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Send a word to know far too much about my muses face

Because knowing exactly how we see our muses is important >:T Questions are just springboards for you to think about

  • [Markings] Any permanent marks? Scars? Freckles? Piebaldism? Tattoos? Do they cover these features up with make-up or accessories? How does it affect their facial expressions if it’s a scar? What about spots and moles? Beauty marks?
  • [Shape] What is the prevailing shape of their face? Round, heart-shape, square? Is it long, or short? Are all their features squashed together, or are they well spread out? Is it chubby, or gaunt?
  • [Eyes] What is their colour? Are they hetrochromic? Do they change colour in certain lights or moods? Shape? Are they wide, or narrow? Any peculiar markings in their eyes? Are they usually blood shot? Any eye bags or dark circles? Droopy eye lids, or are they alert and bright? Hooded eyelids? What about their eyelashes? Does one eye open wider than the other?
  • [Nose] Is it big or small? Long or short? Has it ever been broken? Is the bridge especially pronounced, or is it wide and low? What about the nostrils? Is it turned up? Is it pointy or soft?
  • [Mouth] Do they have full lips, or thin lips? What about their cupids bow? Do they have a hare lip? Are they naturally pouty? When they smile, do they get creases at the end of their lips? Is their mouth wide, or small? What about their teeth? Straight, wonky? Do they wear braces of false teeth? Missing teeth? Sharp teeth? How about their tongue?
  • [Jawline] What shape is their jawline? Very square and sharp, or soft and round? Do they have an overbite or an under bite? Is the curve of their jaw low down, or higher up? Do they have a pointy chin, or a round one? Cherry chin or bum chin?
  • [Cheek bones] Sharp, or soft? High or low? Can you clearly see their bone structure, or is it covered by chub?
  • [Wrinkles] Where are their wrinkles? Forehead, around the eyes, cheeks? Laughter lines or frown lines? Deep or shallow? Are their lots of wrinkles or are they very sparse? 
  • [Facial hair] Not just for boys! What do their eyebrows look like? Thick or thin? Groomed or not? How about beards, moustaches, sideburns? Can they grow facial hair? How long is their facial hair? Is it styled?
  • [Accessories] Glasses? Shades? Eyepatches? Are they for medical reasons or purely cosmetic? Piercings? Hats, scarves, balaclavas, head bands etc they always wear?
  • [Make-up] Do they wear any? Why? What style? Is it purely fashionable, or is it for ceremony, to disguise something? Any colours they like? Do they try to change their face with contouring? 
  • [Hair] Colour? Is it natural, or dyed? Is it dual tone? What about the texture? Is it incredibly curly or straight? Naturally greasy, or shiny? Do they style it all? Straighten or curl? Do they always have it tied up or leave it down? What hair products do they use? Lots or very little? Are they balding, or going grey or white?
  • [Ears] Big or small? Stick out or not? Is their ear lobe attached or detached? Droopy lobes? Are they pointy, misshapen? What shape overall?
  • [Expression] What’s their default expression? Resting bitch face, or always smiling? How does their expression effect their face?
  • [Neck] Thick or thin? Do they have a double chin? Are their neck tendons pronounced or not? What about an Adam’s apple? 
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I just wanted to make this stated now. I’m no longer accepting applications into this AU, I’m really sorry. It’s hard to keep up with lore since some Gods don’t even message me about theirs, and the list is growing bigger and bigger, so I’m shutting down applications for joining this AU! I’m really sorry to whoever else wanted to join, I’m just… fried from all of the people asking. 

(( however, I’m planning another AU soon ;u; be on the lookout for t h a t ))

anonymous asked:

Hello again! Do you create characters differently for rp than for narratives or short stories? If so, what're some important things to keep in mind when dreaming up an rp character?

That’s adorable. You’re implying I actually plan characters or have a method. :D {No, seriously, I’m the worst person to ask about “character creation processes” because I have none.} However… 

In all fairness, I’ll say this– I have yet to actually create a character specifically for a novel. (I suck at short stories.) Except for “hey I need a name to fill in a role here,” all of my characters in my fiction are derived from RP characters designed waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. 

All of my @brandenburgva characters were created as NPCs and I’ve developed them through both RP and personal writing. And their creation? Literally a slightly less graphically-restricted version of my MMO character creation process. 

That goes along the lines of:

  • get makeover kit
  • fiddle with sliders and settings
  • like what I see
  • realize I have no name
  • scan through list of names already used
  • dig up lists of baby names
  • finds name that sounds really cool
  • names character
  • looks at class/race/gender
  • compares to other pre-existing characters
  • says “fuck it” and dives into some form of RP
  • figures out everything else later

No, that’s… literally it. That is how I make characters. It’s how I made my Brandenburg characters, too, albeit I didn’t have a makeover kit/sliders to fiddle with and often had to come up with names off the top of my head. {This is why I have an agoraphobic optimistic Goth bookstore owner named Spider. Such imagination, wow.}

However, if I was going to sit down and try to make a character without having a specific goal/plot in mind or someone else’s character I was angling to play off of, I’d probably do the above. 

And then I’d come up with a “hook.” Want an example? Let’s do examples. It’s slow at work, it’s 1:40 AM for me and we love examples. 

I’ve recently made an engineer named Alexis Linser. Now all I had to go off of initially was a level 80 engineer that I wanted to ID kit into a usable character. My engineers have been female, so I went with tradition. She’s going to be in the Blackclaw Mercenaries, and I’ve already had a female engineer in there (oh, Chessi) so I figured “TRADITION” and made a blonde engineer. 

Now when you make a score of alts, it’s important to avoid playing the same character over and over again under a different name. Chessi was derpy, sweet, incompetent and almost violently optimistic. I knew Chessi’s history so I knew what to avoid repeating for Alexis. 

I’d been considering a Kurzick/Luxon mix because that’s just rife with possible backstory. Lo and behold, her grandmother is a Kurzick necromancer and her grandfather was a Turtle Clan Luxon elementalist. Both grandparents shared their respective cultures with their son and, eventually, their granddaughter. Alexis knows how to dress up like a lady and conduct herself in “proper society,” but she’s a blacksmith by trade, specializing in armorsmithing. 

{Why not fishing/piracy like her father? She gets horribly seasick.}

Her parents died in the “Crisis in Kryta” metaplot (because why not?) and her grandmother is her only living relative. She visits her grandmother very often, lives in Divinity’s Reach and spends a lot of time in Lion’s Arch. Alexis is friendly, open, morally rather grey and doesn’t believe in dictating how people live their lives. She takes people as they come rather than forming expectations about them. 

I made it a point to include hooks in every aspect of her brief backstory. Her grandparents are Kurzick and Luxon–someone with either cultural background could recognize the piece of petrified wood from the Echovald that she wears on a choker chain or the jade turtle piercing in her left ear. Her profession gives someone a reason to approach her–being a blacksmith, she can create household objects or fashion a suit of armor. Her range of preferred locations makes it easy for her to be “in the right place at the right time” in order to meet up for RP. 

When you have an established circle of RP connections, you can play the “Billy Badass” characters that brood, huff, stare morosely at others and don’t say a damn thing. Those people already know they’ll have to be the ones to engage you and that certain approaches just won’t work.

However, if you’re going to make an RP character for public RP, you need to create a proactive, approachable character that’s willing to give others something to react to. Shy characters are fine, but they have to spill a drink, ask a question, be terrified of bugs, do something that’s going to encourage others to interact with them. 

That’s the biggest tip I have for creating an RP character: make the character easy to engage with, whether by having them be a proactive, talkative, outgoing sort or by having them noticeably react when others are present, drinking, talking, etc. As a whole, RPers like to ‘react’ instead of ‘act.’ Be the one that gives them something to react to

you wanna know what my real shit here is tho… it’s just that na//om//i is always just about to have a big thing. she’s always almost there but something gets in the way. she was close to winning her n//x//t competition but didn’t despite winning the most challenges so she was runner up (tho it was a whole voting system thing but u know how often r those true blue in w//w//e?), she was close to challenging a//j for the divas belt ( and possibly winning because she was getting big ) and then the injury to her eye set her back like……… she’s always almost there man i just want her to BE there already like damn

  • Chuuya: Honey bun?
  • Dazai: Yes?
  • Chuuya: [blushes] I meant, would you like one?
  • Dazai: Oh. Yeah, sure. Sugar?
  • Chuuya: Yes?
  • Dazai: I just meant, would you like some in your coffee?
  • Chuuya: Oh. Yeah, sure. [blushes harder]
  • Atsushi: [from a distance] Even I am getting embarrassed from watching them..
  • Akutagawa: I think I know what you mean.
Nervous Wreck

Summary: If there’s one thing Tony knew how to do, it was how to be suave. After meeting you, it dawned on him that maybe he needed a better education in that particular life skill. 

Warnings: Conversational meme usage, also, swearing and a hella weak ending

Word count: 2000

A/N: I tried

Originally posted by hddlstn

Tony Stark was a playboy. As smooth as the gold alloy his suit was made of and as popular as an alpha of the pack. He was not someone who got nervous around a girl, especially not to the point where he’d trip or blank out or even stutter - that was not Tony Stark.

And yet, it’s the only Tony Stark you know. Tony blames it on bad luck, especially when Bruce gives him a questioning look after every one of his incidents. Deep down it actually kind of freaks him out, solely because he thinks he knows the way to a woman’s heart is confidence, and he’s always just short of that when you’re present.

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Deep breaths.



Focus. Not on the source of any panic or anxiety or any other negative emotion you may be feeling, no. Focus on yourself. You are here. Things are currently bad for many people, yes. I am not here to sugercoat the truth, merely assist you in dealing with it.

And the first step to that is taking care of yourself. Stabilize yourself emotionally first. Listen to some soothing music, watch videos of cute animals, something to focus your mind on other things. Distance yourself or surround yourself with your friends and/or loved ones for support; you know what works best for you, I do not.

Next comes your physical needs. If you have not eaten in a while and can handle the thought of food, then go eat. Something, anything, is better than nothing, both for your body and your mind. Even drinking something like soda or juice is preferable to nothing. If you are able to even attempt to sleep, then do so. You need the energy and resting helps your mind process through things, even if you only manage to sleep for a few hours.

After that… Find something to latch onto. Something to keep in mind as the following days pass by. Hope works well for some people; the hope that things will eventually get better. Optimism is another common thing; realizing or reaffirming that the situation is not as bad as it might seem at first. Spite is just as strong and as valid of a motivator as the others; the drive to see the opposition crumble and be proven wrong.

Whatever it is, whatever you find, you latch onto it, dig your nails into it, and you do not let it go. If or when you find yourself slipping into panic or anxiety or despair again, you look back at it and you remember. Remember the drive that you yourself have chosen, whatever it may be.

And, remember that, if you ever lose sight of it, then there are plenty around you who will support you and help you locate it again.


the real reason fugoomatsu is so damn angry is because he always looses at games.i mean hes still an angry boy but, less so,,,,,. consider everyone bans him for being an absolute tool in the games he plays and with nothing else to do he takes up knitting and makes cute sweaters for his siblings???

shhhh i know koda crochets but listen,,, i forgot about that untill like just now

also kodas sweater is based off the meaning of the kadomatsu decorations put up in japan around new years,,,,👌 👌👌