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Heya guys, I know I said I would work on the next comic but I have been putting it off just to play games and hang with my friends after the tiredsome Spring semester and by the time you guys read this is when I am on the plane heading to LA for Anime Expo with some friends for a week so yeah. When I do get back, I will try to work on the sketches at least…but thanks for hanging around and cheers! - Cold

Tiny PSA

[Yo guys, just a tiny PSA, because I keep noticing people seem to not know this: But my Sans actually can’t remember the resets. 

Whenever I get an ask that implies he can, I just roll with it most of the time, but in his “true” canon, he has no actual memories of the resets. 

That’s all! Thank you for your understanding and I didn’t mean this really bothers me - but I thought I should mention it so people won’t get confused when I sometimes reply as if he remembered and sometimes don’t.]

My husband sold some things and got me o/utlast 2, I’m so emotional idk why I’m even posting this. I’m just so happy I have him and wish everyone such a friend and partner in their lives.