Sherlock S3 EP 1 (watch)

I found the holy grail.
Brace yourselves.

With kudos to my lovely follower, onyxmaymay, she has told me how to watch the first episode even though I live in America….and honestly even though this is considered pirating…BBC still gets the view in its system and I’ll definitely be watching it again when it airs.

1. Open up Google Chrome (if you don’t have it…it’s free to download from google)
2. Search “hola chrome extension” in your Chrome
3. Download it (it’s free..the symbol is a little fire guy)
4. Click on it and switch to “UK”
5. Search BBC iPlayer on the browser
6. Look for the episode and click on it (It is most likely on the page that shows up when you originally search BBC iplayer)
7. Enjoy and fangirl

Message me for any questions.