I plan on buying myself a 3-D printer one day. So I am currently trying to learn how to use computer aided design software. This is the first real thing that I created with the free software 123D design. It is a copy of my motorcycle chain, I had one that I took off and was no good.

I believe you should try to learn something new whenever you can. I heard the term once and it was “serial skill collector”. I like to consider myself one of these. I have learned how to knit, crochet, scuba dive, airbrush, work on my motorcycle, and other things that I can’t even remember at this point. Some of them aren’t necessarily considered masculine but I don’t care, I’ve been called very carefree. I wish more people were like that.


i really enjoy editing pictures and getting different looks out of them.

Just trying to show the power of shooting RAW images.  The first image is straight out of the camera, all settings to neutral, as it was recorded by the camera.  The following images are just to show what is possible with the raw image because all the information is there and editable. You can clearly pull some different looks without getting artifacts like you would if you were to edit a jpeg