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the end of for good is like ,,, a perfect place for a kiss ,,, but nah heterosexuality is forced upon gelphie ,,, and it’s Tragic ,,,

[ gdi why does everyone keep talking about that alternate universe where shinjiro dies whats wrong w u ppl … smh 

also known as: i watched the 2nd movie again an d i needed to forget it happened ]

« I do not regret it! If I had my choice again, I would only change how fast I ran…»

Patrick Rothfuss: The Name of The Wind.

Encanis page 181.

Wanted to draw the boys as elemental witches in the spirit of October so here’s the first piece- Andy as an Air witch.. what do you guys think?

also, Happy October!

                   alias  change  !       lucien   >>>   jiro

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A little twist on the “hOOOoooOo shit, so you’re the older sibling my best friend always talks about hahah wow tHEY NEVER BOTHERED TELLING ME YOU WERE THIS HOT” au (x) because I’m meant to be revising. (I promise this one isn’t a rickroll!) Please ignore the spelling mistakes. [on ao3]

Patience has never been a virtue Lily Evans possessed so when the door opens to Sirius’ apartment, five minutes after she rung the bell she’s checked her watch eleven times and is tapping her foot obnoxiously. She doesn’t wait to see who it is when the door opens, just pushes past and starts speaking.

“This is fucking ridiculous Black!” She starts, heading to the kitchen. “Sixth time this week I’ve had to wake you up. I’m not going to do this next time. The lectures start at eleven and if you miss them, on your head be it. Have you even had breakfast yet?” Lily takes a breath and turns away from the open fridge door to see why Sirius hasn’t interrupted with any awful excuses yet. What she sees is not Sirius looking affronted and tired. 

Instead there’s a completely different unnecessarily tall black haired boy, still with his hand on the door handle. He’s looking at the redhead in bewilderment, other hand apparently stuck in his hair. A pair of glasses rest lopsidedly on his nose, one arm not quite tucked behind his ear. Hazel eyes squint at her from behind the lenses, obviously confused and either scared or aroused. Shit, Lily thinks, trying to figure out if she’s walked into the wrong apartment. Barging past him she’d only spared the person a glance, taken in their height, and continued. God, you’re an idiot.

“Um..” Finally the guy takes his hand from his hair, “Do I know you?” In that moment Lily is very grateful that the fridge is providing a breeze of cool air because she’s never, in all her twenty one years, heard a voice that’s made her want to drop her pants and have her way with with someone as much as his.

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“Hmm…I might be a wee bit off schedule cause of…

sdghjfdnsmfds his little .n. face kills me hfsldjfkn

|| The best part is it’s so versatile?? It can mean dissapointment, confusion, concern–

and its darn adorable if I don’t say so myself

especially paired with

in which a certain ~someone~ picked up on ||


 I feel like its been ages since I did a munday post XD  Plus I realized i never posted pics from con so; since its munday……  💋😻💕

(Imma boast for 3 seconds about the fact i put this together in 3 days and wore it the Saturday that The Lie of the Land aired; like all day – before the episode even came out and i was pretty proud of it and felt pretty bad ass xD )

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