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AM   I        (  your  local  Trashcan™  )    reusing  selfies  from  last  week  bc  i  am  too  insecure  to  take  new  ones  ??    absolutely  !   so  here’s  my  face ,    ft.   my  bread  bin

Scarecrow has time and time again placed aesthetics over practicality in his costume designs and I’m sick of it. You want to know why your ass gets handed to you so easily in this issue? Because you put buttons were your eyes should be you pretentious ass

A Reminder: Don’t underestimate female muses, not mine or anybodies. It’s fine for your character to underestimate them, however, do not let those feelings spill over into the real world. If a female muse is evil, believe it. If a female muse is powerful, believer it. If a female muse is strong, believe it. Don’t ignore the traits of a woman all because she is a woman: pay attention to them, so that you may understand what powerful beings they truly are.

‘Jack is a character with no arc. Trying to give him a backstory and still honour the mythology of the franchise was tricky, but I think we got there.’

stares into the camera