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PSA: If we thread together, and especially if I really like your blog/character, I will flood your inbox with memes and asks, and I will want to turn each one of them into a thread.

But! If it ever gets to be too much, let me know! Or feel free to ignore ones that you think don’t have any potential. Or shoot me an ask telling me to calm down. I promise I’ll understand, especially if you have a thousand other threads with people, or aren’t on much, or don’t like me as much as I like you

I know drafts can start to weigh a person down when they get too many, and I don’t ever want my partners to get overwhelmed. I just love threading with you! But please don’t ever feel like just because I send it, you have to answer. 

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Glad this isn't dead

scooperwashere said: I’m glad you started this blog back up.

((me too!! :D It feels so good to finally have the time to take and do asks again! it’s probably been like a year since this thing’s been properly open?? send your queries in guys! we’ve got a whole hotland’s worth of questions worth asking!

also if people have ooc questions directed towards me, the artist, I’ll make a big combined post where I answer all of them later this week if I get enough of them.

so because of how long it took me to come up with the name for space latkes i want to explain myself. this will seem a lot more simple than it was because i spent a lot of time looking up stuff that got me nowhere.

so it begins here: in answering that ask, i decide i want luke to fondly remember space latkes. okay, so how do i express that in tatooine terms?

i turn to the legendary @fialleril ’s post about tatooine food to see if there’s something that fits the bill. bingo: the ansar root is the tatooine equivalent to a potato. but what would be the amatakka word for an ansar pancake?

tarmish is an ansar dumpling, so i decide to go with “tar” in compounds being in reference to ansar. so the space latkes will be tar… something.

so then it’s time for “what does latke actually mean and how do i translate to a fictional space language” which turns out unhelpful because latke apparently comes from “little oily thing” and that isn’t the vibe i want at all. so i look, instead, to what they’re called in hebrew, which is levivah. this shares its root with lev/levav, meaning heart. this is way more what i’m looking for, but i’m curious if i can allude to the round shape some more star wars-y way. so i decide, hmm, moons are round. then i find that one hebrew word for moon also shares the “lev” root and i’m sold, because in fialleril lore, moonspinner is an epithet of ar-amu, the all-mother and the idea that a word for moon can also mean heart therefore seems cool. i then go digging and can’t find an existing amatakka word for heart, so i decide to keep “lev”, changing it to “levu” because it sounds nicer with amatakka in general and can be changed to “leva” like amu/ama - i.e. levadakka could be “strength of the heart.”

tldr; tarlevu are literally potato hearts/potato moons.

hello daily reminder not to ignore female muses and disregard all the hard work put into them bc chances are they had to put in 5 times the effort a male muse has to put in for a sliver of the attention. also? don’t Assume they ONLY exist to jump dick. thanks.

Small hiatus until late December. I gotta raise my grades up. When I get back I will finally move this messy blog & update my rules and relationship page. I also have another blog in the works in the Danga.n Ron.pa fandom. I will be on discord until then!! Feel free to ask for it or the urls of my blogs!