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It’s the Winter Solstice - the shortest and darkest day of the year, which means from tomorrow onwards there’s a little more light each day. This is why pretty much every religion, culture, and society has some kind of celebration or marker at this time of year. (This is why there’s a “Happy Holidays” greeting- not to avoid saying Christmas, but because there are more huly days than that one at this time!)

For some it’s Christmas, which is on Sunday; for others it’s Chanukah, which starts on Saturday; for others it’s Yule, which is today, and for lots it’s a clump of public/bank holidays for some well-deserved time off work. You get the idea.

So, with that in mind, it’s time, between now and the Calendrical New Year, to wish all a Merry/Happy fucking *everything*.

and i mean either way if i wake up at 3am then i have like ~3hours of crying i can do before the sun comes up and it counts so like win win

Here’s my farewell to Bleach
And so this is the end we get. This will be my last post about Bleach, from tomorrow onwards Bleach volumes will become a major let down on my bookshelf and nothing more. To think I spent time and money both online and at comic conventions to get the first edition… I don’t think I’m gonna read it again, too much bitterness.
But as for now, I have some questions:
- Where’s Urahara? Yoruichi? Zero Squad? Komamura? Kira? Mashiro? The other Fullbringers? Harribel? Grimmjow? Nel? Isshin? Ryuuken? And WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS KON?
- What exactly was Yachiru?
- How come that Chad, who never wanted to use his fists for personal gain ended up being a boxer? And why does he look like a hybrid between Isshin and Shunsui?
- How come that Ishida, who never wanted to follow his father’s steps after the death of his mother, ended up being a doctor? Moreover, he’s the only one who didn’t age a day and just has the back of his head visible in the color spread. Good job, Kubo. Really.
- How come that Mizuiro - Ichigo’s classmate for those who don’t even remember him - gets more panel time than Ishida considering that it was Ishida who helped Ichigo taking down Ywach? And more panel time than Renji, who doesn’t even say a word but just keeps smiling like an idiot?
- How is it even possible that Ywach was defeated so easily?
- Why isn’t Aizen the new Soul King? And why the fuck does he spout nonsense about peace and courage while being restrained to that chair AGAIN?
- How come that Ichika and Kazui are the same age if people in SS age more slowly?
- Unseen bankais anyone?
- Why does Ichigo, who’s just 27, look like a middle-aged man with a lame hairstyle who orders his milf wife around while sitting on the couch in front of TV? Give him a dirty tank top and a beer, please.
- Both kids are cute, but were they necessary? Unless Kubo wants to create a sequel about them… Please don’t.
- Why do the couples look like they’re not even married?
- Why is the last chapter titled Death and the Strawberry? No, Ichika isn’t Rukia and Kazui isn’t Ichigo.
- Why putting a meaningless interaction between Rukia and Ichigo in this chapter? Is this a pitiful way to make us IRs believe that they still have an unbreakable bond? Yeah, sure.
- You really want to convince me that after all he went through Ichigo simply went back to his daily life and didn’t see Rukia and Renji for years? Is this a majokko anime? Ichigo isn’t fucking Creamy Mami, for God’s sake.
- Was it really necessary to kill Ukitake? And why doesn’t Unohana have a grave as well?
- Why should Rukia leave her captain ceremony to go see Chad’s match? It’s not like they had that much interaction during the story.
- Am I the only one who gets the feeling that Keigo and Tatsuki are an item? Well, at least they make more sense than the other couples.
This means that NO, I’m not gonna thank Kubo for giving us this shitty ending. I thank him for creating this universe and characters, but I’m gonna hate him forever for not leaving an open ending about the couples and dedicating more time to all the unsaid things. For me Bleach ended with Aizen’s defeat and that unforgettable goodbye between Rukia and Ichigo.
Imagine a stand off with God!stiel...

“Cas, come on, snap out of it, you’re killing people!” You said shaking your head in disbelief. He was definitely far from the sweet angel that you knew now… He was a monster. The kind you usually put down.

“So?” He said with a smile that made your stomach churn.

“Damn it Cas. It’s taking every ounce of me to not… not…” You stuttered.

“Not what? You really are wasting my time.”

“Not slap you round the face you arrogant little shit.” You felt your eyes go wide at your small outburst. With Cas in this state, who knew what he could do?

“What a brave little ant you are, but you know what more evolved species do to ants?” He rotated his foot a little in emphasis.

“I’m not an ant.” You half snarled as you carefully reached into your pocket for any form of weapon.

“Hm. Maybe not… However, I’m God and you, Y/N, are a nuisance.”

I’ve /almost/ caught all the fish for this month, I just need an Oarfish and the one that shows up in the rain/snow - not including fish that are only on the island, but I’ll tackle that from tomorrow onwards). I still need a few bugs, a dung beetle and the wharf roach(?) because I keep missing them, minus island exclusives again but I need ALL of those

27 Days


Stage Play [Messiah- Akatsuki no Toki]
The second day of practice is a lesson behind desk.
While the cast pour over the script, the director Nishimori-san answered to any doubts and listened to everyone’s feelings. It is an important practice where the understanding of Messiah’s universe is clearly conveyed.



Stage Play [Messiah- Akatsuki no Toki]
Today was the last day of practice.
Finishing practice on this hall, tomorrow onwards is in the theatre.
A new series, the new team that will be confronting their first stage, everyone is facing various challenges.
We are waiting for everyone’s visit at Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater!
# Messiah


For added feels, from 4 years ago:

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Today/Tomorrow Is A Great Day To Be Alive!!!!

Today and tomorrow is February 25th (depending on where you live in the world) meaning it is this man’s 42nd birthday above (his name is Morikubo Showtaro aka Shin’s seiyuu). 

Because he is my favorite seiyuu and Shin’s along with Reiji’s seiyuu, I will be trying to post some ask related to Shin and some Carla all the while I figure out how to gain confidence to send him a tweet wishing him happy birthday and trying to figure out how to send him fan mail and make a gift worthy of him. So keep that in mind as you see post. It’s not Isa this time. It’s Ari. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Now please enjoy this gif of Morikubo-san dancing with his awesome ass tattoo on his left bicep.


06.01.16 – 6.34PM • school was pretty fun today but the horror officially starts tomorrow onwards☹️😤😫 anyways here are just some history mindmaps☺️! i hope everyone has had a good day and if you didnt, chin up because there can be other better days ahead of you! 💗

Haven’t been on here for a long time as I’ve been away in Cambodia for a service learning trip (no wifi) :) the picture on the upper half is the fun half of my goals for the June holidays :) as you can tell from the picture on the second half I tried being productive for the first half of the week and I failed 😔 here’s to trying to get back on routine from tonight/tomorrow onwards 🙈


I am at CONFUZZLED 2015 at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole! I’ll be tabling from tomorrow onwards once the dealers den opens but I already have the above prints for sale in the art show! I’ll be hanging around until Tuesday or so so please come say hi if you see me!

Summary of the news for those who missed it!

  • The next pokemon games are confirmed to be pokemon sun and pokemon moon!
  • These will be released in 2016.
  • The 3ds versions of red, blue and yellow versions, which will be available from tomorrow onwards, will be compatible with pokemon bank!


1. Photographing or recording policemen/policewomen - 600 to 30.000€ fine
2. Paceful disobedience to authority - 600 to 30.000€ fine
3. Occupying banks as a protest - 600 to 30.000€ fine
4. Not formalizong a protest - 600 to 30.000€ fine
5. For carrying out assemblies or meetings in public spaces - 100 to 600€ fine
6.For impeding or stopping an eviction - 600 to 30.000€
7. For being present at an occupied space (social centers and houses occupied by evicted families) - 100€ to 600€ fine
8. Police black lists for protesters, activists and alternative press have been legalized.
9. Meeting or gathering in front of the Congress - 600 to 30.000€ fine
10. Appealing the fines in court requires the payment of judicial costs, whose amount depends on the fine.
11. It allows random identity checks, allowing for racial profiling of immigrants and minorities.
12. Police can now carry out raids at their discretion, without the need for an order to be disrupted.
13. External bodily searches are also now allowed at police discretion.
14. The government can prohibit any protest at will
15. Anny ill-defined “critical-infrastructure” is now considered a forbidden zone for public gatherings if it might affect its functioning
16. There’re also fines for people who climb buildings and monuments without permission. (A common method of protest from organizations like Greenpeace)

(Publishing this post tomorrow could be a crime)

Mafumafu @ USSS Tokyo Final (092115)

(Photo link: https://twitter.com/uni_mafumafu/status/645957153530908672)

Mafumafu: “2015 9/21

Memories from my first collaboration at UraShimaSakataSen’s live

Everyone is photographed behind me! I’m so happy-! They’re the friends that I’m proud of!  ( ̄^ ̄゜)”

Sakata: “UraShimaSakataSen’s first guest. He partook as a guitarist when we performed “Chopin to Koori no Hakken”, “Heart no Atoaji”, & “Continue”! Thank you very much Mafumafu-san!!!!”

Mafumafu: “It’s been a while Sakatantantan!! I’m a happy fellow”

Mafumafu: “I’m back home. It’s an invigorating, fresh return home, and I (definitely) didn’t grow fatter. The 3 days from tomorrow onwards will be the “most important recording of 2015”. After everything is over, I’m going over to a friend’s house to caress a pet bird. For sure.”