IMG_1017 by Oxana and Alexey Geets
[sculpting WIP of ooak bjd]


.milky way. by Daria
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Milky Way is an OOAK MSD BJD outfit: *dress *star lace apron *head dress *underskirt


The last time I went to Walmart, I picked up a few packs of cheap panties (taking care to choose only packs in sizes and colors with several others in stock, since I know first hand what a massive pain it is not to be able to find underwear in your size). Since the fabric is so thin, it’s a GREAT weight for making tiny doll clothes, and some of the colors and patterns are so pretty! My favorites are the two flowered patterns, the light yellow, and of course the fuchsia, which will be perfect for my Feferi dolly! ^^

Making tiny doll clothes can pose quite a challenge. For the average person, it’s not easy to work on such a small scale. I’ll be working in 1:12 scale, and I find that much easier than sewing for people! When sewing on a tiny scale, you’ve got to choose fabrics that are proportional to your doll: lightweight, tight weave, tiny print, good drape. Most doll makers recommend natural fabrics like cotton and silk, though I’ve had great success with stretch charmeuse and peachskin, both of which are polyester.

Ever notice how a lot of the time, Barbie’s clothes look perfectly scaled, but the patterns you buy at the fabric store never seem to come out right? Part of that is because of the material. A large print can dwarf your doll, and thick fabrics will be bulky and will probably not drape correctly. They’ll also be harder to sew and turn right side out. Stiff fabrics that don’t drape well will stick out at odd angles and just plain won’t look right. A tighter weave helps create the illusion of a scaled-down person in a scaled-down outfit rather than a little doll in ill-fitting clothes.

I hope I don’t frighten you + Goal 1 acheived!

I can finally show little Nayalee! 
She’s an obitsu head modded to be a cyclops! Hurray!

I’ve actually had her done for over a month, but I had to earn her body. See, I’ve gained a lot of weight since having my son, among other things. I decided to finally take back charge of my weight and get in shape! I set goals for myself, with rewards that aren’t food or clothing related! So I have a closet full of goal things that I’m not allowed to touch until I hit a weight goal! I hit my first goal of 15lbs lost! Its taken 3 months to get to this point, but I’m very happy and feeling better already! :) Next goal is -10lbs, and my reward is a DDH-01 head! Can’t wait to earn it!



Essie & DJ modeling for my friends at @bluebirddollshoppe 💌 I’ve had these pictures sitting on my desktop for awhile but I didn’t want to post until the jacket listings went live. If you guys sighted Tamako (rest in peace…) wearing the blue jacket at Doll North, here’s your chance to get your own! Jackets will be made to order in a selection of sizes, with the exception of the one that DJ’s wearing, which is an SD-sized one-off with a rainbow panel.

You can view the listings here:

Iridescent Uchuu-kei Bomber Jacket for BJD

Iridescent Rainbow Bomber Jacket for 1/3 SD (OOAK)


Candy by A.Tide (12.2015) (13) par Anna Tide


Starting to settle in, and my room is really coming together! It looks like a middle schooler lives here ha ha! I don’t have any of my Monster High or Ever After High dolls up yet, but I have all of my anime stuff and my Disney and Sailor Moon shelves up! I also have a little place for my OOAK dolls and my BJDs! Maura is pleased to not have to live in the dolly bag anymore ha ha!