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//As of today, I’ll probably be inactive throughout the end of this month and the entirety of the next. I haven’t been feeling too well and it doesn’t seem to be letting up any, that and personal matters are getting in the way of my motivation to draw. I’ll try to answer asks and respond every now and then, but for the most part this is a hiatus notice.

I love all your blogs btw, nothing’s gonna stop me from stalking you loons 👀👀👀 Be back soon, thanks for understanding

the dads of the cul-de-sac, laughing and drinking beers while craig sits there w/ anxiety up his ass sweating profusely.

What not to do with a woc fc!

1.  Erase her identity as a woc by using her as the younger version of your white muse. And no, saying she’s white passing is not excuse. Neither is saying how many icons you already have.

2. Use a psd that lightens her skin so much that your white muse looks tanner. As this point, you’re purposely making her white. Again, saying how many icons you already have is not an excuse.

[Hello, my name is Shi and I am once again here with random historical information. Apparently, it was illegal to take cats out of Ancient Egypt and they had a special divisions that would literally hunt you down and bring that cat back and you would be arrested. Of course, this led to illegal smuggling but if someone found out, they would track you and you’d be brought back to Egypt for trial (lmfao probably execution who am I kidding).]