Oh Hamilton! Week ending Saturday March 3, 2012


Due to procrastination and partyfuntime reading week there hasn’t been any updates from the editing desk for about two weeks, but there is some exciting news! 


-Oh Hamilton! has about a handful of submissions, and many more promises of submissions! Hooray! This makes me tear up a little when I drink my Tim Horton’s coffee and sit on the HSR #HamiltonStereotypes thinking about all of you who have contributed!

-People are finding the blog, and emailing who are not people who’ve been directly told about this project! This is super super cool because it means that someway through word of mouth or other things people are hearing about this project!

-The posters are up and they are pretty!

-Some mini-handouts and cards are in the work and they are pretty!

Failures Areas of Growth!

-Getting more word out! Tell your friends! Then tell you moms! Then tell your cats and draw a picture with their pawprints and write a sonnet and e-mail it to ohhamiltonzine (at) gmail (dot) com. 

-Putting up more posters in the Hamilton area, in diverse locations to attract more diverse people!


-More submissions! your submissions! The deadline is fast approaching! 

-General love and publicity! 

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more info and answered questions! 


Aly L

Oh Hamilton! Editor in Chief