My thoughts on the discourse(ooc)

Hey guys! It’s Kira and I wanted to just share my opinions on the discourse that’s going on in the deh fanbase. It honestly makes me pretty sad to know that there even is discourse but it is what it is. From what I’ve heard, the discourse is about all of the Connor lives aus. The real overarching theme of deh is that no one is alone and you can reach out and get help and better yourself. I’ve been suicidal in the past and on this blog, my version of Connor is definitely still learning to better himself. He still self harms, he still has depression, he’s still angry, he still acts on unhealthy impulses, none of his problems are gone, he’s working through them. It makes me feel a whole lot better when a character gets help for their problems instead of finding a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Some people may be brushing past that with their depictions but honestly, you guys? Don’t let it get to you. If they don’t want to see the message they don’t want to. All you can do is spread the word of how important this amazing musical is. I’ve never seen a better depiction of mental illness in any form of media and that can’t be looked over. Characters are flawed, that’s what makes them real. Just try not to forget that. 💖💖

((OOC: What’s happened in Manchester is beyond my comprehension. Senseless violence, needless tragedy and it’s happened in my home town.
This was a knowing attack on the innocent, the majority of the people in that venue were children and it’s left me feeling physically sick. My heart is with everyone back home.))

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Do you mind your gifs being reposted? Obviously with the link through, and complete credit. To illustrate head canons or little fics for example. Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't really know the etiquette aha. (PS You are literally the best)

(( OOC: Not at all… yeah, as long as credit is given I’m totally aight with it. )) 

This post is a couple of months late, but I wanted to say a huge thank you to @blackash​ for making my little sister’s 21st birthday present. My sister adores her dodo plush, which she’s named Jaffa. She also calls it her ‘precious borb’. (Here’s the unboxing video- note the screeching noise she made when she first saw it.)

It was the second time that I’ve commissioned a plush from Blackash, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so, so much for putting all of those hours into making these plushes, and for making my little sister so happy!

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heYhey iknow you probably don't wanna be bothered with this,but holy heck i love your blog and your art is to die for, loving you miku!!!!!

((omg what no this doesn’t bother me in the slightest ;w; comments like this give me the warm fuzzies and help keep me going!! Thanks so much!!! I hope you continue to love the blog and my interpretation ;w;))