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Can we see Tord's and Matt's tattoo? And maybe Tom could you show us what you would like, if you have smth like that?

Tord: It was a joke between friends.

Tom: That looks stupid.

Tord: Like you’d know any better, Jehovah’s Witness.

Matt: This is mine, it’s a picture from the stylist’s website because Edd wouldn’t let me show you the real version!

Edd: No one wants to see you without pants on!!

Tom: .. Mine would just be Susan.

//honestly, one of my favorite scenes in the entire movie was when buddy was askin baby all about his music. Because buddy’s curiosity almost sounded so genuine, and baby was clearly elated to speak with someone about something that interests him more than anything else, and it was honestly just incredibly adorable in its own way. Until bats fuckin ruined it ofc.

BAT. in other news, tomorrow is my last exam which means that by tomorrow evening, everyone’s favorite batdad will be back and ready for action. :3

because of this, LIKE THIS FOR A STARTER which will be between one or two paragraphs, either in a verse we already have going on / something i came up with on the spot. i’m capping this at 10 and mutuals only.