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輝夜の城で踊りたい [Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai] - ElixUmixMakixHonoka

welcome to my first follow forever!

I decided to make a follow forever before I go on semi-hiatus, because why not? you all have made the past few months so incredible and fun and i am so thankful.

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agents (part v, au isaac lahey one-shot)
Prompt: Isaac and Saga finally kinda get it on

Requested: YES (THANK YOU and I AM SORRY)

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Saga

Warnings: cursing, making out, cheeky Isaac, groping, mentions of smut, cliff-hanger ending

A/N: here is the last part of ‘Agents’ !!! thank you so much for your patience and i am so sorry that this is so short and so bad and :( i adore the hell out of all of you and i appreciate all you babes. thank you. ALSO happy international women’s day!!!! have a beautiful one!


“Screw this,” his eyes move from my eyes to my lips and back up, and before I know it, his lips are pressed against mine. 

For a moment, I remain still. I sit there, shocked, as Isaac’s lips continue to move against mine and his hands desperately grip my hips. Isaac whimpers against me, his hands loosening their grip on me as he pulls away slightly. His hands slowly pull away from my hips and his eyes look away from mine.

“I-I’m sorry,” Isaac whispers and clears his throat and shakily runs his hands through his hair. I run my fingers over my lips, where Isaac’s were just a few seconds before.

He kissed me. This beautiful puppy just kissed me and I didn’t react at all. My handsome partner, who I’ve been harboring a crush on just kissed me, quite desperately too. And I did nothing. What the hell is wrong with me? I watch him and he’s sitting there, rigid as can be. I slowly scoot closer to him and take in a deep breath as I realize what I’m about to do.

“Isaac,” I whisper and look over to him, hesitantly placing my hand at the back of his neck. He visibly relaxes under my touch. I let out a relieved breath and run my fingers through his beautiful curly locks as a shiver runs through him. Eyes closed, he moves his hands from his hair and places them on his thighs.

I bite my lip and guide his hand over to my thigh. I wrap his hand over the top of my thigh and a small smirk is etched on Isaac’s face. He tightly grips my soft flesh, humming as his thumb brushes small circles against my inner thigh. I subconsciously tug his precious locks, his eyes opening as I do so.

“Oo-oops?” I chuckle nervously as Isaac turns to look at me, my hand still gripping onto his hair as new sensations arise inside me. My eyes travel from his eyes down to his luscious lips. He runs his tongue across his teeth, as though to tempt me, and I can’t seem to take my eyes off of him. I find myself wondering how his lips would feel against my inner thighs, how his tongue would feel inside of me, how–

“Saga?” I snap out of my daze, my eyes quickly snapping up from Isaac’s  lips to his eyes. His face is only a few inches from mine, his beautiful lips transformed into a smirk.

“Y-yes?” I clear my throat, cheeks flushed a deep red as Isaac watches me.

“What were you thinking just then?” He raises a brow, his index finger running along the side of my jaw down to my neck. I tilt my head to the side, a light tremble running through me as Isaac gently flicks my neck. “I asked you a question. What were you thinking?”

“Uh, hm,” I gulp, slightly aroused due to Isaac’s unfamiliar authoritative tone. I clear my throat and sit back as I think of an answer to give him, the truth is too embarrassing. Being a spy is easy as pie, answering to Isaac is not.

“Uh-uh,” he shakes his head and I bite my lip. “Don’t think of a lie, babe. I want to know what you were thinking. Word for word,” he whispers, sitting forward so that his breath fans across my neck.

“Isaac, n-no,” I shake my head and feel him place a wet, teasing kiss against the base of my throat. “I-I can’t. It’s embarrassing.”

“Hm, is that so?” His lips move up to my shoulder and I feel the goosebumps rise on my skin. His skillful mouth attaches to the crook of my neck as he bites down on the sensitive skin. “Are you refusing to answer my question?”

“N-no,” I quickly shake my head and he chuckles, the light stubble on his face brushing against my neck. “I just don’t know how to answer you.”

“Well, I just want the truth. You’re always so brutally honest with me,” he lifts his face up to mine. “Why so hesitant now… Agent?”

“Ah-I-” I blush a deep red as Isaac trails a finger down my throat, between my collarbone, and down to the visible curve of my breasts. “I can’t answer you if you’re gonna distract me.”

“Princess,” he lowers his head to my breasts, his hands moving up my arms to my shoulders as he looks up at me through his lashes. “I answer to you every day, and TRUST me… there’s no one more distracting than you. Now. Answer me or things will get rough, and I–”

“But I want the rough,” I blurt out quickly, unable to stop myself. My eyes grow wide as Isaac looks up to me, a dark sparkle evident in his normally playful eyes.

“Come again, princess?”

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“I-I want it rough,” I clear my throat and close my eyes. “I-I was thinking o-of you, of your mouth specifically.” I hear Isaac take in a sharp breath and take it as a sign to continue. “I was thinking of your mouth between my thighs, of your tongue inside of me, of–”

“Is my mouth all you want to experiment with,” he lightly flicks my earlobe with the tip of his tongue. “Or is there more?”

“Th-there’s so much more,” I gasp as Isaac licks a stripe from one collarbone to the next. “I think about your hands, your slender hands. I-I get slightly aroused every time I watch you put a gun together.”

“Really, now?” He attaches his mouth to the top of one breast, sucking roughly on the plump skin. I moan and tug on his hair, tilting my head back as Isaac works his magic on my breast.

“Y-yes, Isaac,” I whimper as his hands make their way under the hem of my shirt. His thumbs rub small circles on either side of my hips and I let out a soft hum. Just as I begin to relax under his touch, a bite on my left breast jolts me back up. I let out a loud gasp, squirming under Isaac’s gaze.

“Sorry, princess,” he gently kissed the area he bit and looked back up at me, the growing smirk on his face contradicting his words and previous action. “Tell me. What else do you want me to do, to use on you?”

“I-I’ve thought of you tying me up, Isaac,” he looks up at me, hanging on to every word I have to say. “I’ve thought about using the handcuffs on you, too. I–”

“You thought of tying me up?” Isaac bites my hardened nipple over my moistened tank top. I gasp and close my eyes, lifting my chest to more thoroughly fit his mouth. He pulls away, the fire in his eyes matching mine. “I asked you a question. Answer it.”

“Y-Yes,” I let out a small yelp as Isaac smacks my ass. “I-I thought of tying you up against my bedpost, teasing your cock and bringing you close to the edge over and over, I–”

He leans forward and roughly presses his lips against mine.He tugs on my hair, his other hand resting flush against my ass. I whimper and press my hips against his, grinding against his hardened erection. He moans against my mouth, his hand leaving a stinging imprint against my ass.

“Fuck, princess,” his mouth leaves mine and trails wet kisses down my neck. “How about we compromise, hm?”

“Ah,” his skillful lips manage to take my breath away as they nip my collarbones.

“Yes,” he whispers and rips open my shirt, looking up at me guiltily before looking back down and gawking at my breasts.

“See something you like?” A soft moan escapes me as Isaac begins kneading one breast.

“Very much so,” he whispers and closes his mouth over the other hardened bud. He moans against my chest and I let out a long groan. “Tonight, I’m gonna explore every beautiful inch of your body.”

“I-I think I can deal with that,” he smirks against my bud, gently biting down as though to warn me.

“I will tie you up,” he whispers and the pool between my legs becomes evident as I rub my legs close together. “Nuh-uh,” he places a hand between my legs and spreads me apart. “No hiding.”

Come Over

Song requested by @iwantthedean (Nicole, I seriously just love you),Come Over by Kenney Chesney, for my 200 Follower Celebration! Blacklist ‘Erin Celebrates 200’ if you don’t want to see them.

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Warnings: It’s a little angsty. It’s a little sexy. It’s a little fluffy. (I couldn’t not give you fluff Nicole..)

Word Count: 1,260

A/N: This just fueled my love for Kenney, that sexy man… 

“I don’t even know why I came,” you huffed at the drunk man in the room. “You’re a piss poor excuse for a lay anymore these days Dean. I’m done.” 

“Fine, Y/N, leave then. I’ll stop calling,” he said, his voice heavy and thick with emotion and regret. 

“Good,” you said, stomping out of the room and slamming the door behind you. 

The heavy, relentless rain of a Pacific Northwest winter pelted down on you as you walked to your car. You didn’t bother running, you’d get wet either way, plus it matched your mood and as you sat in the front seat of your car in the deserted motel parking lot, you let yourself cry, the hurt too much to handle. 

It was a couple months later when you found out that Dean Winchester had died, had sold his soul to save his brother, and was now in Hell. That was the second time you cried over Dean Winchester. 

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Happy charter day to all the TAntalizing women of the Theta Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.!

Celebrating our charter members:

Michelle Roberts Aikens
Pamela Barnes
Beverly Henry Barton
Debra Dillon
Cynthia Ramos Griffith
Gale Roberts House
Esther Jenkins
Anita Brice Kelley
Karin Robinson Binion Mitra
Patricia Prescott
Dale Wallace Thompson
Adrian Williams

All of my love to these amazing trail blazers. I’m proud to be a part of this legacy of excellence.

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It's true I am a DELTA

OO-OOP to my Sorors.

that question is closed. I’m gonna be giving wristbands away all week via random trivia, or facebook likes random pick

All I ask, is that if you receive one you’ll take a picture with your hands up for the "hands up, don’t shoot" campaign to show solidarity.

Justice for our brothers and sisters lost to police brutality!