ooc shenans

[8:52:29 PM] the coFFEe mICHAel || Mya: also why do i suddenly feel like i want to rp ryan evans
[8:54:39 PM] Cassie: What
[8:55:10 PM] Cassie: Like from hsm
[8:55:18 PM] the coFFEe mICHAel || Mya: yes
[8:55:28 PM] Cassie: I burst out laughing at that lmao

@ameambre / @periiphona is maKING FUN OF ME


Characters (not attributed to personality)
Blue Team
Post!Scratch DirkDirector, Alpha (resulting AIs), subsequently Church
*Post!Scratch Roxy Alison, subsequently/posthumosly Tex
Post!Scratch Jake Caboose (would that mean Harley is Cecil)
Post!Scratch Jane Tucker
Pre!Scratch Jane Captain Flowers (deceased) (formerly Agent Florida)

Red Team
Pre!Scratch John Sarge
Pre!Scratch Dave Grif
Pre!Scratch Rose Simmons
Pre!Scratch Jade Donut

Project Freelancer
Post!Scratch DirkDirector, Alpha (resulting AIs)
**Post!Scratch RoxyAgent Texas (posthumosly)
Pre!Scratch Jake/Grandpa Agent Wyoming
Pre!Scratch Dirk/Bro Strider Agent Washington
Pre!Scratch Roxy/Mom Lalonde Agent Connecticut
Pre!Scratch Jane/Grandma let’s make her Georgia for shits and giggles Agent Florida (formerly)
Post!Scratch Rose Agent Carolina
Post!Scratch John Agent North Dakota
Post!Scratch Jade Agent South Dakota
Post!Scratch Dave Agent New York
Jack Noir Agent Maine (subsequently Bec NoirThe Meta)

Lil Hal The Concilor
Jadebot Lopez (?)

*she was only hired, never officially a member of Blue Team
**went rogue, eventually, and became a literal freelancer