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OOC: Hello again! Sorry for the random message, but I was having a really rough day the other day and your Post with Vani being nude and Ven getting all blushy gave me a much needed laugh. :) I'd like to give you a present as thanks but I can't draw! XD I can however write a good story! Are there any Ships you really like? :)

ah, you don’t have to make any present—it’s really okay! I’m glad you liked my recent photoset, I guess it’s really funny (lmao i laughed my ass off) all what I wanted was to bring joy to this place and I’m happy to see that’s happening right now.

buut if you insists, I can actually tell you my ships.

my moment to talk about ships has come!! jkjkjk.


ah well…it’s really tough to choose which ship I love the most….mmh

I don’t know…………

i mean, it’s not like they like each other or something….

i am crying this is too hard

ok i think i love vanven, yes, i love them.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Gabriel:</b> Ah, finally. After a long, hard day, I finally get to have some much need needed rest.<p/><b></b> *lies down and goes to sleep*<p/><b></b> *TWO HOURS LATER*<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> *suddenly wakes up to see Adrien at the foot of his bed, his hair hanging in his face, his eyes wide and one twitching*<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> AHH! Adrien, what is the meaning of this? Why are you not in bed asleep?<p/><b>Adrien:</b> ...<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> Adrien, I do not find this amusing. You have a photo shoot in the morning and-<p/><b>Adrien:</b> (so loud it shakes the whole mansion and can be heard from space) COME UNBLOCK MY CRUNCHYROLL ACCOUNT<p/></p><p/></p>


PLEASE READ “don’t message me” BY exdemonofheaven ON AO3


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((Hey Moe! Idk if you've seen me around, but I've followed you & your art (especially your VanVen stuff ;D) since you were starting out, and I wanted to tell you that I am so happy you're getting the recognition, success, and admiration you deserve. You're an amazing person, artist, and role player. I wish I was active again so I could interact with your characters, but since I'm not, I thought I'd let you know of my support for admiration for you. Love you lots!! Keep up the amazing content!))

holyy shit

oh gosh you make me blush seriously!!!

Thank you so much for you kind words, I’m really blushed right now (//w//) I never expected to get so nice words from you!!!


ok your ask caught me with my guard down and yeah, I actually have seen your blog since I started to roleplay with Ventus but…I went on a full hiatus for a year or so and I stopped seeing people from my first years as roleplayer but anyway, that’s not all what I want to say…I didn’t imagine you have been following my artwork since the start?? That’s really sweet and I must say that I never expect someone to actually tell  me that directly, I know some have been following my drawings for years but that’s people I have as friends…but people I never talk to telling me I do a good job and they cheer me up?? that’s really something I never imagined it would ever happen to me.

Why? because I’ve always felt an outcast on Tumblr, sometimes it’s hard to be noticed because they are a lot of pretty good artists and sometimes we don’t get words of encouragement to keep improving or just don’t give up on our works. I don’t know if I’d ever been recognized on this fandom but I don’t care, I’ve been drawing Vanitas since I’ve known about him (which was on 2013) and I had a few times a fear of this place, I’ve seen people tracing my own art and I felt really angry when that happened, I almost decided to stop posting my art on here but…I didn’t want to give up, so I had my ups and downs on this place, people with low self esteem has a rough time with art but I don’t let that put me down, I’ve always kept trying and trying and now I’m here.

I always had a low profile, I always tried to only draw for myself and I lerned that’s the better way to keep impoving. I don’t search for recognition, i only search joy and happiness within my art; I won’t say that recognition is a bad thing and I don’t like it, no, I like to know people is there enjoying what I do, it’s better when you do something you love to do and people around you is happy to see it.

If I have to tell someone who is feeling down lately about their own art, just keep it up and don’t give up, I’ve been drawing since I was 5 and little by little I ended up here. Things are possible if you believe on it and you work hard on it, everyone is able their place if they search for it <3!! sorry for rambling too much haha, I get a bit sentimental when I see messages of this type, they give me the courage to keep it up and I’m happy, you don’t know how happy is making me all of this, this year I want to start a new career and become in a graphic designer and also open commissions online, idek how am I going to deal with that but trying doesn’t harm anyone, right?


once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! and I’d love to roleplay with your Ven when you come back, I’d be very happy to write with you and your muse sooo you are always welcome to IM or send me a message to chat about it, not just for that, but anything, I love to meet new people and talk about silly things.

I am so proud of myself right now

[20:43][6]<Mamaka Maka> Combat popoto reporting in!
[20:43][6]<Rinh Amariyo> So you’re…
[20:43][6]<Rinh Amariyo> M*A*S*Hed?
[20:44][6]<Rhisi Kinkaid> How’s everyone do—  ….
[20:44][6]<Rhisi Kinkaid> *turns around and walks back out*

   // so, my laptop decided to completely crash today and the harddrive stopped working ( less than a year after i bought it ) so i had to  B U Y  a new laptop and wait for my old files to be backed up onto an external. they say that by the latest, it’ll be sunday before i get my files back  S O  – i can only rp with the icons i’ve already used lmao > < i wanted to be on more , but i have plans for both saturday and sunday ; i promise i’ll queue some stuff and try to get as much writing done as i can tho <3