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“Living in NYC can be an urban struggle, which often inspires me to paint the places where I long to travel. Real life hollers constantly: emails pile up, the Internet is fickle, and sales drop when I least expect it. Through it all, I think of the lockets as tiny escape portals – an opportunity to check in on my secret spirit animal, or have a peek at the hidden sailing adventure hanging around my neck. Adults need daydreams too, I say!” — Khara Ledonne, muralist-turned-miniatures painter. Read more in her maker profile on the Etsy Blog

Oh Rainbow Fluorite, how you glow!

Order this necklace in the @HappyMedium4eco store for $40 USD + shipping 😊

➡️➡️ https://www.etsy.com/listing/538502285/rainbow-fluorite-necklace-gold-copper ⬅️⬅️

~“Psychic vacuum cleaner” for unnecessary thoughts and ideas stuck in auric field
~Stimulates clarity of mind
~Purple: purification and access of the mind to domains of Spirit
~Black: ultimate astral cleanser
~Yellow: Magnifies metal powers and enhances intellectual ability
~Green: cleanse and heal the heart chakra and conjoin plans of mind to heart
~Pink: cleanses and heals emotional body
~Blue: throat chakra and communication of one’s ideas
~Helps to choose and walk path
~Bring focus and overcoming fear of future
~Helps to think through feelings

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