#sketchnearlyeveryday #sketches #sketchbook #art #schmoelfie #pregnancydiary #schmoepregnancy this happened to weeks ago.. the gras was slippery… OO such a shock.. i actually slid quite a bit before coming to a hold… pregnancy instincts seem to be to protect the tummy so i twisted to the side during the fall… i was i a hood mood all day after the adrenalin rush and the happiness that nothing happened :D

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:oo Did you announce the anon winner yet? (I was gone for a few days--)

Yes yes i posted a video on Saturday but basically Jar anon won and Thomas was second, Geck Anon was third, and honorable mentions are Lex and Netflix Anon and all these ppl get a prize but jar anon has been the only one to come forward

  • Me:Bukas na din ba shoot niyo?
  • Blockmate:Oo
  • Me:Kami din pero hapon pa.
  • Blockmate:Wala pa nga akong pang youthful na susuotin eh.
  • Me:Ako din. Pwede na ba 'tong mukha ko nalang?
  • Blockmate:Oo nga mukha nalang
  • Me:Or my youth, my youth is yours 🎶
  • *tapos nainis yung blockmate ko, nang gigil ba HAHAHA OH WELL PAPEL CARAMEL*

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Hejo! Mogę wiedzieć jakiego sprzętu używasz do rysowania w traditional? (szczególnie chodzi mi o lineart)

oo, fajne pytanie, bo mogę się rozpisać ovo już mówię

Szkicowanie: Długopisy, najzwyklejsze, kulkowe, niebieskie i czarne. Ołówki HB, 2B i 4B. innych miękkości nie używam. Najczęściej szkicuję ołówkami w drewnie i długopisami.
Linearty: Cienkopisy od 0,05 do 0.3, pisaki do płyt. Moja ulubiona firma to rystor, jeszcze nigdy mnie nie zawiodła jeśli chodzi o cienkopisy, można je nabyć wszędzie. Nie mam zdania o najgorszych, bo jedne są lepsze do grubszych, inne do cienszych kresek, ale jeśli chodzi o rozmiar 0.1, wygrywa faber castell. Strasznie cenię sobie ołówki automatyczne. może nie są do finalnego lineartowania, ale HB 0.5 to najlepsze kreski, jakie można osiągnąć (wg mnie, bo nie używałam ołówków cieńszych, jeśli są oczywiście), lepsze niż cienkopisy 0,05 (ale też doceniam) dlatego, że można je tonować i robić linie o grubości mikroskopowej, czasami zostawiam ołówek na linearcie jeśli nie uda mi się osiągnąć takiej linii. Plus jeszcze białe żelopisy, często poprawiam nimi błędy, coś jak korektory, ale działają dla mnie jak biała akwarela. mam zamiar kupić marker z końcówką pędzla, raz używałam, cudo. 

Kolorowanie: Kocham farby akrylowe. Są jak digital, tylko mają piękny klimat i nie widać pikseli, ale już na poważnie, używam ich tak samo jak brusze w digitalu (kluczową różnicą w tych 2 mediach to ilość wody plus dosłowne zmienianie pędzla, jeśli chodzi o rozmiar), dlatego je tak cenię. Jesli chodzi o akwarele, astry. Najdroższe akwarele jakie mam nie przebijają astry. Aż pozytywnie się zaskoczyłam tamtego dnia.

>Kredki: Bambino w drewnie, koh-i-noor polycolor, faber castell, papermate, bic evolution, bic tropicolors 2, kores, lyra

>Mazaki: koh-i-noor, bic kid colueur, sharpie

Mój traditional to mieszanie wszystkiego powyżej, nie pamiętam kiedy użyłam jednego rodzaju narzędzi, może tylko na zajęciach z rysunku/malarstwa


One good thing about being a bummer is nothing. I’m bored, all-day irritated, all-day annoyed, all-day sleepy, sad, lonely, I feel like I want to be more like Sleeping Beauty than Snow White or the Evil Queen. I don’t feel like working yet. But I am not a rich kid, you see, I just throw everything on the side of my bed. Maybe next week I have to start applying again.

Since I got this yellow book (sorry wala akong short, poor me. Akala ko cute sa picture pero mas cute yung unggoy.) back, I thought of starting a journal again. What about that notebook I covered with cloth? Anyway, bente lang pala tong Kopiko 78, nakakatuwa.

Update: Oo na, less than 20 na yung Kopiko sainyo. Katarungan.
@geminidoomed answered your ask “????”

2hiit II dont know any que2tiion2 two a2k you liike


ii2 xanthe a good kii22er he 2eem2 liike he would be



how diid you get your taiil?

diid you guy2 have a lot of adventure2?

@trolljacksparrow: he does seem like he wwould be

:’33 Well. Yes, he is. Almost as good as his cuddles, but you didn’t hear that from me.

I was hatched with my tail! :OO I just hide it. :’33 Since, yknow. Trolls - at least in our timeline - aren’t really suppawsed to have those.

And we did have lots of adventpurrs! Some a little less legal than others, haha… But we were out there for a good ten sweeps or so, you build up a good arsenal of stories like that! :00c I could tell you about a few if you’d like.

So last night I met up with someone from high school while out with one of the two friends I still hang out with from high school and it was a complete nightmare.  I was like oo I’ll try a pumpkin spice latte, what the hell~ But I forgot to get decaf and my body does NOT take caffeine well.  I was vibrating for a LONG time that night and met up with the person from high school and I fell back into the way I used to behave back in high school when I hated myself and it was just.  I’m so glad and grateful for the friends I have now.  One’s I’m just getting to know, old friends, even friends I don’t talk to as often as we could.  I’m so glad I have healthy, safe people in my life and I no longer associate with people like that.  I don’t like who I am around them.  I don’t like who they are as people.  They aren’t kind and I know it’s good for me that I’ve weeded those kind of people out of my life.

I know I say this a lot, but I’m so glad I’ve had a chance to meet all of you. You’re such gorgeous people~<3

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SuP MY DUDE caN you please do the cancer crews reaction/what they would do after a verbal fight with their girlfriend?? LOVE ALL YOUR WORK BTW X


Ian: Ian will constantly check his phone hoping for a text. He’ll realise how stupid you two were for fighting over something so small. He’ll call you a couple of times and when you don’t answer he’ll think the worse. To take his mind off things he’ll catch up on editing some videos, he hasn’t posted one in a while. When he finally gets an answer from you he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and reply to you. When you come home he’ll hug you and say sorry. You’ll cry and tell him how sorry you are as well.

Joji: Joji will put himself down. Telling him the fight was all fault even if it definitely wasn’t. Joji will call you and text you once or twice. When you don’t reply he’ll respect your decision and wait until you’re ready. He’ll probably get high and try to sleep. When he wakes up you’ll be in his arms snoring softly. He’ll grin and pull you so close to him.

Max: Max will get really quiet which is unsettling because he is usually so loud and upbeat. He’ll sit on his couch waiting for you to reply to his numerous calls and texts. He feels horrible for picking a fight over something stupid. He misses you and wants you home asap. He pets his cat and drinks while watching tv. When he hears the keys scrape the inside of the lock he jumps up straight away and meets you at the door. He jumps into your arms and saying he was sorry and that he loves you and hopes you forgive him.

{Send me how would they react prompts}