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Do you believe Dylan removed his necklace, earring and pocket watch himself before his suicide or do you think it was removed by the people who discovered his body? Someone had removed the duct tape and match strikers from both boys wrist prior to autopsy. Also, if Dylan did remove those items himself, why did he not take off his ring too? I truly appreciate the insights your marvellous blog provides.

Thank you, glad that you enjoy E-C. :) I suppose it’s possible that the necklace, the earring and silver pocket watch could’ve been removed on the scene. However, the description of these three items being found in a ‘small pile’ by his body doesn’t exactly sound like items being removed and placed into forensic evidence bags. If they removed a bunch of items from him, like the match strikers, wouldn’t everything they removed be put into a small pile/s? Plus, the items in the very specific pile was only his personal jewelry. I would think that when items were being systematically removed from his body and recorded as ‘evidence’, they wouldn’t even be placed on the floor in piles but immediately placed in evidence plastic bags. So, this is why it seems to suggest that Dylan himself removed his personal artifacts and put them in a pile. His signature Boston Redsox ballcap also did not have a bullet hole in it so it would make sense, too, that he purposefully removed his hat probably by the small pile.

Some explanations for him not removing his onxy ring would be that his ring was on his glove-covered left hand. In the haste to commit suicide, he may have completely overlooked removing it or perhaps just didn’t want to bother to take the time to remove his glove to take off his ring. I think of the two scenarios, I’d say the later. But then there’s this..for Dylan, the ring he always wore without fail may also may have been of symbolic significant to him: worn even in his death in devotion to ‘The Girl’, his True Love, he was hoping to reunite with in the Halcyons. Basically, it may very well have been a devotional commitment ring. Dylan was very much about idealised, romantic love and so this seems likely why he may have intentionally left his ring on.