You know, maybe the reason Jotaro actually dislikes Jouta is because he is aware that none of it is real and that Jouta is basically a reminder of what could have been if Kakyoin hadn’t been killed. ]]

Just The Way You Are

“Don’t understand why ya wanna take all that time rubbin’ that shit all over your face.”

Symmetra’s back stiffened as the lanky demolitionist sauntered in.

Junkrat and his hulking bodyguard, Roadhog, had joined up with Overwatch a little over two months ago. Roadhog was easy enough to avoid, if a bit… intimidating. He was quiet, and seemed content to ignore everyone else, as long as the smaller Junker was in no danger. But Junkrat… Oh, he loved to be a pest. And he seemed to have latched onto her in particular.

Symmetra grit her jaw and ignored him pointedly as she plucked one of the brushes from her bag and began to apply the beginnings of her eye makeup with a steady, practiced hand. A sudden grating screech of metal on tile echoed throughout the communal washroom. The showers and toilets were separated, but the sinks and elongated mirror were shared. A few folding metal chairs were propped against one wall. Satya, herself, was perched in one, and she could see Junkrat in the mirror, dragging another unceremoniously across the floor toward her.


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I want Pidge to waltz up to breakfast one day wearing a legit nightgown and watch as Lance falls out of his chair, completely forgetting the fact that she’s a girl.

And she just does that every day. Like wears a dress and walks by casually and is just like “Hey Lance” and he has like a complete breakdown for a second, shouting after her, “Damn it! I keep forgetting!” and Pidge is just enjoying messing with him so much.