onward men


Boston Antifa urges male Antifas to start crossdressing to ‘fight fascism’

Our favourite Antifa tough guy gives us the right example and hope for a better future by putting on a wig and some lipstick from 2:00 onwards.

“Men should take the time to step back and reflect on their sexualities and genders to allow women to exercise their right to lead and increase diversity in the Antifa community. Start dressing as women at home to practice, to see if you wouldn’t mind it.”

As if Antifa wasn’t giving us enough meme material just yet :^)

Mermaid and the Pirate AU //Closed Rp//

Kristopher rode the waves in her ship with a smile. The seas were unnaturally calm, but she didn’t mind. This was mermaid territory and where there were mermaids, there were rocks and danger. She told her crew to be cautious as they entered the new treacherous seas. “Onward men!” Kris called out.