ooc this is so cute


when you’re basically on your death bed but still making the hot nurse smile like an absolute champ B))

Happy early Christmas @pascal-s-dailydoodle! I was your secret santa for the @toymaker-tixx-art-exchange! Sorry for posting a little early, but I wasn’t sure when Id have more time before the holidays approached here!! 

I had a hard time picking from all your characters! I had also lost a drawing I started too, LOL. So I hope this will suffice! I ended up going with this lil gal cause I loved her armor the most and it was really interesting to me! I hope you like it!


An AU where Genos never actually learned Saitama’s name XD

Other fun ideas for AU’s:

Dr.Kuseno is bad at anatomy and so Genos has an imperfectly shaped body

Uncanny Valley Genos

Saitama w/tiny hands. Small Punch Man.

Genos’s robot body runs on sunflower oil & good vibes (fucking hippie)

Every Tv, Computer, phone, ect. has We are number one playing on it, and every “One” is replaced One

Saitama becomes a crazy cat person



more doodles of delinquent!yaku au… this happened somewhere after they finally started getting along!!! cuz they both wanna win the nationals.


after like an hour of struggling to return to my gif making ways. i finally come to you with this little gem. you’re welcome.

Togruta kittens aren’t born hearing, their montrals are incredibly soft at birth and aren’t hard enough to detect sound. It’s a very big deal within families when the baby starts showing signs of hearing, on average they’re hard enough at about three or four months old. Parents view their babies hearing on the same level as crawling and talking, and it is celebrated and boasted about from mother to mother


I’m currently working on today’s update but I wanted to give a little shout out to a new ask blog created by @fluffisbuff which features trans!Lance in a modern setting (honestly what could be better) and their art is HELLA cute!!!

Click here to check it out!!!

(and for mobile users @asktranslance)