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there always seems to be this like… lowkey expectation that if you rp thresh, you must hate lucian and vice versa (if you rp lucian, you need to hate thresh) and i honestly don’t get it. i enjoy both of them as characters. 

   ((honestly the greatest show of trust that my credence can ever give another person is allowing them to touch his hands without flinching or anything, because he often equates baring his hands to another person to the expectancy to be hurt & punished - and if he??? doesn’t expect that??? you better appreciate it))

o k , i really love princesses, i have to admit myself. I have a desert (queen-to-be) princess, a snow (queen) princess, an elven (queen) princess, a love star princess, a moon (rich girl) princess.  I M E AN , it’s not that I only roleplay princesses though lmao  two of them in regular verse aren’t princesses, but they were in another life/universe (canon) still.

// sorry ‘bout disappearing for a bit. work is very, very busy due to the sudden influx of online orders (and guess who manages the online shop all by herself~?)

my wisdom teeth have been acting up again as well and i feel the wrathful return of that goshdarned flu…

i’ll try to be more active this weekend. sorry again for the wait ^^;