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I’m really excited to start this again! I’m clearing out the askbox, so please send in fresh new asks - a lot of the old ones have already been answered, or have grown irrelevant.

Shoutout to my askblog buddies! Man, it really is hard to come back to these after so long - expect my style to be pretty irregular for a bit.

Thank you all a million times for being so patient!

I need your help!

((Hey guys :)

I feel really bad for using the askblog to bug you guys about this, but as you guys know, I’m on hiatus. I’ve been getting distracted way too easily and I stay up way too late/early doing homework that really shouldn’t take long, so I don’t have time to properly draw :c I really badly want to start this blog up again, and I’ve been getting better, just not enough!

I just wanted to ask you guys: Do you have any advice for focusing or ways to get motivated? This has been frustrating me for a really long time now, and I’ve tried a lot of ways to break the habit.

Thank you all for supporting me and bearing with me, it means a lot! Have a lovely day :) ))

anonymous asked:

your newest Aradia drawing was really helpful to me. I've been having a hellish month, and been really down, and seeing that on my dash lifted my spirits a little. thank you

((Thank you for letting me know c: you’ve brightened my day too. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope everything turns out okay!))