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So at lunch all my friends were talking about their first kiss and then they asked me and I felt like such a loser for not having kissed anyone yet. Do you have any tips on how maybe I can find someone that I wouldn't mind kissing and how to instigate that situation? I just feel like it's time I grow up and get this over with so I'm not such an outcast in that area anymore

(( OOC: Yes… wait until you are in a situation where you feel comfortable, safe, excited, and ready. Don’t base your first kiss off of what other people think. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 22 sweetheart. Never let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. ))

Let’s talk about conclusions. I see this psa about not stealing headcanons for a while now and I seriously always sit here and ask myself why the person who wrote it hasn’t included in this post that there are people who are simply just as smart as others and conclude the same things, based on what the mangaka or the story has offered them?

Not every person whose headcanon reads similar to someone else’s has STOLEN. There are several billions of people out there guys, and SERIOUSLY there are people who are JUST AS SMART as you. What you may think is unique, can very well pop up on another’s blog without them every having taken a look at you and I personally think that - despite the fact that I think that post is valid since it is courteous to ask to use someone else’s headcanon - 

it NEEDS TO BE SAID: you are not the ONLY ONE who comes up with the same thought!

Great minds think alike. And it needs to be put out there. You are not a thief for coming up with your own conclusion! You are NOT a thief for posting a headcanon you thought of while someone else has too. And if someone accuses you of stealing while you KNOW you haven’t, just don’t give a damn. Ignore them. Because unless proven otherwise, you have every right to publish your own headcanon no matter if it resembles someone else’s or not! Accusing other’s of stealing without solid proof and only concluded is like saying if you cut yourself you bleed wine.

We all post headcanons that are influenced by what we have seen, read and heard online or on television, in books or other media. It is REALLY RARE someone doesn’t conclude the same in the end. If it’s super detailed headcanons I can totally understand it. But please do not generalize every person whose headcanon reads similar to yours. They may as well have the same knowledge you have gathered in months or years of watching a certain show. 

The one who has never written a single thing without being influenced by something please throw the first stone. It is impossible. 

I have been influenced by tons of stuff. My artwork is influenced by other artists. My portrayals are influenced by the canon portrayal shown to me. The way I write in English is influenced by dozens of native English roleplayers whose descriptive writing I’ve copied to be just as good. My headcanons are based on the knowledge I have come to assemble thanks to research and common sense. It has often happened I found others who wrote almost identical headcanons. Not because they stole but simply because they use the same common sense as me.

So please! Before you judge, acknowledge this part of truth too!

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A not-so-dramatic reading by @jumpsuitedmonster (Marissa/GLaDOS), @willdriveforfriendship (Altas/P-Boy), and @nonsequiturworld (himself). 

By unpopular demand, Chapter 2 will be coming soon!