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anyway i love cherie because shes imperfect shes greasy and mentally ill and reckless but not in the cute way and shes the most relatable oc i have so i hold her rly dear to my heart

actually yes i do. des is an alcoholic which is absolutely not something to be aspired to or romanticized but it’s still definitely a part of her character that she struggles with constantly? and like she’s not okay with it. right now she’s struggling to go sober and i blog about it on her vent a lot and i’m not sure where i’m going with this but

she’s also depressed and a victim of ptsd/trauma all of which are really important facets to her character that i want to get attention but they don’t, and generally i see masc muses that have mental illness or substance abuse disorders get more attention on these fronts and it’s. something i do want to push with her but i feel like her mental illness and her substance abuse are ignored largely as is the rest of her and idk man

especially since her powers are a secret like. there’s only so much to go off of in like. convos and ask games and pushing the envelope ]]

giltgore replied to your post:yall and ur muses: only ever associating all girls…

OK LITERALLY THOGH…… im aware im also guilty of this but id like to work beyond it… and also… learn how to draw blemished skin generally.

me too but ive started realizing i tend to push a lot of how id Like to be onto my muses instead of like. embracing flaws but i feel like thats also a result of needing to conform to certain standards in order for my muses to get any attention

i dont have enough eloquently worded about the intersections of misogyny and mental illness/substance abuse to say much about des’s attention received or lack thereof on that front (esp bc im doing hw rn), but they’re definitely there. i also feel like her subtle wittiness and just. Definite Personality are ignored due to her perceived standoffishness (when shes actually really not), which is definitely a deal with misogyny as i know standoffish masc characters are more desirable ]]


Okay, so I’m putting my sketches on sale because I’m still short on this month’s rent but can’t afford to rack up any more full commissions at the moment.

  • $15 for a detailed sketch
  • + $5 for each extra person
  • + $10 for a quick, unrefined flat color (as pictured)

Currently I’m doing pay upfront since my rent is due on the first of August. Please send me an ask/IM if interested and/or signal boost this! Thank you so much.