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“LOVEandMUSIC”, February 14, 2016

9X12 watercolor paper, watercolor,acrylic

On Your Feet! is a musical love story from Emilio and Gloria Estefan. The story takes place after a tour bus accident results in a severe spinal injury for Gloria. It then flashes back to her teen years and how she met Emilio. He went on to become her manager, record producer and in 1978, her husband. The Miami Sound Machine, featuring Gloria Estefan as the main singer became hugely popular in the 80’s. The second act returns post accident and tells of their successful resurgence into the music industry at the 1991 American music awards.

Onyour feet is a story of hope, music, resilience, and love.

On Your Feet! Is currently playing at The Marquis Theater on 46th street between Broadway and 8th avenue.

Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤️