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A little twist on the “hOOOoooOo shit, so you’re the older sibling my best friend always talks about hahah wow tHEY NEVER BOTHERED TELLING ME YOU WERE THIS HOT” au (x) because I’m meant to be revising. (I promise this one isn’t a rickroll!) Please ignore the spelling mistakes. [on ao3]

Patience has never been a virtue Lily Evans possessed so when the door opens to Sirius’ apartment, five minutes after she rung the bell she’s checked her watch eleven times and is tapping her foot obnoxiously. She doesn’t wait to see who it is when the door opens, just pushes past and starts speaking.

“This is fucking ridiculous Black!” She starts, heading to the kitchen. “Sixth time this week I’ve had to wake you up. I’m not going to do this next time. The lectures start at eleven and if you miss them, on your head be it. Have you even had breakfast yet?” Lily takes a breath and turns away from the open fridge door to see why Sirius hasn’t interrupted with any awful excuses yet. What she sees is not Sirius looking affronted and tired. 

Instead there’s a completely different unnecessarily tall black haired boy, still with his hand on the door handle. He’s looking at the redhead in bewilderment, other hand apparently stuck in his hair. A pair of glasses rest lopsidedly on his nose, one arm not quite tucked behind his ear. Hazel eyes squint at her from behind the lenses, obviously confused and either scared or aroused. Shit, Lily thinks, trying to figure out if she’s walked into the wrong apartment. Barging past him she’d only spared the person a glance, taken in their height, and continued. God, you’re an idiot.

“Um..” Finally the guy takes his hand from his hair, “Do I know you?” In that moment Lily is very grateful that the fridge is providing a breeze of cool air because she’s never, in all her twenty one years, heard a voice that’s made her want to drop her pants and have her way with with someone as much as his.

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Okay, so I’m posting that fic.

Basic summary is: Komaeda lives through chapter five (see here for how) and once they get to the tail end of chapter six, Enoshima turns Hinata into Kamukura, revealing the true mastermind and a different final battle between hope and despair.

Pairings: Komahina, implied Komakura but you can definitely see it differently. There’s in general a lot of wiggle room in this fic for things like that. Different ways you can interpret things. Like the end of the real game, I wanted it to be vague and heavily symbolic.

Words: 4206

Warnings: Might seem OOC for some characters for people. I want to stress that I don’t think Komaeda could actually get to this point in the game without developing somewhat, and again reading the linked fic will help, since they take place in the same verse. Also, I have very specific headcanons for Izuru, and they might not match up with what you think. I hope I managed to capture him, though. I’m really nervous about this one, but I  really hope people like this, because I poured a lot of effort into it. I hope there’s at least one aspect you enjoy.

As for serious warnings, there’s nothing major in terms of CWs.

Hinata was so bright, as ever. It made him happy he survived this long, didn’t have a chance to go through with his plan. Glad Hinata stopped him.

Even amidst the despair of knowing the Tragedy, even the despair of all this death, and lies, this fake world made up to trick and entrance them, he shone like a star against the despair. Komaeda truly believed he was watching true hope be born.

Hinata-kun said I could find hope within myself, but he was wrong. Hinata-kun held that hope inside him all along.

If it hadn’t been for Hinata’s brilliant hope, how he pushed forward, Komaeda would have shattered at the revelation that they were all Ultimate Despair. He would have tried to do something reckless, something that the previous him would have thought was a sacrifice in the name of hope, for the birth of absolute hope.

This was exactly the ending he had wanted, why he’d kick started the killing. Hinata wouldn’t understand, but if he hadn’t gone through all that death, betrayal and despair, he wouldn’t have become hope. He wouldn’t have risen up and shown him such a beautiful light. Even Enoshima’s vengeful voice didn’t catch his attention at first, he was so distracted.

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Yes or No [one-shot] [Blake x Yang, Bumblebee shipping]

So before I get started on the story, an author’s note: the fandom seems to love having shipping wars while I’m asleep. I really wonder at the timing of that. In any event, I read through the whole mess this morning and thought, you know what? The Bumblebee/Bumbleby shippers could use a little pick-me-up.

“But Wolfy-mun!” you may cry. “You said you didn’t like Bumblebee!” To which I say yes, you’re right. I don’t! But Bumblebee is still on its own a very good ship that deserves the art and the writing it gets, and plenty of great people in the fandom ship it. I may not personally enjoy it myself, but I respect it.

And frankly, again, I just thought the shippers of this lovely ship could use a little present. I hope this will do the trick.


“We should get married.”

Concealed by the restraints of her bow, Blake’s feline ears twitched at her new partner’s voice. Yang’s tone was entirely casual and confident; she hadn’t posed this as a question. This was something she genuinely believed they should do. Blake might have even considered agreeing, if not for the fact that she and the blonde had only cemented their partnership ten minutes ago.

“We’ve only just met,” she muttered. Yes. That seemed safe. That seemed good. Not a no, but not a yes either. As long as it would get Yang to be quiet and focus on the task at hand, Blake would be perfectly happy.

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