ooc artpost


Okay I decided to update my commission sheet [aka actually make one] since it’s my intention to be doing art at least part time by the end of the year, and I have lots of misc. expenses to cover in the meantime uvu

These prices are really rough, so if you have any questions, or want a type of drawing that isn’t listed, just send me an IM

I only draw sfw to suggestive, which means pinups are okay, but I’m not going to draw anything full-on adult.

Base prices for all images are for non-shaded drawings, shading is +$5 to any piece

If you can’t buy anything, please reblog! uvu

I accept payment through Paypal

// I know I said I was gonna work on asks but first I need to finish something for an event I’m helping with that needs to be done before a certain date, so…

Also just a psa: I’m probably gonna be drawing like this from now on for most things pertaining to this blog. You’ll still see my usual fully colored style in normal or more serious pictures but for answers and future comics I’ll be using this, since it’s quicker and easier for me to draw.