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I’m just curious, it’s not really me starting anything but I noticed a lot of people lately use a really awkward rp style??? Like they’re writing a haiku or a poem. 

Or the words are so far separated that there’s only one word per line. 

Just out of curiosity, what’s the attraction in rping that way? 

I mean I’m still going to rp with you if use that format, though it’s a little hard to read at times. 

never forget that in one of the games ino asked sai on a date and not only did he deny it was a date he invited naruto along and listened to narutos advice to not say anything and just kept silent the whole time sai is amazing

and ffs don’t get me started on davejade

i had the most fucked up dream that the grudge girl was under my bed and we bickered over who scares whom more and i was like ‘how the fuck am i scaring you; YOU’RE the monster under the bed’ & she was like ‘yeah but you’re the monster ON the bed’ and that was so deep and this is what i get for napping during the day sober

i lost a follower and i will lose 100 more i dont give a shit. if you dont tag shit and you use slurs/bigotry IN RP and go “WOW ITS JUST RP WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IC =/= OOC” then fucking unfollow me right now. i need the trash to take itself out