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Fae deer are elusive creatures. They usually have little to do with our world, but may be seen on occasion amongst the blossoms of spring and summer. It is a great honour to see one, let alone to invite one into your home!

This fae deer is a fully handmade art doll, made with no molds or patterns, so you can be sure he is an entirely unique piece. He feature a hand sculpted face and hooves, finished off with shimmering wings and a wire skeleton so he can be posed as you like.



These three ladies are now available at my Etsy shop, if anyone is interested. These are the budget dolls with no articulation at the elbows, wrists, and knees. Frankie is the only one without the sculpted clothes. I’ve got three more of the ones with out the sculpted on clothes, I’ll be repainting as well, once these girls find a new home.


Kira by Klio.13
Via Flickr:
OOAK by www.instagram.com/weewalee/


We’re All Mad Here

Okay, I feel really bad for her, but I gave up on repainting my first Kiyomi. I loved her character so much in ‘Haunted’ and my mind was kinda blown when finding out how Madeline Hatter’s clothing fits her skin and hair colour… just right. ;3
Sooo, I slipped and accidentally bought this astonishing repainted ghoul on ebay. Some of her beautiful gemstones got lost during the styling process, so I added teeny golden spots. I also gave her headband, ring, telescope and shoes some more detail and made a necklace. Her bloomers were sewn by LovelyWoodsBoutique.
Kiyomi’s friend is a Littlest Pet Shop special edition from my childhood collection. I called him “Piero Kuma” and applied blue stripes and some golden glam. ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ~*☆

Find my other dollies here!


Say hello to Lala the Ragdoll! She’s currently available to purchase via my Etsy shop! https://www.etsy.com/listing/239957081/ooak-rag-doll-coming-to-life-lala

~~~ Her Story ~~~

The little rag doll stood still on her stand as the old toy maker worked her magic on her. One stitch, one button, one paint stroke at a time, the doll came to be. All the while the toy maker sang to her creation. “La la la… lala… la la…” Just a simple melody to pass the time as she poured her love and magic into her work. So many toys littered the room, each one destined to make it’s new owner happy once they were sold at the market. So many smiles the old toy maker brought to the world through her creations, and this latest one, the rag doll, was sure to bring the same joy to someone some day soon. But suddenly, the kindly melody stopped, the old toy maker’s heart beat it’s last, and she would never again make another toy. In that moment, the magic of the toy maker’s song filled the air, swirling around the little rag doll on her work bench. The doll stirred. She blinked her button eyes. She looked upon the old toy maker and smiled. “Rest now,” she spoke softly, “Your work is done. But mine is just beginning. Thanks to you, I will become a real girl. Then one day, I will be a toy maker too, and your love and magic will live on and on and on…”


🌈 For Sale 🌈
I won this “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return” doll earlier this year at a doll show raffle. She was cute as is, but I wanted to see if I could adjust a few things to make her pop more. Aside from a face up, her face was reshaped slightly as I felt her original chin was too pointy. I cut off about 6 inches of hair and restyled it. Her boots had to be red. And glittery. Had to. Also made her some bloomers, added buttons to her dress, and bows to her hair. She has decent articulation at the shoulders but her hip/legs are a different story (splayed sitting). You can see what she originally looked like in that package photo.
She is for sale if you’re interested! Please PM!

I hope I don’t frighten you + Goal 1 acheived!

I can finally show little Nayalee! 
She’s an obitsu head modded to be a cyclops! Hurray!

I’ve actually had her done for over a month, but I had to earn her body. See, I’ve gained a lot of weight since having my son, among other things. I decided to finally take back charge of my weight and get in shape! I set goals for myself, with rewards that aren’t food or clothing related! So I have a closet full of goal things that I’m not allowed to touch until I hit a weight goal! I hit my first goal of 15lbs lost! Its taken 3 months to get to this point, but I’m very happy and feeling better already! :) Next goal is -10lbs, and my reward is a DDH-01 head! Can’t wait to earn it!