ooc stupidness

i REALLY want one of the belle babies to help ellion with reading and shit 

I figured it out!

@asktheboywholived is referred to as “TT” but what does that stand for??

After many minutes of research I have come to the conclusion that it is the first T name that pops in my head.


but wait

*gasp* Is TT the creator of My Immortal??? Is their blog just redemption for the abomination they created so long ago??

*hacker voice* i’m in


An AU where Genos never actually learned Saitama’s name XD

Other fun ideas for AU’s:

Dr.Kuseno is bad at anatomy and so Genos has an imperfectly shaped body

Uncanny Valley Genos

Saitama w/tiny hands. Small Punch Man.

Genos’s robot body runs on sunflower oil & good vibes (fucking hippie)

Every Tv, Computer, phone, ect. has We are number one playing on it, and every “One” is replaced One

Saitama becomes a crazy cat person

i made rick on a whim at the beginning of october and it was one of the best impulse decisions i’ve ever made. i’ve never felt so welcomed into a new fandom; everyone has been incredibly kind and supportive getting this blog off the ground, and stuck with me during the busy periods i haven’t been able to get online. it really means a lot, and i’m thankful for each and every one of you that hit that follow button - whether you’ve been following for 5 minutes or since this blog’s conception. seriously: thank you

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i know for a fact i’ve missed blogs out - this list is entirely off the top of my head, and as it’s gone 2am i’m not thinking too straight. but i wanted to get this up before i sleep, as i won’t be around now until 2017 - i’ll be back sometime in the first week hopefully with a full revamp and lots of muse!

i hope you all have a good holiday wherever you are, and a brilliant new year! stay safe, look after yourselves, and once again, thank you for following my painfully slow ass because it means everything to me. ♡

Getting rid of the follow/tumblr buttons on YOUR OWN BLOG

Okay, so a bit of fiddling brought it to my attention that this was appearing on two of my sideblogs but not on two others. And I looked around and found the settings were different. 

To make the annoying “follow_______” and “tumblr” buttons disappear from your blog for now, from your dashboard do the following:

1. Navigate to your settings. You don’t want the global ones, you want the ones just for that particular blog. Find the option to Edit Theme. Choose this.

2. Your Theme editor will open. Scroll down to the bottom of the black sidebar in the editor, choose Advanced Options. 

3. Where the option is set to “promote tumblr”, make sure the switch is off (white not blue). This will remove the follow______ and tumblr buttons from YOUR BLOG ONLY. 

I don’t know where the other controls went, but these controls there now are the ones that display for those not currently logged in (meaning tumblr somewhere thinks you’re not logged in even though you are - it’s fine it’s just confused probably and everything else is still working). If you’re not “promoting tumblr” it won’t give you these options. 

Whatever they’re doing with the iframe controls in the meantime is anyone’s guess. They’ve disappeared. 

There’s nothing I can do to fix this for other people’s blogs. You can only affect your own, but at least you’ll stop being asked to follow yourself (and all those on your blog will stop seeing it too - checked from the independent other account).


In which Revas issues a ‘friendly’ warning.

this is 100% the fault of @suledxn and @fadewalking by proxy tbh

Wings of Fire sentence starters
  • “There’s a tree. In the forest.”
  • “No way, a TREE in THE FOREST?”
  • “I order you not to die. Stop it.”
  • “I really think I’d be better at, like, advanced napping techniques.”
  • “You know we’re right over here, right? Don’t you want to hatch your evil plans somewhere more secretive?”
  • “You’d better be all right or I will tie you to a tree and cover you with hallucinogenic frogs.”
  • “You’re nonagoshabibble.”
  • “All right, I’ll wait another two thousand years to make jokes about my evilness.”
  • “I WON’T get upset! I want! to SEE! MOMMY KILL GRANDMA!”
  • “I guess I did threaten to slice off her face.”
  • “If they don’t catch you, then you’re not doing anything wrong, are you?
  • “That’s right. DIE, you little monster plants. May your roots always be thirsty and your seeds all meet a fiery death until you’re extinct forever! I HATE you!”
  • “Try not to talk or sneeze or fall asleep in the tunnel on the way there, all right?”
  • “I think they should rename the place Unnecessary Violent Overreaction.”
  • “All my life I have desperately wanted an ugly necklace.”
  • “Idiotic hopeful former self was very stupid.”
  • “I won’t be fragile. I refuse.”
  • “Yes, I am the notorious death monster.”
  • “You’re like eighteen thousand different kinds of untrustworthy.”
  • “Do what you like, but I’m not a big mushy ball of forgiveness like you are.”
  • "I like the one where we melt everyone’s eyeballs on our way out the door.”

CAN WE JUST TAKE A MINUTE to appreciate the fact that in a couple years from now, we can all sit down and watch season one from beginning to end? we’ll know how bughead turns out, we’ll know who jason’s killer was, we’ll have context to all of beronica’s strengths and quirks and we’ll have seen how mary andrews interacts with her son. we’ll have watched jughead grow and thrive and stand up for himself re: his abusive father, and we’ll be thankful for that time josie’s dad walked out on her performance and taught her how to love her SELF. we’ll remember how cheryl cried at jason’s memorial and know who she becomes after she gets closure about her brother’s death and we’ll have watched polly grow into a mother and betty into an aunt. we’ll look back on this season and think, it’ll be okay, guys. there will be new fans and we will welcome them and we will always remember getting outraged as they panned out and showed the little bed in jughead’s drive-in and that feeling of shock when betty walked out in her wig. i don’t know about you guys but whether there are 2 seasons or 10 i’m going to sit down in a couple years and watch this season over and remember all of the great people i met through this fandom and what a great time we all had. so excuse me while I remind u all that the next episode we’ve been waiting for comes out in less than a week and let me just bask in this for a minute & thank u all for being great.

I started to read Galio’s new bio and had to stop because I got to the point where the army is dragging this enormous statue everywhere and I fell off the chair laughing.

On a serious note, if they go through with it and make it canon that Demacia is an anti-magic nation I’ll find myself a Swain and ally Azir with Noxus because no. Fuck no.