Reasons Tony Stark deserves love

One night home alone, Loki happens upon part of Tony’s therapy homework. He is less than pleased.

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Loki sighed over the messy coffee table in the penthouse, shoving books and magazines and paperwork and newspapers and tablets and random bits of wire and circuitry aside so he could find the table’s actual surface. Instead he found something else.

It was what looked like a page ripped out of a lined notepad, the top uneven and torn, and on it a messy list was scribbled.

Reasons Tony Stark deserves love

The line under the words was sharp and sure, the name written with enough flourish that it reminded Loki of Tony’s usual signature. Under this self-assured title, the list itself looked very different. The words were smaller, the lines uneven in places, some words – or whole points – were crossed out, as if the writer had lost all his bravado after the statement on the top of the page.

I’m ridiculously wealthy
I build awesome things
Iron Man is a hero
The thing with the missile
I look damn good even with the gray hairs

There were a couple of empty lines after that, like there had been a pause in the writing, and the last written line was even smaller, the letters pale, with barely any pressure put on the pencil.

I have a heart?

Loki was sure that he had never hated anything in the vast darkness of the universe as much as he hated that tiny, gray question mark. And that was what made him make his next decision.

He rummaged around in the piles on the table until he found a pen, then he crossed out the entire list Tony had made with a big X, leaving only the bold title at the top of the page, untouched and proud. Then he added his own version of the list at the bottom half of the page.

I’m ridiculously generous
I build awesome things to make life better for my friends, and humanity as a whole
I am a hero
The thing with the missile
I have so much passion my body can barely contain it

Just like in the first version Loki left some room above the last line – just so he could make double circles around it after he added it.

I have a heart as bright as a star

Loki got up from the couch and brought the edited list into the kitchen, slipping the note in under Tony’s favourite coffee cup on the counter. Then he went to bed.

For Real

Sam x Reader

Prompt: Concert for 30 First Dates With Sam Winchester

Words: 1225

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of Smut and Angst… Everything I touch becomes angst.

A/N: Here’s my entry for 30 First Dates! Hope y’all enjoy it. Oh, and this wasn’t supposed to have angst, I promise!

Feedback is always welcome! Enjoy! xx

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“You know,” Sam asked, making you look up from his chest. “We never went out… like, on a date.”

You smiled, pecking his lips in a sweet kiss. “What, you don’t like doing this?”

“No! No, it’s not that,” he said grabbing your hips and making you straddle him. “It’s just that I thought we should go out on a real date sometime.”

“For real?” You saw his eyes shine in the dark room, making your heart flutter.

“For real.”

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