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Yuri Plisetsky is the definition of teenage rebel. He spends practice time on his phone, he’s a little brat to everyone except for the few people he likes, and he acts grumpy like it’s in style. Throughout the series, he’s had this cool exterior and has been dead set on not letting anyone in and even trying to end relationships before they begin (see: Yuuri Katsuki). He would do anything to protect his image of being the best, and this is clearly shown in the WTTM manga where he says he was upset Katsuki beat him in the free skate scores even if he ended up winning gold. 

Yuri Plisetsky wants to be the best and feels he has a lot to prove. 

When he saw Victor go on the ice during Yuuri’s exhibition and Yuri went wild, it was no surprise he would end up going wild and doing something to completely clash the feeling of Victuuri’s skate. Yuri not only wants to be the best, but he wants to be remembered. 

Which is why Welcome to the Madness makes sense. 

He seems to be showing off the signs of teen wanting to grow up too fast syndrome, which everyone goes through. This could be his breakthrough moment, showing that he can be the Eros he once desired in the beginning of the series. He choreographed it himself for crying out loud. 

His creation of WTTM could come from the fact that he is inspired by Victor Nikiforov, shown in how he wants him so desperately to be his coach in the beginning. Victor was always striving for a new angle, to surprise the audience, and Yuri could have picked up on that. He could have wanted something completely different than the purity of Agape and the beauty of Allegro and decided to do a 180. He wanted to show how good of a skater he was by skating to different types of music and expressing different emotions. He wanted the audience to feel something as he skated. 

I don’t feel that WTTM is out of character for him, in fact I was the opposite of surprised when he came onto the ice with his dark clothes and sex appeal. He’s just a boy who wants to prove himself and be as well versed as he can and I think the creators did an amazing job showing the dynamic of his character with the addition of his exhibition skate. 

Context: We’re playing​ a really weird homebrew version. Party is a brawler (Tosomaru) who for some unexplained reason has stupid strong lightning magic, an elderly and deaf monk (Oswald), and a theif (Caine) who can use magic, but only very poorly.

DM- Alright Caine, you’re trapped under a pile of enemies, all attempting to kill you at he same time.
Caine- Do I know any freezing magic?
DM- Uh… I think so?
Oswald OOC- Yes, but only a really basic ice spell.
Caine- Well then I roll to cast it and freeze the dudes closest​ to me. *Rolls a 5*
DM- You do freeze them, however now you’re even more stuck as you also froze yourself to the ground.
Tosomaru- (Yells at top of lungs) I KNOW! I ROLL TO CAST DIVINE LIGHTNING ON THE PILE OF THUGS!! *Rolls a 20*
DM- (Pauses) Well, you hit the pile dead on. The thugs at the top are fried, those on the ground are seizing out. But, um, you also hit Caine. (Pauses) Caine you take 28 damage and, um, die.
Tosomaru OOC- (Very quietly) Oh…


when i made my first blog last year, i never  ( in a million years ) would’ve guessed i’d ever accumulate this number of followers. ever. with my on and off activity, n’ mass shitposting, i’m surprised i ever even surpassed 100. way more important than numbers, though, are the people who i’ve met & interacted with here, and who have inspired me – or encouraged me to stick around, when i wasn’t feeling it.  ™

i’ve said it countless times – & i’ll say it when i’m on my deathbed : i love cloud strife. he was the first muse i wanted to pick up, but i decided against it because he was already such a popular character and muse. finally making this blog back in october of 2016 wasn’t a mistake. despite being painfully awkward, i’ve met a ton of people ; some i speak to regularly, and others  ( – my bad  not so much. 

all the same  ( gross i appreciate everyone sticking around. ffvii has been a part of my life quite literally since the year i was born, and having some means of conveying how much it (& cloud ) means to me is pretty therapeutic, n’ relaxing. i won’t ramble much more, anyhow. i’m not gonna tag most everyone in the list below, obviously, but i’ll make some mentions. the usual stuff, right ?  cloud voice: let’s mosey.

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                                           THANK YOU, GUYS!

It’s has been four months since I created Laura, I was so afraid because it was my first attempt to do a thing in english, because as you all know, it’s not my first language. I never thought that you would really like my point of view of this amazing && wonderful muse, Laura Kinney is my life and soul. So yes, thanks for giving me the chance to roleplay with you, to bring a voice for Laura. You all are amazing!!

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[Ask RPedia] Moving On From Very Meaningful Partners

@kjsage-aion asked RPedia: What do you do when you have an RP partner for years, 2 of your characters are best friends/lovers and things go south OOCly? Our characters are fairly entwined ICly and have a very stable relationship, but the only time we talk now ends in the other person ignoring me, after I’ve tried to work things through with them. How does one deal with such an abrupt change that is quite character-affecting ICly without overstepping? I’ve an entire bio of mine that makes frequent note of their character. 

Ah, not a pretty sight, but one that does happen to folks. Entwining your character with another in this way really limits your choices. It’s a good feel, it is, but people are prone to fandom/character drift as much as you end up drifting away or butting heads with your actual friend. OOC and IC cannot really be kept apart in this kind of a scenario. It happens. I’m sorry for anyone who has had to deal with it. I’ve handled this myself quite a few times, and I’ve found ways of dealing with it. It’s hard as fuck to do it in a tactful way, but at a certain point you have to help yourself move on, and find something new, before you can help the people who have left you behind, even if they’ve done so for good reason. If they’re leaving, the person you have to live with isn’t them, it’s yourself. So pick something that works with your moral compass. Something that feels right for any given situation.

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condemned. it’s munday so the first selfie in gonna post on here is my in and out of cosplay challenge I did for my blue diamond cosplay. I’m meeting up with my yellow diamond on Thursday to film our q&a video!

Mun is sick~

I have a horrible sinus infection/ cold/ flu thing. Idk what it is, but the original idea for Thirsty Thursday and Freewrite Friday might have to wait. 

Until I’m better, Ask Box is still open. Thirsty Thursday requests include NSFW asks, headcanons and writing prompts 

Send them my way, and if i’m not feeling too miserable I might try to give answering a few a shot. I’m surprised I was even able to write that angst fic earlier, tbh. lol. 

Remember when I said I’ll be doing a follower forever on my previous blogs for 300 followers but then I moved here due to many things that has happened… Well my fellow followers here’s your follower forever, I kept losing followers since then but that doesn’t matter rn so… Below the cut is where I mention a ton of peeps, even you would be included!

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Players Who Hide OOC Behavior Behind Canon

“Well its canon so it’s fine and you can’t complain-” okay hold up you little shit, that’s not what canon should be used for in the least, and I’m gonna give you such a smack if you use it as an excuse so you can be an asshole and ruin everyone’s good time in an RP. Muns control the story, canonical material aside, we’re never gonna be 100% canon. So if you’re getting complaints about your behavior because it’s disrupting play, ‘but it’s canon’ is not an excuse to keep doing it. If you’re ruining play by saying ‘but it’s not canon!’ it’s also not an excuse. More bitching under the cut, ‘cause you guys love it when I get pissed and explain things to death.

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I feel like i always want to write fanfics about the smallers ships in this fandom? Don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love viktuuri but i just cant bring myself to write fanfics about them? Because like there’s just nothing more i need like they’re already together and super cute and canon and urg it’s so so so awesome but hen ships like leoji and seungchuchu and mila x sara (do they have a shipname yet?) and mickey x emil (again, shipname?) just really make me feel like writing tbh