onyx love

LGBTQ+ Love Protection Jar

A spell to protect your relationship from bigotry, written by @sapphic-witches

What you’ll need:

  •  A Jar
  •  A sigil to represent your relationship (which can also be found here)
  • Lavender
  • Dill
  • Cinnamon
  • Jasmine
  • Garnet
  • Onyx
  • Black candles

Take your jar and place the symbol inside. Add in the lavender, dill, cinnamon, and jasmine. Just a pinch or so will suffice. Add in the gemstones (I used two garnet chips and an onyx bear fetish because my boyfriend is a bear, but any forms will work). If you have limited gemstones, you can charge the jar with the stones’ energies without having to place them inside the jar. Close the jar and seal it with the wax from the black candles, and cover as much of the clear glass as possible. Say the following mantra:

“My relationship/loved one is shielded from the sharp, unfeeling coldness of bigotry and hate. Safe from those who say ‘I love you’ with lies on their tongue and hate in their eyes. For that is my will, so be it.”

Feel free to personalize it by adding your own crystals/herbs that have significant meaning to you, or invoking deities. For example, I called upon Aphrodite to protect out love.


“And I never felt this way with anyone else. Like I’m falling every time I’m around you, like I can’t catch my breath, and I feel alive—not just standing around and letting my life walk past me. There’s been nothing like that with anyone else.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout, Onyx

Zodiac Witch Types

Aries: fire witch, works with heat and passion. Sometimes curses. Good at fire scrying and crystal work. Prefers obsidian and garnet.

Taurus: kitchen witch, enjoys cooking and making brews. Does a lot of grounding work and probably has a few amethysts and crystal balls

Gemini: Elemental, works well with spirits as well as tarot and rune divination. Draws power from the planets and moon. Uses bloodstone and celestite. 

Cancer: A sea witch, in tune with the moon. Dream work is very detailed. Proficient in cursing and charming. Loves lapis lazuli and smoky quartz. 

Leo: Sun witch, enjoys the daytime. Also works well with the moon to find a calm grounding power. Uses divination and animal magic. Yellow obsidian. 

Virgo: a storm witch, fast-moving and calculated. Draws power from the earth. Has a detailed book of shadows. Likes rock quartz and moonstone. 

Libra: Hedge witch. Mysterious and enjoys smoke scrying. Writes their own spells and has several familiars. Rose quartz, agate, and sapphire. 

Scorpio: Does lots of spirit work, as well as spells and potions. Excellent with bone scrying. Prefers stones like onyx and carnelian. 

Sagittarius: Loves astrology and making their own spells. Enjoys animal magic and making charms. Gets crafty. Likes topaz and iolite. 

Capricorn: Sigil work and spell-crafting. Green witchcraft and probably has a familiar. Likes collecting rocks. Preferred stones are labradorite and amethyst. 

Aquarius: Water witch, likes to gather rainwater for spells. Charms everyday objects. Has a large plant collection. Raw garnet and tiger’s eye. 

Pisces: Very in tune with their emotions, and casts powerful spells. Loves animals and plants alike. Water scrying. Uses moonstones and jasper.