onyx solar

A commission of my Dawn Caste, Sigrun Ishida by @polar-biscuit!! She did an amazing job and I love how this came out. :)

She’s based on a character I played in Guild Wars 2, a Norn Warrior. 

In Exalted, she is an Icewalker, a member of the nomadic barbarian tribes in the North who worship animal gods and slay monsters (and men). 

She is God-Blooded, the daughter of Skaun Ishida, an Icewalker and the giant Viresien,  who dwells in a palace of stone and ice found only in the Northern snow. Skaun was thought lost to the tribe when he found her, and nearly a year later when he returned, it was with a child in his arms, one with ice-blue eyes and snow white hair.

She is Chosen of the Sun, having Exalted when all seemed lost in a battle against the Fair Folk who sought to annihilate her tribe. Now she wanders the North in the company of a Circle of her fellow Solars, looking for greater battles to challenge herself and to make sure that all in the North know her name.