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I AM LIVINGGG!! So today we went to Universal Studios and my friends and I hit up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I GOT TO TRY BUTTERBEER-- it was amazing!!! The "frozen" (slush-like) butterbeer was just soooo good that I had to rave about it to you! If you go in the future, it is a MUST! Also bought a pack of those every flavour beans hope I don't puke from nasty tasting ones haha~ The attention to detail that they paid while making the park was stunning! ~Internally-screaming anon

AHHHH THAT’S SO EXCITING!!!!! Omgomgomg I want to go,,, you should’ve taken me with you!!!! I’m so glad you had fun ^.^ <3 <3 and lmao @ the jellybeans good luck my dude

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ths is so random omg but i jsut wanna say i rly like that you give kim stubble n body hair?? bc i always see ppl making characters like "cute and pure = no body hair ever anywhere" but th lil touch of realism w kim makes me love him even more ^o^!!

ah omg yea :D! i’ve forgotten th stubble lately since i havent been drawing kim tht much t_t bt he does have quite a bit :OO!! im glad yu noticed + like it!! ty!!


Mae : Josh, nagbi-bingo ka ba?

Me : Teka pick-up line ba yan? Oo marunong.

Mae : Kasi sa letrang B may 9 eh bingi yung crush ko sabi ko ‘be mine’

Me : Ah, Anong B9 ang maitim?

Mae : Ha?

Me : Yung tumakbong pangulo last election Jejomar B9.

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Sorry but do you actually believe Jimin or Taehyung are tops with Yoongi? Lol no never

i bet jimin and taehyung fuck him at the same time . DD OO UU BB LL EE penetration in yongle’s buttongle

İyi geceler. Ahh OO Gözler neler anlatır♾Çe

“Seninle göz göze gelmek,
bu gezegeni ödüllendirmektir!”

Melih Özyıldırım

Oo nga pala, hindi nga pala tayo…

Kasalanan ko, nakalimutan kong hindi ko nga pala siya girlfriend. Bakit nga ba kasi nagalala pa ko na baka napano na siya kasi late na eh hindi pa umuuwe at nasa inuman pa. Nasabihan pa tuloy ako ng “hindi mo ko kailangang ihandle, hindi mo naman ako girlfriend”. Nakalimutan ko kasi eh, sorry. Hindi yata talaga magsaswak kapag laki sa probinsiya at laki sa siyudad. Yung kinalakihan ko kasi pag umuwe ka ng 11 pm, late na yun. Sakanila 11pm, aalis pa lang sila nun. Haha. 😂

Sabi niya, magaling daw ako magbaligtad ng sitwasyon kasi magaling daw ako magsalita. Lagi ko daw siyang pinagmumukhang masama sa mga post ko. Sinasabi ko lang naman yung naisip ko. Pero para hindi na niya masabi yun, i will just stop writing about her. Last post ko na to tungkol sa'yo. Sorry sa lahat ng nagawa ko na hindi mo nagustuhan. Tama nga yatang tigilan na lang natin, kasi habang tumatagal mas lalo tayong nagkakasakitan. Salamat sa lahat at ingat ka palagi.

Ew feelings!
tag ten people u want to get to know better

i was tagged by the lovely @dangoghs , thank u pal !!!

name/nickname: ash is a nickname so !! that

relationship status: single

favorite colors: oo i have lots but dusty pink , a kinda pale yellow , & lavender r my current favs !!

last song i listened to: single by the neighbourhood

favorite tv shows: yoi , sherlock , community , steven universe (ive not watched much yet but i already love it ee) ,,

first fandom: harry potter niCe i was a Cool 6 year old

hobbies: journaling , reading , playing guitar & uke , writing , listening to music , browsing tumblr , visiting art galleries & libraries (haven’t done most of these things in weeks lol what a Sad Mess)

books i’m currently reading: the bricks that built the houses !!

worst thing i’ve ever eaten: probably the date i had like two years ago ?? o dear Never Again

favorite place(s): waterstones/foyles/any bookshop ever , this cute lil coffee shop on my road , amsterdam , edinburgh , the park & poetry library near me , shakespeare’s globe , the tate ,,

i tag @cherrydnp @spacedust-lester @lithophany @stellar-jpg @sleeepytea @ufocafe @plantpotphil @fallxng-stars (no pressure ofc !! 💕💕)

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Ai kun heteromiesten kanssa on kiva tapella asioista joista niillä ei oo aavistustakaan <3

Musta niiden kanssa on vituttavaa tapella. Sen tietyn heteromiestyypin edustajat  eivät tiedä mistään mitään, luulevat tietävänsä jotain ja sitten selittävät sitä muille maailmalle omana totuutenaan. On se joskus hauskaa, mutta siihenkin väsyy joskus. 

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hey ... I really really love your blog and check it all the time to see what you've posted. All your content is super good, like your rambles about stuff not just art : OO. <3

aaa thats really sweet of you to say! bless you, i hope you get to have a real good laugh soon!