I got really upset because I couldn’t get a tangle with bats, so I took a big risk and sacrificed my Halloween tangle to my attempt at art. The risk paid off, and after a shiny top coat the bats and eyes are permanent! This Tangle Scientist™ continues to push boundaries and make even more cool one of a kind tangles!!!


I attempted to take Scizors photos outside, but I didn’t like how any of them turned out aside from the one where he’s being held for size reference. But, I’ll definitely try again when the weather permits.

I did get all of his indoor photos taken, showing all of his details, size and the different ways he can be posed with his arms 😄 He is 11in tall from bottom to his head, 14in including his head spikes.

I don’t think I missed a single detail of this Pokemon, and I’m very, very happy with how he’s turned out! I can only imagine how cool he’ll look next to Scyther once he arrives to his owner 💕

You can find more of my work and commission your own at TheTallGrass.etsy.com!


Here are the options for the Crow Sisters!

Big Crow Sisters, $70 + shipping, measure 13″ long

Little Crow Sisters, $60 + shipping, measure 7″ long

All crow sisters come with a gray shift dress under their cloak. Cloaks are removable!

The listings will have a drop-down menu to choose your cloak color! There are limited quantities of each color, so if you don’t see a particular one it is probably sold out. I’ll restock on cloak fabric and relist the sisters if they sell out.

Just leave me a note with your order if you’d like button eyes or black eyes!

Live in the familiar shop at 6pm edt, thank you for taking a look!