Are you all excited for Fall?
I certainly am!
Crisp air, colorful leaves, chilly autumn hikes, crackling fires. ♥
Check out my “Painted Forest” necklaces!
They are made of clay, and I use real leaves to create them…
they are hand painted and one of a kind!

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Selénita, Emperatriz Luna (Selenite, Moon Empress) by Refugio Rosa

[a OOAK customised doll. –MOD]


“Living in NYC can be an urban struggle, which often inspires me to paint the places where I long to travel. Real life hollers constantly: emails pile up, the Internet is fickle, and sales drop when I least expect it. Through it all, I think of the lockets as tiny escape portals – an opportunity to check in on my secret spirit animal, or have a peek at the hidden sailing adventure hanging around my neck. Adults need daydreams too, I say!” — Khara Ledonne, muralist-turned-miniatures painter. Read more in her maker profile on the Etsy Blog


Kirins by Quequinox Art

“The Kirin (or Qilin) is a mythical creature known in various East Asian cultures. The Kirin looks like a golden deer with scales like a dragon and surrounded by an aura of gold. The Kirin are seen to be sacred, godlike beasts that are said to only appear in times of peace where the land is ruled by noble men or in the golden ages. The Kirin is so gentle that it would not walk on a blade of grass in fear that it be trampled by its feet.”

Quequinox Art sculptures are made from polymer clay over wire and foil, painted in acrylics, and given goat fur for hair. You can find some for sale on etsy, or commission your very own, see for details!



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This is the Owlwitch, a hermit bird lady who have been living deep in the woods for many centuries. She might seem a little crazy and she wouldn’t mind scaring random travelers for a good laugh, but would never harm anyone on purpose. If you’d feel like visiting her little shack, Owlwitch would serve you her famous mouse stew and rowanberry tea.

This doll is a collaboration between me and Melita Curphy aka Missmonster. Missmonster cast the face and hands, I cast antlers, sculpted feet, painted and put it all together. I have also created felt wings for the first time using Missmonster’s work for inspiration!

Approx 32cm (12,5 inches) tall and 40cm (15,7 inches) wide. Owlwitch’s head, hands and antlers are cast in resin and the body has quality ball socket armature inside. Eyes are high quality taxidermy products. Her pendant is made of dry acorn, seashell shards, amber, wood and agate beads.

This doll comes with a wooden tag signed and dated proofing that this is an original doll made (or customized) by Remjie.

Attention! This is a piece of art. Not a toy for small children. Completely handmade, one of a kind.

I offer only priority shipping (worldwide) with tracking number for this doll.


As winter approaches, looking back on some of the snow photography I’ve done! 

These are all sculptures made from polymer clay over wire and foil. They are all about 4-8 inches large. Made between 2011 and 2015. Hopefully we have some pretty days that I can do some snow photography this year too.