Kleopatra would have been a reasonable name for the daughter: besides the precedent of her mother, a daughter of the reigning Ptolemaios had been named Kleopatra in each of the past four generations, ever since Ptolemaios V married the Selukid Princess Kleopatra I early in the second century BC. In fact, there had even been a previous Kleopatra Selene, daughter of Ptolemaios VIII and Kleopatra III, and, by the complex intermarriages of the dynasty, Kleopatra VII’s great-aunt and step-grandmother.

The World of Juba II and Kleopatra Selene: Royal Scholarship on Rome’s African Frontier - Duane W. Roller

With a Cold

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr is an ass when sick. Altaïr won’t listen to you and won’t stop working on his journals even though he can’t even stand up right — often doodling and writing over a wooden support tucked in the bed. He’s a difficult patient, always refusing to take his medicine and saying that he’s not sick. His stuffy nose makes him talk funny, and keeps running, which is the most annoying bit of the cold for him. Altaïr tends to brat about anything, he complains about not tasting anything — usually he says that it’s bad, even though he can’t taste it —, when you won’t let him take a walk out of the bedroom or to the library. He tends to get really moody about the weather, often complaining that it’s too cold and 5 minutes later shoving the blanket and stating that it’s “too damn hot”. Due to his busy schedule, Altaïr doesn’t sleep much, so you have to persuade him to take naps — which involves him clinging onto you while you play with his hair and telling him what you did during the day. He’s not really paying full attention, as he only hums and grunts in response until your voice puts him to sleep.

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