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I got really upset because I couldn’t get a tangle with bats, so I took a big risk and sacrificed my Halloween tangle to my attempt at art. The risk paid off, and after a shiny top coat the bats and eyes are permanent! This Tangle Scientist™ continues to push boundaries and make even more cool one of a kind tangles!!!


I attempted to take Scizors photos outside, but I didn’t like how any of them turned out aside from the one where he’s being held for size reference. But, I’ll definitely try again when the weather permits.

I did get all of his indoor photos taken, showing all of his details, size and the different ways he can be posed with his arms 😄 He is 11in tall from bottom to his head, 14in including his head spikes.

I don’t think I missed a single detail of this Pokemon, and I’m very, very happy with how he’s turned out! I can only imagine how cool he’ll look next to Scyther once he arrives to his owner 💕

You can find more of my work and commission your own at TheTallGrass.etsy.com!

Phew! Combusken is all done! I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by how well he turned out. I’ve always wanted to crochet a life size Torchic, but I never expected I’d be making a foot+ tall Combusken instead 😅

Its far too sunny today to take his photos, so these sub-par bedroom photos will have to suffice for now haha.

What do you all think of this fiery Hoenn chicken? Which other Pokemon would you like to see, that I haven’t made yet?


Take a trip to Alola with Rowlet!

This Rowlet is a fully handmade posable art doll. No molds or premade patterns went into his creation, so you can be sure he is an entirely one of a kind creation. He features a sculpted face and feet, hand flocked details, and is supported by an aluminium wire armature for strength and posability, allowing him to freely stand. A great gift for yourself or the Pokemon fan in your life!

Please be aware that this doll is intended for gentle handling and display, and is not a children’s toy. Made in a smoke free home with no animals.



Managed to sqeeuze in Combusken photos right before it started raining again! Our poor fire chicken would have been very distressed to be caught in the rain….

Combusken is 14in tall in body, 16in up to his head feathers, and 15in wide from each foot. He features all of his original detailing (at least from what I could gather from images etc) and his arms are sewn on in a way that lets them be “flapped” up and down 😆

He’s really really cuddly, and while I haven’t weighed him yet, he feels to be one of my heavier amigurumi. All in all, I’m quite pleased with him 💕

You can commission your own plushie and find more Pokemon inspired items at TheTallGrass.etsy.com!

This was a super fun commission to make - although this ol’ guy didn’t appreciate all my little comments about how pretty and sparkly he is with his crystal. He tells he’s real rugged & tough and his owner better agree with him! Time will tell little friend…✨😡✨

Store: pocketmoss.ca

Instagram: instagram.com/pocketmoss



unscrupulous individuals have previously attempted to create FAKE listings using Noel Cruz’s listing page and photos of repaints and even artwork created by Noel. They are NOT NOEL CRUZ  The ONLY seller of Noel’s OOAK work on eBay (the only seller of Cruz’s work period and only site used is: eBay) account ncruz_doll_art Noel has been selling his repainted and restyled dolls since 2001. NO ONE ELSE is licensed to sell his work. No One. If you see a listing please e-mail or message Noel through eBay. Ask Noel if the listing is legitimate and by all means forward the listing or wherever it is you happen to see an item for sale. Noel does not sell or resell artwork. He has never resold prints of his work. He does not sell his repainted ooak auctioned dolls under any other name or account and never will.



This adorable lion cub is waiting to come home to you. Crafted from quality faux fur and polymer clay, he features a fully furred and detailed face, glass eyes with a deep golden sheen, and a sturdy aluminium wire armature. He will not freely stand, but he can be posed in all sorts of cute positions anyway!

As a large size doll (approx 66cm/26 inches from nose to tailtip), Mansa will be double boxed and shipped to you as an insured tracked, and signed for parcel for his and your security.

A great gift for yourself, or the animal lover in your life!

This doll is intended for gentle handling and display and is not a toy for children. He is from a smoke free home with no animals.


Pre-announcement time!

The Twilight kitten trio are finally finished! I was able to get the Purple one done last night, and had the good fortune to get their photos taken this afternoon.

Now, the Blue Twilight was commissioned, so she is already taken. However, GOLD and PURPLE Twilight will both be listed as READY TO SHIP sometime within the next week.

I still need to sort out their photos and price them, then I’ll announce the day and time they’ll be listed with plenty of warning and more photos of the cuties.

Personally, I’m in love with Gold Twilight, her colors look so nice together, and her lighter color enables you to see ALL the detail these kitties have. If you have any questions about them, let me know!

Until then you can find more World of Warcraft themed items at TheTallGrass.etsy.com!


Ponyland par Andie Lewis


I meant to share Alexstrasza’s photos days ago, but kept getting distracted by one thing or another. So, before I forget again, here she is with her size example and close up details! 😄

I love that I was able to find such a perfect shade of yarn for her body, after worrying about it for so long. Her jewelry was a lot of fun to make and addon, and I’m so pleased with her.

Shes the same height as the other 3 dragons (though, Ysera is still the smallest lol) and can’t wait until shes ready for her new home 💕

She’ll be available when the last 2 WorldofWarcraft dragons are done, so keep an eye out at TheTallGrass.etsy.com!


L'indienne par Andie Lewis