ooc hiatus post


((OOC: over 100 shows played, over four months away and its all over. 

This week has been surreal, hectic and exhausting, whilst also managing to be exactly what I needed. I just want to get soppy for a moment because this man is one of the most ambitious, considerate, hilarious, ridiculous and all round beautiful people I have ever met and I’m so glad to have him home until September <3 

Thank you guys for putting up with my  hiatus’ and sending all of the super sweet asks, after tomorrow I’ll be back to being a full time nerd *excited flailing* 

Side note: Matt and I are literally spending the night in an airport in Milan tonight because we are flying home for my goddaughters birthday and didn’t think to book a hotel soo if you have any questions for the both of us I’m going to see if i can convince him to come online later *fingers crossed*

(( fjdhdh I sincerely apologize for not being on here in a billion years really there’s no excuse,,, I mean I have “excuses” but what I mean is I’ve been p much ignoring this blog which I shouldn’t have done and I’m Sorry and I should get back to posting really soon, school’s almost out guys so I will do my best!!! ))

short hiatus

((sorry about this right in the middle of this fight! it’s taking forever too… 

but I’m going away on a 2 week trip that was only just notified about so I can’t make content to fill the space in time

sorry yall! will definitely be posting again in july!

( Just a heads up that the blog is taking a hiatus of final fantasy expansion related things, and I’ll post here periodically about the usual nature and inspiration posts! Perhaps in a week or so I will have a few things lined up. I will still tag them for individuals of course that do not wish to see certain things spoiled for them. Be kind and have fun! )

Short Blog Hiatus

Hi everyone! We are sure you’ve noticed that the blog has come to a bit of a standstill here recently, and activity has decreased significantly. We would like to apologize for that. In truth, we both have been very busy and have had little to no time to answer asks. With how busy oraclesoul has been working two jobs and preparing for horse show season, and how busy mistress-light is with school and deadlines, we just don’t have the time right now to keep up with the asks.

Our blog will currently be on a small hiatus til further notice. It shouldn’t be too terribly long of a time, but we can’t say for certain. We know that mistress-light will have more free time once her deadline is over, and possibly in between oraclesoul’s busy schedule we should  be able to get a few asks a week out, but until then we won’t be answering anymore asks as of right now. We will announce when we’re back up and running! We will also leave the asks open for you to go ahead and keep submitting, and we will return to answering them as soon as possible! Thank you for your understanding and for continuning to support us! We appreciate it more than we can express!!!



// Alright, so, a little catching up here:

Starting tomorrow I will be less active and I might reply to 1-2 threads every couple of days till the end of June (ish). I have some really important exams coming up (LAST ONES, AYY!) so I need to be completely concetrated and freed of any distractions (buthisplaceisoamazingaaaa).

Please do not give up on me till ‘then;; I’ll get back to everything asap, to those of you who are waiting, I am so sorry! Majority of the time I am on from my phone so replying to role plays through that is not so comfortable, thus why I avoid doing it. But you’ll be the first thing I’ll get back to. 

I don’t know how am I going to keep all this musing down  💔 .

Again I am sorry;;; And I’ll see you all soon!  ★ ★

anonymous asked:

why have there been no drawngs on the site thing in a while... (unless i've been blinded by a beauty made of ink)

:/ Would it kill you to LITERALLY look at the previous post?

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by the “site thing”. If you’re talking about the blog, as I’m typing this, 4 posts down (now 5 with this one) there are drawings. So.


ooc: Hey everyone! Just letting you know that there’s gonna be a brief hiatus on this blog from the 18th of June until the 25th of June! My mother is getting married over in Portugal so I’ll be heading over there for a week! If I am active, it’ll be super scarce and on mobile. This also ties in with my recent inactivity because I’ve been packing/getting ready to leave! I’ll take a bunch of pictures while I’m there to show you all!

H I A T U S   N O T I C E ||  6 / 1 1 - 6 / 1 8

Heading to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation

  • Queue items will be posted during my absence so my dash is gonna have aesthetic, musing and other posts while I’m gone. It will be like I’m still here…except for the lack of writing.
  • Drafts will be done on the 18th 
  • Will not be answering messages in this time as well
  • Will gladly answer any and all questions, concerns or prompts once I am back
  • This will be reposted again tomorrow and once sometime during the week 

Hope you all have a great week and I will see you soon! 

        HIATUS  NOTICE  !

           so summer is about to start and right off the bat i’m leaving for training for my camp staff job this summer. that’ll be two weeks without my laptop but with my phone. so technically i’ll be contactable, i might check in sometimes but other than that i’ll be fairly busy. this hiatus last until july 2nd. i hope you’re all having a great summer ! i can’t wait to get back and throw myself into writing again.

i think i’m going to be taking a break from rp for a little bit, maybe until the end of the summer. it’s nothing permanent, i’m just feeling a little washed out atm and these past few months haven’t been super fun/happy for me. if you want to talk, i made a post with my contact info a couple days ago, but i’ll also probably come on to check ims occasionally. hopefully i’ll feel a little more excited about rping when i get back.


So I know I haven’t been posting lately ;^; A thousand apologies!

I’m currently in the middle of preparation for finals, so i’m super super busy studying and doing piles of homework ;0;

 Nevertheless i’m working on asks as much as I can! It takes quite some time to finish them though :/ So I apologize if you sent an ask and you’ve been waiting for a long time.. ;^;

I’ll close my ask box while I work on asks, but i’ll open it again when i’m either out of finals and/or out of asks :3 So fret not!

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say ;v;’ 
Wish y’all a nice week!