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do you ever dress fem in public? because my dude, you would probably confuse a lot of people's sexualities (like you do on here)

(( OOC: I usually go with androgynous, but I’ll dress both Fem and Masc in public. :) *shrugs* I don’t do fem all that often, but it’s fun to dress up every once in a while (thank you! XD). )) 

Hawu Update #2

Ay everyone. So Hawu and I have been working together a lot around the clock and we’ve found her a place to stay! It’s with a close friend of hers she’s known for years, and they’ve offered to let her stay as long as she needs. So that’s the good news! They’re even awesome enough that Hawu can take her beloved dog with her. 

Right now all three of us are working on the logistics of it all. Where she’ll be going is out of her state so we’re going to work to get her an ID ASAP so she can take the train up to them (even buses won’t let you travel out of state without a photo ID anymore it seems). I’ve sent some of the donations funds to her and she’s going to get a warm shower and cleaned up tomorrow.

We’re still accepting donations for her because we may have to pay for a hotel/motel room while we wait for her ID to be approved, but we’ve some options thanks to all of the donations. I wanna thank everyone again so much! I know a lot of people have offered to help look around for a place for Hawu to stay and have been extending their hands for temporary solutions. I’m still amazed by the financial aid y’all have given her too.

Everyday we get closer to getting her to a safe place thanks to all of you!

it’s a small note, but… I really love batim fandom, now that I’ve spent around a month here. I’ve met with some really awesome folks, I’m loved by people here, I somehow inspire them (wtf how)

I personally have really bad problems with my nerves and this askblog honestly helps me to fix it, with all this positivity around

thank you all guys. it’s probably the best times I’ve ever had in a fandom at all

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|| 1) Have you ever been in a relationship?
18) What books/fanfics do you recommend for me to read?
It depends on the fandom, I can’t really recommend many for Hetalia anymore;; For books I recommend,  The Diamond Throne by David Eddings and The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami (extremely in depth and wonderful short stories, my favourite is Sleep).
79) Minecraft or Terraria?
Minecraft because it was my gosh dang favourite, but now all the updates are making me lose faith. It’s not really MC anymore.