I present my Freak du Chic Street Artist/Midway Attendant Catrine DeMew everyone!

eeeeeeeeeeeee she came out so prettyful!!! X333

ya’ll have heard me rant about Catrine and FdC before yes, good, ok moving on

was a GnB Catrine; removed the dark purple and blue streaks, added light blue and pink then styled it. i also repainted her makeup and added “paint spatters” to her tail. her dress was constructed from a Sparkle Girls dress, Catrine NS dress, a ruffle from a 1600 gift skirt, and pink and blue tule. her shoes were some FF Ghoulaura, while her hands were NS Catty hands-both of which i repainted/embellished. she’s “borrowing” Avea’s hat.

i love her, she is beautiful, now i have circus act ghoulfriends. my cat wife is flawless. she still should’ve been part of this line to begin with.

songs that never fail to put me in a good mood
listen here

track list:
Jay Park - So Good
Winner - Don’t Flirt
San E feat. Bumkey - Body Language
BigBang - Sunset Glow
Block B - Mental Breaker
Rap Monster x DJ Soulscape - Unpack Your Bags
B1A4 - What’s Going On
WA$$UP - Shut U
G-Dragon - Who You
M.I.B - Men In Black (Dash)
Loco feat. Jay Park - Thinking About You
BTS - Look Here
AOA - Short Hair
Got7 - Follow Me
4Minute - Watcha Doin’ Today


Someone dipped the clouds in gold my friends,
and stole away the light so nobody could see
the strokes and lines and waves
but what they didn’t count on
Was poor little me

Forgive me unknown artist,
whoever gilded the clouds,
I am but single little me
I didn’t see you dip your brush,
or even watch you leave
but I saw the progress made
and it gave me will to be

Forgive me my flawed witness
my eyes were always not so good,
but if this artist would come another night
i really think they should

Because when the clouds are dipped in gold
the air is not yet cold
and the stars have yet to be
I want you, my friends, to come watch them dry with me

The Night Before Christmas

So I know I’ve talked about my grandfather Byron before (yes, the one who marches in a bagpipe band), but what I’ve neglected to tell you all is the fact that he’s also something of a writer.  Here’s something he wrote for Christmas several years back, under the penname The Other Byron, that I think you guys might like:

T’was The Night Before Christmas, 2002

by the Other Byron

‘T’was the night before Christmas
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Except me and my spouse

The children were nestled
All snug in their beds
While dozens of toy commercials
Paged through their heads

The stockings were hung
By the chimney with care
Designed and sized
For loot, not for wear

I in my sweats
As Momma looked on
Was assembling things
All made in Taiwan

Each package assured
That assembly’s a breeze
But the instructions might
As well be in Chinese

Boxes were resting
On table and chair
As I searched through the rubble
For missing hardware

Plastic bags
With nuts, bolts and stuff
I knew in a moment
There would not be enough

Connecting parts
Designed by a Grinch
With holes misaligned
By an eighth of an inch

I sputtered and muttered
As I surveyed the array
Hadn’t these guys
Ever heard of— QA?

But despite all odds
I was finally there
Everything was together
With a few parts to spare

And nearing completion
I turned with a jerk
The switches were on
Why wouldn’t they work?

Then there it was
What my notice had eluded
Those most dreaded of words
“Batteries not included”

All effort’s in vain
If the toys won’t talk
Light up or make noises
Run in circles or walk

Away I then flew
Like the down on a thistle
Straight to the store
At the speed of a missile

But I realized the worst
As it came into view
I had missed closing time
By a minute or two

With time running out
I knew just what to do
I’d scavenge the house
And the neighborhood too

Door after door
At each the same plea
Got any double A’s
C’s, D’s or 9V?

New or old, doesn’t matter
I’ll take what you’ve got
And those I could use
I removed on the spot

I would rob from the old
To give to the new
It would keep things going
For an hour or two

Flash light, Walk Man
Nothing was spared
Even a vibrating thing
That had been— God knows where

My efforts paid off
Hallelujah! High Five!
And one by one
The toys came alive

Just under the wire
I had finished in time
If anything didn’t work
The fault wasn’t mine

And I had to exclaim
As I collapsed into bed
Next year they get books
And I can party instead

anonymous asked:

What are your feelings towards Commander Cody?

-picks up wrapper of peanut butter cup I just finished, slams it down on couch- UMMM LET ME TELL YOU

Cody is amazing. I love him so much. A lot of this is conjecture I guess and the way Cal and I specifically headcanon him bUT HE IS JUST GREAT OKAY.

Aro Ace of COURSE and a very Good Commander who just notices things about people and is good at utilizing everyone’s talents

some other points:

  • absolutely crushed by order 66 because Obi-wan had, by then, become his friend, so much more than just his General, and Cody doesn’t know where he fits in this new empire but he’s trying his best to carry on without thinking too hard about old loyalties and who was really betraying whom that day, he’s just, not okay but he’s a commander and a soldier of the republic empire and where else is he supposed to fit and people are counting on him so he carries on
  • was a bit more prone to risky behavior and ideas as a cadet than Rex. It’s probably a good thing that he got assigned to Obi-Wan rather than Anakin because his younger self would have bounced off of Anakin’s personality too much aND THEN IF AHSOKA CAME ALONG HOO-WEE THE TRIO OF SPLIT SECOND “GENIUS PLANS” that are ACTUALLY TERRIFYINGLY RISKY
  • he looked at Rex during their first training session together and just decided “I’m gonna be friends with that guy” Now…Cody is friendly with most clones but there’s a certain point of closeness he never lets them get past, even if he likes them a lot. Sometimes he can even come off as cavalier even though he cares, because he knows they all die, and his loyalty to the Republic is huge. But Rex got past that. I think Cody was looking subconsciously for some kind of anchor, and Rex’s sturdiness is such a grounding counterpoint to his own… whatever he was as a kid. -can’t find the right word-
  • I HATE THAT HE IS THE POSTER CHILD OF ORDER 66 he is such a good and never would have betrayed his friends if he had anything to say about it and yet ignorant people hate on him
  • Seriously Cody’s real talent is utilizing/managing people but he can be a bit oblivious about himself or think his own needs don’t count because he’s the CO. He tends to be regularly surprised at how strongly he feels about things and taken off guard by his own impulses if something falls outside of his usual soldier experience. Not to say that he has poor impulse control, because he usually manages himself well… otherwise he couldn’t be a good commander. But it’s more just that he… has an image of himself that doesn’t always match how he really is.. but that he is always trying to live up to. How he perceives himself sometimes is based a lot more on the image he projects in order to be enough than on how he really is
  • He would be a super traditional earthbender in an Avatar au that could kick all the metalbender’s butts with perfect form.
  • I would say more but it’s late and my brain is telling me to sleep ghgjfld