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Canon of the Heads

*breaks door down* These aren’t dead.

  • Logan’s password for his computer is ‘login’
  • Roman once kicked down the door the day Pride Month started and basically the whole mindscape was rainbow for a few months
  • Virgil has a bunch of pillows that Patton sewed for him
  • Many of them have happy, motivational quotes on them
  • Patton and Roman jump on their beds a lot and it annoys the heck outta Logan and Virgil
  • Roman likes to experiment with colors, so he conjures up white rooms and just splatters them with paint to see what certain colors look like when mixed together
  • He has about 20 rooms that are like this
  • He has a bunch of shirts that have paint stains and sometimes he’ll have them on his skin and the others won’t tell him to be mean
  • Well, Patton tells him after 5 minutes
  • Patton has almost every board game that has existed
  • Almost
  • Virgil probably makes the most sexual jokes out of all of them
  • Roman close second
  • Virgil looks at Logan’s bruises from being dropped by Roman because Roman simply can’t carry someoNE-
  •  “Logan, you and Roman were pretty busy last night, huh? ;))))”
  • reference to a past post i’m sorry
  • Virgil has a pocket knife on him at all times
  • Mostly to ‘playfully’ threaten Roman when he annoys him
  • He will not hesitate to hurt a certain snek though
  • Roman once accidently said the word ‘gasp’ instead of dramatically inhaling and Virgil still laughs at the memory
  • Roman pretends to have a terrible British accent to annoy Logan
  • Patton ships almost everything
  • When Logan or any of the others get an idea, he will search the whole mindscape to find a lightbulb just to put it above his or their head
  • Patton leaves the others about 20 messages a day on their phones just to remind them that he loves them :)
  • Logan is good at woodworking so about half of the wood stuff they have in the mindscape is made from Logan
  • Virgil’s pretty good at guitar and plays it whenever Patton has a nightmare
  • Roman pretty jealous of him about that so win-win
  • Virgil plays out-dated video games
  • His favorite is Pacman
  • Half of the time Logan takes things too seriously to annoy the others
  • He’ll make them explain it, then he’ll say ‘I knew that’ and walk away
  • Roman listens to out-dated pop music and he dances to it
  • You can decide if he dances really good or really bad
  • Roman once tried to change his name to Disney but the others wouldn’t let him because ‘your official name is Roman, idiot’
  • He’s still upset about it
  • Patton will bring in random memories in arguments between the others and it ends up as all of them discussing fun time in the past
  • Way to go, Patton, ending arguments
  • Logan and Virgil sing in the shower
  • They freaking belt out songs
  • Sometimes, the sides speak in absolute unison if they had all worked together to make up a plan or something
  • Like, they rehearsed the lines they were gonna say about a subject just to freak out Thomas
  • Thomas still has no idea how the sides work
  • They could just be getting food and Thomas will ask them a bunch of questions
  • “Do you even need food?” “Do you make the food yourselves or do you conjure it?” “Why do you eat?” “Can you eat anything??”
  • Virgil once threatened to duck-tape his mouth shut
  • Thomas didn’t shut up after that and his lips hurt for about 5 hours from the tape being ripped off
  • Roman once dyed Logan’s hair bright blue ‘by accident’
  • Logan dyed his hair bright green in return
  • The others can still hear his shrieks echo in their heads
  • Patton conjures up certain things to make puns
  • “Hey, Logan, I’m sure things will get-” *summons a stick of butter* “Butter!” “Get out.”
  • Virgil once mumbled ‘what the tic-tac’ in his sleep during Movie Night when he fell asleep during the fourth movie
  • Roman actually died of laughter that night
  • Patton has a dog and cat robe
  • He wears it in the morning but changes after breakfast is done so none of the sides have seen it

Yes, correct, these are not dead. I’m sorry it took so long to make another one. I’ve had no creativity for the past week. That’s part of the reason it’s so freaking short. But, I quite like this one. So, I hope you people like it!

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Castiel’s Breaking Point

Destiel, angst with a happy ending, proposal- or not?, general audience

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If you were to ask Castiel about what exactly he considers to be his best character trait, he would, without hesitation, point out his unwavering patience.

The eons he has spent as an angel, watching species arise and go extinct, watching humanity develop ever so slowly, soon taught him how to be patient. Though, those eons are nothing compared to the years he has spent with the Winchesters. Although these years just make a tiny fraction of his lifetime, his patience could not be better schooled than it is right now, after over a decade with the two brothers.

Dean Winchester, however, is the single person who had taught him most of his lessons in patience.

Castiel has been patient with Dean for years, and up until now he never came to regret all the time he has spent waiting for Dean. Waiting for him to open up, waiting for him to accept his own feelings for men and especially for Castiel, waiting for him to acknowledge Cas’ feelings for him.

It has taken Dean almost nine years to finally accept his, definitely more than brotherly, feelings for Castiel. It took him three more months to define the physical and emotional things that have been going on between them as a serious relationship, to call Cas his boyfriend in the privacy of his own room without stumbling over the word. Another six months later he decided to open up to his brother Sam about them, and even though Sam has known about their feelings for each other for the longest time and appeared to be even more ecstatic about the news than the couple themselves, Dean needed another three weeks to allow himself to kiss his boyfriend in front of his brother.

They spent one year of their relationship sleeping and living in different rooms while dating, until Dean was ready for Cas to move his five belongings to the hunter’s room and to officially move in with him.

All of this never bothered Castiel in the least; he knows that Dean has spent a major part of his life suppressing most of his feelings, the biggest exception being his almost ever-present anger. Nobody should be surprised to learn that he’s not only troubled by showing his emotions openly, but especially by showing his emotions for another men- after a lifetime of repressing any and every thing he ever felt for another male. On top of that, Dean isn’t used to experiencing positive feelings- let alone people caring unconditionally about him- and needs to take his time learning to accept that, too.

Cas only wants Dean to be happy, though. He has absolutely no intention of stressing him or putting him under any kind of pressure to move faster, which is why he has always given Dean as much time as he needed. Dean is worth all the waiting.

During the three years of their relationship, he never had reason to regret his patience for Dean and his behavior.

Until now.

It’s been four weeks since Cas had accidentally found the small, velvety box. It was Dean’s fault, really. What did he expect- hiding something that important in their shared sock drawer??

His first instinct was to shove the box back in the drawer, close it and pretend he never even saw it. It’s what he did, at least at first.

He spent the rest of that day on his own, since the two brothers were off on a hunt and weren’t supposed to return until the next evening. Just Castiel, lounging around the bunker in a bubble of happiness, feeling giddy to face Dean whenever he returns home and into his arms.

The next morning, when Cas opened the drawer again, he had to face the box a second time. And that second time, he simply couldn’t summon the willpower to just leave it in there. Instead, he opened it, to find a simple, silver ring with a pair of delicately engraved wings. The ecstatic feelings from last night returned in full force, leaving him even more eager to see his boyfriend that evening.

If Dean actually noticed his boyfriend’s good mood when he entered the bunker, he refrained from commenting on it. Of course Cas was secretly hoping for Dean to pop the question right that evening, he had been waiting for him to come back home for two days. When their evening ended up consisting of quiet cuddles instead of lifechanging questions, he wasn’t angry either. It was just natural that Dean would need to take his time with this, too.

Castiel has been keeping quiet for four weeks, when he finally runs out of patience. Four weeks of him shoving the box out of the way when grabbing his socks, suppressing his anger about Dean’s apparent inability to find a good hiding place or to just think about who he shares his room with. Four weeks of him waiting for Dean to ask the big question. Four weeks of his mood progressively turning gloomier, even though he’s doing his best to not let this whole thing influence his attitude towards his boyfriend or their relationship.

However, Castiel knows that confronting Dean would only scare him away. So he waits, once again, for Dean Winchester.

Cas’ problem isn’t that he hasn’t got any patience left to deal with the situation, it’s that he’s slowly starting to doubt Dean’s feelings for him.

The fact that Dean himself appeared to get a little sadder with every day that passed, and started spending time holed up and alone more often than with Cas or Sam, just made it even more difficult for Cas to decipher the whole situation.

The last days he had caught himself over and over again trying to interpret Dean’s every move, every single word he spoke. He worried himself to sleep every night- because if it takes Dean that long to pop the question, surely he must doubt his feelings for Cas as well. If he were sure about them, about their relationship, why would he wait so long after actually buying the ring??

Castiel even considered that the ring might not be for him at all, that it’s just a leftover from one of Dean’s past relationships; though after days of thinking it over, he decided that the engravings must show otherwise. It didn’t bring any relief, though. It just made this horribly tight feeling in his chest worsen to the point that he felt bad about snuggling up to Dean at night, fearing that his boyfriend might not even want him there. That he might have decided that Castiel is not the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, after all. That maybe he wants to break up after realizing that, but feels unable to tell Castiel.

Cas sank in the routine they had going on around the bunker, he joins Dean and Sam for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner, and spends the rest of the day searching for a quiet spot to be on his own and read or ponder over his dilemma. The nights are horrible. Cas joins Dean in bed as late as possible and slips into bed next to him without talking or touching him more than is necessary. When he wakes up in the morning, unlike a few months ago, Dean is always gone and the bed beside him is cold.

At the moment, all three of them are at home and Cas has been holed up in the library for about four hours when it should be time for dinner. He still doesn’t know what to do about Dean. All he knows is that, lately, they rarely talk to each other and Dean still shuts himself off. Their relationship has basically been going downhill since Dean had bought and he himself had found the ring, and that just can’t be a coincidence. Dean probably just finally realized that Cas wasn’t good enough for him and is searching for a way out of their relationship.

And there, under a mountain of blankets, on the couch of the bunkers library, Cas decides that he can’t keep on dealing with this any longer. If he hurts harder with every passing day and Dean feels miserable enough about their relationship to stop talking to Cas entirely, Cas has to put an end to all of their pain. He’s finally going to confront Dean.

He finds Dean in his room, lying flat on his (or is it still ‘their’?) bed, a hand covering his face. The lights are dimmed and there’s an empty beer bottle on the nightstand.

“Dean?” Cas hesitates for a second before entering the room.

Dean shoots up on the bed, hand falling from his face and Cas can see his reddened eyes and what looks like tear-tracks on his freckled cheeks. “Cas.” It comes out as a whisper, just as broken as the look in his eyes when they fix Castiel.

“Dean, I believe we have something to talk about,” he says as gently as he can manage, walking up to the bed and sitting down in front of Dean. He tries his best to suppress his own feelings and not let them influence his words, because he doesn’t want to make Dean feel even worse about his decisions than he obviously already does.

“Please just- can we just not?” It’s almost a whimper this time, new tears making their way over his cheeks. “I got it, you really don’t need to put it into words. You can stay here, of course. Get your old room back. I’ll- I’ll get over it… eventually.” He drops his gaze, hastily wiping at his cheeks.

“Dean, what are you talking about? You’ll get over what?! Considering that you are the one breaking up with me, I don’t think you have the right to make me feel bad about wanting to talk about it. I’ve been patient for such a long time, I don’t deserve this, just because you aren’t content with our relation-“

“What the hell?! What do you mean, I’m breaking up with you? Fucking hell, Cas, I wanted to marry you! Apparently, you are the one not ready for that!” Dean sounds downright furious now, but there is hurt seeping through in his voice.

“You didn’t even ask me! How the hell would you know if I’m ready or not?” He tries to keep calm, he really does; but even he has a breaking point.

“Fuck, Cas… You know I’m not good with this shit! You know I wouldn’t be able to ask you to your face- can you even imagine how much worse I’d be doing if you’d said ‘no’ to my face?! You know about the ring, you know what it meant. Why didn’t you bring it up?? Why- why did you just ignore it?” His face is contorted by rage, though the tears rolling down his cheeks betray his anger.

Cas can feel himself tear up, too, his own tears a sign of confusion more than anger. He has no idea what he did to make Dean feel this way- he actually didn’t do anything but be patient, as always. “I was waiting for you to ask me! I thought you weren’t ready yet, I thought you were hiding the ring!”

“In our shared sock drawer? Do you think I’m stupid?!”

“If that was your way of bringing up the topic of marriage, or actually asking me to marry you- yes, I think you might just be!!” This time, his seriousness slips up at the end of his sentence and he snorts a laugh, trying to control the urge to burst out laughing like a maniac.

“Well, if you laughing at me isn’t exactly what I need right now. Can you just… leave,” Dean mumbles, eyes screwed shut and fists clenched at his sides.

Cas’ laughter dies down immediately. “No.” He leans forward into Dean’s personal space and brushes his nose against Dean’s. “And yes.”

“W-what?” There’s a spark of hope in his eyes as he opens them, one Cas won’t ever let die down again.

“Yes, you stupid assbutt! Yes, of course I’ll marry you!! How could you think I wouldn’t want to? I love you more than life itself, you know that!”

“I don’t… I didn’t- I wasn’t sure if you’d-“

Cas doesn’t let him finish, just surges forward and kisses him. He feels tears on his cheeks when he leans back and lifts his palm to cradle Dean’s cheek.

Dean still looks confused, as if he can’t quite grasp what’s going on. “I thought that was your way of breaking up with me! You didn’t talk about it for four weeks, you withdrew yourself from me. I thought, shit, I thought I had lost you.“ His breath hitches again, but this time it’s him who leans forward and starts planting gentle kisses all over Cas’ face, concentrating on the skin that is still wet from tears.

“You are never getting rid of me, ever. Now get up and get me my ring! I’ve been waiting for this for four weeks. You let me wait one more minute and I might just start strangling you,” Cas grins.

Dean is up and off the bed immediately, yanking the drawer open and frantically pulling the box out. He opens it, grabs the ring and carelessly drops the box to the floor.

He’s beaming like the sun when he finally lowers himself back onto the bed and climbs into Cas’ lap, carefully taking his fiancé’s hand in his and slipping the ring onto his finger.

They are both still staring at it in awe, when Cas registers a whispered “Castiel Winchester. Fuck, you have no idea how much I love you. I don’t think I can wait much longer to actually marry you.”

Hearing those words, Cas thinks that maybe being impatient might have its perks as well.  

It’s not great, please don’t hate me. I just liked the idea a lot, idk.

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Jim Gordon has accepted that it is literally impossible to get any of the Batkids’ attention if the K-9 unit is around.

[INTERVIEW] Zion.T Responds To Claims That He Dissed K-Pop Idols In “Complex”

In the wake of criticism that his lyrics in “Complex” (featuring G-Dragon) allegedly diss idols, Zion.T has explained that it is not true.

In the song, Zion.T says, “I wish I were an idol / Someone handsome who can dance / ‘Cause you just have to write songs about love / ‘Cause if you can’t sing you can take it off.”

Zion.T explained, “The lyrics aren’t belittling idols. I hope that there’s no misunderstanding. I saw comments, and I think in most cases it was idol fans getting mad. It’s a fact that idols endure years of training to make it through all the industry competition and debut. I respect that. I’m not an idol; our paths are different. There’s no reason for me to put idols down.”

Zion.T also spoke about why his album got delayed and the meanings behind his songs “Complex” and “Sorry” from the album “O O.”

i like calling kino ‘kang kino’ but basically then i am calling him ‘kang kang in(n)ovation’ and idk anymore