Moldavite’s power

She can form “clones” from the earth (sand, pebbles,dirt). They are not strong fighting wise, but the “clones” can speak in the voice of the gem she copied and looks 100% like the gem when fully formed. The “clones” only knows what she knows. They normally fall apart after a couple hits, and turn back into earth. She mostly uses them to trick you, into thinking they are the real gem, and a way to tell is to ask it something personal that only the real gem would know, because the “clone” will stay silent and not reply. Moldavite as an extremely accurate memory and everything she sees and hears is almost “recorded” in her mind, to be “played back” through her “clones”. Her clones also have been known to talk for her, since Moldavite is mute.

Sketch here

(I had another sketch to add to this of all the clones fully formed but my power booped off for a second and my computer turned it off in the middle of it, now my tablet is being a butt, so oh well. )



Onyx is the fusion between Pearl and Sapphire. She wears black clothes and has a spikey hear. She uses her ballet knowing and body to make an attack called ‘’The spin’’ which converts Onyx itself in a Swirl with the capacity of smash everything around. Her character is very serious, and always worried about steven.

Curious fact: She is not good at talking, indeed, she doesn’t even talk, but makes moves that can dazzle everyone around her.


Roman Gold Ring with Onyx Cameo, 3rd-4th Century AD

A gold ring with onyx cameo with bust of woman with hair pulled back into a bun.

Cameos first became popular during the Hellenistic period and continued to flourish under the Roman Empire with a mixture of images mostly comprising religious symbolism or busts of private individuals and members of the Imperial family. Cameos were produced with the same basic tools and techniques as intaglios, though inverted, that is to say by cutting away excess stone around the image to create a raised relief. The time and effort needed to carve a cameo is considerably greater than that required to produce an intaglio, not just because more stone must be cut away but also in fashioning a cameo in relief there is considerably less surface contact between the rotating circular tool and the convex surface of the gem.