ontop of me

An Aquarius looked at me, and smiled. She places a hand on my cheek and said, “I’ve watched people come and go out of my life, and here I am hoping you’d be different..”

An Aries looked at me, she slowly inched herself closer to me. Planted a kiss on my lips and said, “I hate you’re so damn emotional. I hate you for reading me like a book, but my god, you make me so damn vulnerable.”

A Cancer looked at me and smiled. She slowly sat up and placed herself ontop of me, looking down at me. She grabbed both of my hands and squeezed it softly and said, “You’re the one. I can feel it, and I’m serious…”

A Capricorn placed her cigarette back in the ashtray and looked at me, she slowly grabbed my arm and wrapped it around her and scooted herself closer and smiled at me and said, “I would never want you to let go of me.. Got it?”

A Gemini rubbed her butt on my crotch. A smile on her face. She turned around and asked for a kiss, then suddenly she pushed after it got heated and said, “Promise me, you’ll only look at me. Even when I’m distant, come and find me.”

A Leo looked at me and gaze into my eyes and said, “You’re always listening to me talk about myself. How about you start tonight because I’ve been dying to know about your day. Let’s start about our secrets. I’ll go first. I hate being a Leo..” She laughed at how silly the secret was and she kissed me and said she was just playing, and was going to tell me a real secret. We laid and talked, and we opened up a new level in our relationship. Trust.

A Libra came crawling to me and placed herself between my legs, she falls over and rests her head on my chest and smiled at me. We stayed like this for minutes and we talked about her work and how her day was, and did nothing but talked the whole night.

A Pisces laughed and slowly sat up, she sat ontop of me and grabbed my hands and kissed them softly. She smiled down at me, squeezing my hands in hers. Suddenly tears rolled down her cheek, but she laughed softly and said, “I don’t know what to feel around you, but they’re good. They’re good feelings and you.. you bring out the best in me.”

A Sagittarius rubbed my back as we laid in silence. Then suddenly she lets out a sigh and played with my hair and said, “I don’t know what to do with you. You make me think too much, and I can’t stop. You make me crazy, you stupid fool.” She laughed and continued to play with my hair.

A Scorpio turned to me one night and whispered enough for me to hear, “I love you. I know I don’t say it to you as much, and I know you. You need reassurance every day, and I’m sorry that I don’t know how to express myself like you want me to, but.. I love you, so very much. I just want you to know that you’re the best gift life has given me, and I appreciate you. I love you.” She then leaned down to kiss my cheek and then slowly punched my back playfully. “You asshole..” she giggles.

A Taurus rested her head on my chest as I played with her hair. Suddenly she began to talk about how we met, and how she saw me and fell in love with me completely. How she was eager to show me into her world and bring a part of me that no one has ever seen out. She laughed and slowly inched closer to kiss my chin, and continued on talking about us. The Past. The Present. And our future together.

A Virgo pulled away from my arms, a soft smile on her face. She looks at me and then settles back into my arms and we stared at each other for what seemed like hours. She kissed my nose and said, “You only get to feel this once. Different in forms, but this, this is only once in a lifetime and you better not let me go, you hear me?”

—  Pillow Talk

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can you do the neighbor au for seokmin, jihoon, and minghao?? only if you have time of course ^_^

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~
wonwoo, hoshi & seungcheol can be found (here)
[this post mentions snakes so if you’re scared of them be careful~!]


  • is barely ever actually at his apartment 
  • like he’s the kind of person that has a super active social life so he’s probably spending the night over at a different friend’s house every day of the week or getting home at like weird hours of the night
  • but the landlord doesn’t care because hey in the end he makes rent and that’s what matters
  • like his door is full of take out flyers and sometimes even packages stand out on his mat for like 3-4 days at a time because like ????? does he even come home like ????? ever
  • inside his apartment though he’s got a lot of stuff because he never really throws anything out ?? like he’s got CD’s from when he was kid, boxes full of comic books and old action figures, and thrown over his couch is a blanket he got second-hand from hoshi
  • and it’s really kinda cool though because he has bookshelves full of trinkets and books and photo albums
  • and on his wall he has photos of singers and rock bands he looks up to
  • and since this is an au, seokmin’s closet looks like you took it from the nineties lots of dad caps, flannels, and ripped jeans because tbh if seokmin was going to have an aesthetic as just a regular dude living on his own he’d probably keep up with his band days and be the type to own a ‘nirvana’ t-shirt 
  • does weird stuff when he’s home alone like sit on top of the kitchen table and eat take-out and drink his soda from something that looks more like a vase than it does a cup
  • and you don’t even know who seokmin is. you don’t even think the apartment next door to yours has anyone living in it
  • until you’re over at a party a couple of blocks down hosted by your friend seungcheol and somehow you get involved in this crazy game of twister
  • and it gets down to you and this boy,,,,,, who is kinda cute with his pretty half moon smile and really big grin
  • and you’re supposed to get your hand over his and like flip yourself around but you end up wobbling and falling forward,,,,,,,,RIGhT ontop of this cute boy
  • whom you’ve never meet
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!!! sfhksda im so sorry!!!!! but you’re also laughing because god how awkward to fall on someone during twister
  • but the boy is just laughing too and he’s like “don’t be sorry, it’s my pleasure ^^” and you’re like your pleasure??? and he’s like “ive never had someone so good looking fall ontop of me before ;)” 
  • and you playfully like nudge his arm before giggling into your palm
  • and then you hear seungcheol’s voice like “hey lovebirds get off the twister mat so we can restart the game!!!!”
  • and you flush red when you realize you two,,,,,,are just laying there in front of everyone at this party
  • so you get up and offer your hand to the boy who gladly accepts
  • and the rest of the party you two stick together and talk and you find out his name is seokmin!!! and that he’s really really hilarious and good at body gags and puns
  • and he’s so totally your type and to your surprise seokmin is like “THIS is gonna sound corny but,,,,,,,, you’re totally my type,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omg no way that’s what i was thinking and you two burst into giggles again
  • and when it’s time to go,,,,,,,,,seokmin is like “let me make sure you get home safe!!” and you’re like oh sure i live a couple blocks down and he’s like whaT a coincidence me TOO
  • and as you’re walking you and him are talking more and more and tbh you stop and you’re like “i don’t wanna leave,,,,,,,,i wanna spend some more time but since i have to go let me do this-”
  • and you lean up to kiss his cheek and seokmin is like grinning and he’s like i don’t want you to go either
  • and as you continue walking he holds your hand and you smile, but you’re so happy because finally you went to a party and you acTUALLY met someone sweet
  • and you’re like ‘oh this is my building here!!” and seokmin looks up and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,,, wait
  • i live here too
  • and you’re like what oh my god what floor
  • and then he says the same floor as you and you’re like NO WAY WHAT ARE WE NEIGHBORS
  • and yes,,,,,,,, turns out that apartment you thought was always empty is actually seokmin’s apartment 
  • and you’re both staring in awe until seokmin is like 
  • “hey maybe that means fate brought us together for a reason,,,,,,literally together because we’re neighbors and also because i like you let me take you out on a real date tomorrow?”


  • always worn-out and the kind of neighbor who would fall asleep in the elevator ride if it weren’t so short 
  • you can tell by his constant yawning that he probably spends a lot of the night up doing work,,,,and like his clothes never look ironed and if you see him going to take the garbage out or get the mail he’s like got a face-mask on and the most sleepy expression
  • but also he always lugs around a guitar case twice his size and a shoulder bag that seems stuffed to the brim with notebooks of all different sizes
  • and he’s respectful, nodding to elders and things like that but mostly he doesn’t speak much to others
  • and it’s probably because he’s got one million things on his mind but also,,,,,,,,,i repeat: tired
  • his apartment reflects his hard work like the one thing that’s most noticeable in the entire apartment is that his living room has a huge desk with dual monitors and a shelf stuffed with books on musical composition and journals full of songs and lyrics
  • and jihoon has pens in coffee mugs in the kitchen, paper crumpled near the foot of his bed (a bed he never uses since he falls asleep in the computer chair or on the carpet beside his desk)
  • and im not saying this au brings back ponytail!jihoon,,,,,,,but that’s exactly what im saying
  • and there’s a point in the week when you have some trouble sleeping so to calm down you make some tea and go out on your balcony to sit in the night air 
  • and that’s when you hear it,,,,, the soft strums of a guitar,,,,,, then a sudden stop,,,,,, and then the guitar again
  • and you look over and for the first time, even though it’s a bit dark you can make a figure out on the balcony beside yours and you tell yourself “isn’t that jihoon’s apartment?” 
  • because although you don’t talk much to him, you know him by first name because your neighbors and when he’d moved in you had stopped by to welcome him and he’d told you his name
  • but it’s weird,,,,,you’ve never seen him outside his apartment 
  • and you never knew that he,,,,,played the guitar so well like you’d seen the case and assumed he liked music but the melody you’re hearing now is absolutely gorgeous
  • but then it stops suddenly and you hear him grumble a loud that it’s no good
  • and before you can really think you get up and go “i really like it!”
  • and jihoon’s head snaps up an he’s looking at you from above the fence of his balcony and he’s like ,,,, “o-oh uh im sorry for disturbing you ill be quieter!”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “no, i really liked what you played, is it your own?” 
  • jihoon nods, looking shyly down at his hands because gjfsgfs he didn’t know anyone was listening ,,,,,
  • but you just smile and go “it’s pretty, i would want to hear more.”
  • and jihoon seems hesitant, but it’s like 2am and you’re the first person he’s talked to in days since working on this song so he asks if you’d really want to hear what else he has and you say you do
  • so he plays it,,,,,,, and you close your eyes so entranced by the sound
  • and it’s enough to even make you feel a bit sleepy and when it’s over you give him a thumbs up from your balcony and he just shyly hides his head, but he’s smiling
  • and you say goodnight as you go back inside
  • and as your head hits your pillow, the sound of jihoon’s guitar fills your memory and you fall asleep easily
  • while jihoon sits outside on the balcony, holding his guitar and thinking about how breathtaking you looked standing there, eyes closed, with the moon as your backdrop and you and him as the only ones awake in that moment ,,,,,


  • honestly,,,,,,,is he a model????? why does a model live in this building???? it must be because the rent isn’t that bad,,,,,,,
  • jkjkjk but seriously everyone is always in awe of minghao,,,,, because like is it humanly possible to look that good??? no matter what??? because he can come out in his pajamas and still look like he’s walking the runway at seoul fashion week good lord
  • but also,,,,,he’s just a sweet oblivious kid
  • and everyone whose older has the strong urge to offer him food and take care of him like maybe it’s because he’s so tall and thin but also just looking at him makes someone want to take care of him,,,,,he’s just so endearing
  • all the neighbors invite him over for dinner tbh he never even has to buy food
  • except jun will come over and literally eat every snack minghao has bought in the past week and minghao is looking at the wrappers all over his living room floor like: jun ge,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re a punk you know that right,,,,, (same goes for hoshi hyung who does the SAME damn thing some1 save minghao)
  • his apartment is pretty nice though,,,,like he’s got this nice aesthetic going with fresh flowers in the kitchen and lucky chinese charms hanging from the walls ,,,,,,, lots of tea and other herbs his mom sent him from china
  • it always smells really good in his house
  • but the coolest thing and like,,,,,,,ok seriously just think about this: minghao,,,,,,,,,,with a pet snake
  • and he has like a whole tank just for his pet,,,,who he named sunflower in chinese,,,,because of it’s yellow skin,,,,and when you first come in you’re like huh do you own a liz- THAT IS A SNAKE
  • but minghao love sunflower, he can take her out and wrap her around his shoulders and he’s like ‘she’s a shy thing, come and hold her’ 
  • also idk i just think he’d look so cool with a snake ,,,,,
  • but yes you find out one day about the snake because minghao gets in the elevator with you and he’s holding a box,,,,,,and the box just says,,,,,,mice
  • and you’re like “are those really,,,,,mice inside there?” and minghao smiles and he’s like “yes! for my sunflower!” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,your sunflower???? and in your head you’re like is that his s/o??? why would they need mi-
  • and minghao is like “you wanna see her?” and you’re like ,,,,, “her?” and minghao is like “yeah!! sunflower!!” and tbh you’re like confused because you know minghao as he’s your neighbor, but you’ve always been scared to talk to him because lmao he’s beautiful and now he’s just inviting you to his house???? to see ‘her’?????
  • but the elevator is open and minghao is pulling you out by your wrist and he’s so excited that before you can even say much
  • you’re following him into his living room and he’s like “there she is~!” and you see it,,,,,,,the tank,,,,,,,,,,and then the little head of a S na ke ,,,,, and you’re like “t-t-t-that’s sunflower?” and minghao is like yep! and this is her meal!!”
  • and you figure out that whats in the box,,,,and why is was for sunflower,,,,,, and you might not watch sunflower ‘enjoy her meal’ but minghao just claps and is like “she’s pretty right??”
  • and you’re,,,,,,you know,,,,,,shell shocked to say the least but you’re like “yes,,,,,,she’s a pretty color,,,,,,” and minghao grins and he’s like “she also does a good job of keeping jun out of my house,,,,,he’s not fond of her.”
  • and you assume jun must be a friend of his but you laugh because that’s actually smart, say you have a pet snake and see how many of your friends refuse to ever come over again
  • but minghao turns to you and he’s like “usually people are running down the hall by now. good job.” and he ruffles your hair and you’re like,,,,,a bit embarrassed
  • and minghao is like “do you have any pets” and you guys talk about it until you say you have to go and minghao is like ok,,,,,you should come over and play with sunflower sometime!!!!
  • and you’re like gulping because how does one play with a snake,,,,and minghao can read your expression which just makes him laugh even more and he ruffles your hair again (he must really like doing that hmmm) and is like “don’t worry, ill be beside you to supervise!”
  • and you know,,,,,,,,why not like when will you get the chance to hang with a snake again so you’re like “sure!! just call me when you’re free~”
  • and minghao is like “oooo really?” and you’re like “sunflower,,,,,,,,seems nice,,,,,” and minghao grins and he’s like “i knew i liked you, sunflower will like you too~”
  • and you’re like well one you’re like oh you liked me 
  • but two now you have a play date with a snake,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’ll be worth it though
  • because one date with the snake but also,,,,,a date with xu minghao tbh i would sell my soul for that so snakes aren’t all that bad LOL 

blu3grl-blog  asked:

How about one where Obi-Wan falls asleep in the most random places? In vents or on a wing of a fighter, in a tree, that one time he fell asleep in an abandoned mine and it turned out to be an enemy base, ect, when he's really tired. Cue the GAR having bets on where they'll find him and Cody's like 'I'm not paid enough for this' as he tries to find his General. Having Obi-Wan sleep isn't the problem, making him sleep in a bed is.

“You owe me ten credits.” Longshot offered his vod a bit dryly, carrying their sleeping General. “He was under a berry bush this time like I thought.”

Waxer gave a quiet curse and Boil snorted. “I told you he wasn’t sleeping in the shuttle.”

“Oh come on, last time we found him ONTOP of the shuttle, forgive me for thinking he might be there again.” Waxer pouted even as Longshot tucked Obi-Wan onto a bedroll in the middle of the camp so they could keep an eye on him.

“Yeah well, the time before that we found him in a vent on the Negotiator so I don’t think it really has so much to say where he slept last.” The mustache sporting vod offered a bit dryly before sighing. “We should really just place a tracker on him, I swear.”

“Commander already shot down that idea as an invasion of privacy.” Barlex laughed as he moved past them with a large crate of something. Perhaps some contraband moonshine?

“How about the concept of ‘not scaring his troopers to gray hairs’?” Boil groaned out before sighing when Waxer just patted him on the head.

“Come on Grumpy butt, lets get back to work since the General’s been found.”

“…I hate that nickname.” Boil complained sulkily.

“Would you prefer Grumpy Neera?” Waxer teased and the other rolled his eyes while following the other.

“Its better then grumpy butt at least.” Was the quiet argument and reluctant grin it sparked out of Boil.


Crossing his arms slowly over his chest, Anakin stared at his master then slowly looked at Cody who gave a helpless shrug. “He keeps doing it, we’ve just come to accept it and tuck him in as best we can.”

Ahsoka tilted her head. “How come he doesn’t just roll off there?”

“My guess? Force shenanigans.” Rex answered behind her as they all went back to watching Obi-Wan sleep on the wing of one of the fighters precariously close to the edge with one leg hanging off, the Jedi tucked up with a blanket rolled up as a pillow beneath his head and another over him.

“I guess he’s taking his sleep where he can and then working when he wakes up.” Anakin mused, rubbing his chin before sighing and jumping up, landing easily on the wing. “Oi, Obi-Wan?”


“Ahsoka’s here.” Anakin warned with amusement.

“She’s heard worse, she stays around Fives too much, he curses in Mando’a all the time.” The tired Jedi master offered before slowly sitting up and stretching, bones creaking and snapping into place as he did. “…I’m getting to old to be doing this fripping stuff.”

Snorting a bit, Anakin placed his hand on the others back to give it little pulses of healing Force. “Sure you are. A good, warm water shower is what you need. Or a spa day.”

Rolling his shoulder, Obi-Wan gave a minor snigger. “As if we have time for the latter and rationing is making the former kind of hard.” He sat still for Anakin to finish up. “Thank you Anakin.”

“You’re welcome, now come on, can’t leave the council waiting.” The blond offered dryly as Obi-Wan gathered the blankets up.

“Aye aye captain.” Obi-Wan chortled.

You’re Mine

Originally posted by thegraylee

Artist/Person : Lee Sunghwa/Gray

Group/Crew : AOMG

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 1527

Requested : Anon; Can you do a daddy smut of gray where he gets super jealous and possessive! Please and thank you !!

Usually Sunghwa chill, barely display much emotion at all. So when I looked at him from across the room and caught sight of his deathly glare, I felt myself start to feel worried, even a bit scared. I rose an eyebrow at him, but he kept that stone cold look on his face. We held eye contact for a few more seconds before he looked away and someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around, coming face to face with the person that I’ve been trying to avoid, but yet again he found me. Woo TaeWoon. It’s not that he’s not a cool person. It’s just that he’s very flirty, and not really subtle about it. And I would tell him that I go out with his hyung, but Sunghwa didn’t want everyone to know about our relationship. I let a small smile pulled onto my lips as the older male started up another conversation.

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Best Friend’s Brother

Request: Yes
Warnings: None
Pairing: Derek x Reader
Word Count: 1735

I woke up to not hearing the familar heart beat in the room. Instead, it was silent, making me turn to scan the place. As my eyes wandered over to her bed, it revealed that she was gone, blanket throw around along with other various things, now on the floor.

I sighed as I got up, maybe she just heard something right? Maybe she didn’t go back to her home town to find her brother. She’d never lied to you before…except maybe…that one time, or the other time, and that one other-

You found a letter on top of her pillow and as soon as you read it, you knew what had happened. She had left, although she said she’d be back soon. That’s all you could hope for now.

~3 months later~

I sighed, all of the things we’d need are in the truck, packed and now here in Beacon Hills were my dumb best friend is. She had said she’d be back home by now, but it’s been three months. I’ve been worried for some time now, and I wondered what had happened. She could be dead for all I know, which, I hope isn’t the case.

I drove into town, seeing the police station go by to my left and then the highschool that she talked about so much, how her brother used to go there and all. What was his name? Derek? I couldn’t remember.

We could she be?

I made my way into the parking lot, turning off the car and starting to carry bags into the complex. All the way up to the top, and then I turn to the… the right, that’s right.As I came to my door I see a man with dark hair come out from his. He was pretty tall and I caught myself looking at him to long. So did he.

He slowed for just a moment, looking at me as well.

“Derek, come on!” I heard a person say behind him.

Derek? Hale?

I didn’t have the chance to ask because a curly haired blonde boy pushed him out. They were gone before I could blink an eye.


I was out and about in town when all of a sudden I caught a familiar smell.Cora. But why would she be near an abandant bank? I looked up at the sign,Beacon Hills First National Bank.Such a weird place for her to go. Like, it looks like it hasn’t been open in years. And yet,her scent is still here. I peer inside, seeing nothing but a few dusty desks and a vault in the back. It’s faint, but I can almost make out a few pulses.

I turn to find a blind man with a dark haired girl at his side. She growls under her breath but the man puts his hand out, stopping her. I look at him as he seems to look back at me.

“And who might you be?” He asked, tipping his glasses. His eyes were a bright red. An Alpha. I take a small step back knowing he could kill me right here and now.

“Please don’t be afraid my dear,” He chuckled lightly, “I just asked your name.”

“Y/N.” I stutter.

“Only that? No last name?” he questions tilting his head to the side and putting his glasses back on. His eyes stop glowing. “Are you the next Madonna or Beyonce?”

“No,” I force a laugh, smiling fearfully at the girl by his side who has been glaring at me this whole time. “Y/L/N, Y/N Y/L/N.” I clarify starting to the side to get away.

“Well Y/N.” He states, leaning in close to me, “I suggest you go home.” And with that he continues on into the bank, pushing the doors open. I feel foolish, Why didn’t I try the doors?


It was almost 11'o'clock, and I still couldn’t shake the eery feeling of the man I met earlier today. It was like I should know him, something about him. It was on the very tip of my toungue, infuriating.

I stand on top of the building, looking around to see if anyone was here. Of course there wasn’t, but I stated to second guess myself when I heard a man’s voice talking, seemingly to another. I duck as they come closer, not knowing if they’re on my side.

“I can do it Scott, just trust me on this.” The man says opening the air conditioning unit and sliding his feet in.

“I know, I know, It’s just…” This Scott said, looking around. I crouched down more, trying to hide myself as his gaze passed over me. “Something doesn’t feel right.’”

It falls quiet for a moment and I wonder if they’ve gone in, but I still here their pulses. A Handy vampire trick. I stay quiet and stop breathing. When I think it’s safe I poke my head out but instead of the same scenary as before I find to eyes staring at me.

I gasp, pushing myself back a little to hard and falling over. I crawl backwards, away from the too  men as they follow me. My eyes soon focus on them and I realize it’s my neighbor, Derek and the other must be Scott.

Derek must recognize me to because he stops in his place. Scott looks over at him and then back to me.

“Who are you?” Scott asks, but it sounds more demanding.

“None of your-”

“My neighbor? What are you doing here- Never mind Scott, we have to do this now.” Derek says, turning back towards the now open metal box leading into the bank.

I watch as they both climb in and slide down the space before I hear a bang. I go towards the opening, looking down and seeing nothign but dust floating up.

I growl under my breath and then hop down into the shute.


“What were you doing there in the first place!” Cora yelled at me across the room. We were in Derek’s apartment, Although he’s currently unconcious on his couch.

“I was worried about you! You said you’d be back soon, Cora!” I shouted back, leaning on a nearby table. “It had been 3 months,” I mummbled, “What was I supposed to do?”

She sighed as she too started to lean on the chair next to her, “Not get bit, that’s what.” She stated. She laid in her chair for a while as I stumbled around the apartment looking for medical supplies. I was bewildered to not even find bandiaids.

“He’ll be fine, right?” She asked, coming up behind me as I put a cold cloth on Derek’s head.

“Yea, he should be, but he might have a hard time remembering what happened for a while.” I say, looking at the cuts on his arm and wishing I could find at least some neosporin.

I decided to go to my apartment to grab my own supplies. As soon as I walked into mine I felt my whole self sink. It became unignorable how tired I was. It was almost 5 in the morning and usually by this time, I’d be laying in bed at least. Instead, I see long hours ahead.

I walked into my aparmtent trying to find the marked boxes that had a messy scribbled of letters that could be disyphered as Bathroom. It took awhile to find them and I found myself remembering what had just happened.

All the stories Cora and I had heard were true. A new Hale, Derek, had started a new pack. It was powerful, even though all memebers beside himself were teenagers. All inexpericened and yet they stick together and fight as a team to save each other. They were close together and that was a special thing.

It was that very thing that had saved your life tonight. You had found yourself under Boyd He was in his full wolf form and he wasn’t happy that you had pushed his pray, a young junior high girl, out of the way. He could sense what you were, and he knew what he was going to do. You barely had time to think as he sunk his teeth into your shoulder.

You screamed in pain as you felt that he was gone, a gust of wind in his place temporarily. You couldn’t remember what happened after that, only writhing in pain on the floor as you heard people fighting around you. Soon you heard a thump next to you and when you turned your head, you found Cora, slowly changing back to her normal form.

You finally found the bandaids and ointment in a different random box, one without a label, and got up to go back to Derek’s apartment.

As you opened the door you found that a deafening alarm was blarring and as you went across the room to turn it off you were pinned to a column next to it. As you focused on the person in front of you they reached over to turn the alarm off. As they took their attnetion off of you, though, you took their advantage and kicked them away.

They easily forgot about the alarm and turned their focus back to me. They threw a few punches before I realized it was Derek. Instead of trying to disarm him I went to trying to just make him stop.

Before I knew it we were both on the floor, me ontop of Derek, pinning him to the floor so he couldn’t punch me anymore.

“What the hell are you two doing?” Cora asked, irrated. She stomped over to the alarm box thingy and turned it off and then came over to us.

“You know her?” Derek asked, recovering from being pushed on the ground. He dusted himself off and then faced me, looking me up and down, clearly judging.

“She’s my friend, Derek.” She scwolded as she took the things that I had dropped on the floor and came over to my side. She pushed my shirt off my shoulder and put some black stuff on. It burnt like a bitch but I could feel my fever that has been building leavev.

“Why don’t you tell your friend to not break into my home, then.” Derek complained, rubbing his arm and coming over to us.

“I’ll get right on that.” She sassed as she put a bandage on my shoulder and then glaring over at her brother.

“Good luck living next to him.” She whispered to me, helping me up and out of the apartment.

“Where are you going now!” Derek questioned us as when we were right next to the door.

“Next door, dumby.” Cora replied, “She’s your neighbor.”

Imagine Jax Getting Jealous...

Request: Hi, jealous jax with smuttt

A/N: jealous/angry Jax, smut 💦

I put my red lipstick on to complete my outfit for tonight Club party. Jax would adore my tight little dress, I checked my hair before grabbing my car keys.
Pulling into the parking lot, the music was pouring out. Jax said he would be a little late but to come anyways. I walked into the clubhouse and spotted Chibs at the bar, walking towards him.
“How’s my favorite Scotsmen?” I asked, cracking open a beer, Chibs chuckling.
“Ay Lass. I’m okay, how is ye?” He asks me while I was sipping my beer. Ever since I got with Jax, Chibs has always been a great friend to me.
“Surviving.” I replied, causing both of us to laugh. I pulled out my phone to see if Jax had sent me any updates.
“Ay lass, I’ll be back” Chibs told me, before exiting into the back of the clubhouse, with a girl on his arm. I chuckled.
“Hey there” I heard a male voice behind me, I turned around and it was a prospect.
“What? I ain’t a croweater” I responded, drinking my beer. The prospect laughed and slid into the seat next to me, causing me to move.
“You’re just really pretty..” he started to say before I interrupted him.
“Let me stop you there prospect, my old man will be here any minute and I’m sure he wouldn’t like this.” I say to him, sparking up a cigarette.
“From the looks of it darling, he ain’t here.” The prospect says, trying to get closer to me. I rolled my eyes and heard the clubhouse doors open. Jax looked angrily at the prospect, I ran up into Jaxs arm.
“The hell was he doing y/n?” Jax demanded, the prospect trying to walk away, Chibs walked behind him and grabbed him.
“He kept flirting with me and wanted to fuck me.” I told my old man, he clenched his jaw gave me a kiss on the head and walked towards him. Chibs held the prospect back as Jax wailed into his face.
“You think hitting on the VP old lady is cool? Something a brother would do?” Jax yelled at the bloody prospect who shook his head.
“Your old lady a whore, look at her” the prospect spat at Jax, causing another fist to the face.
“Get the guck outta here boy” Chibs demanded, ripping the kutte off of him. The prospect stumbled out and Jax drugged me into the door room. As soon as the door shut, Jax hands were on my face, kissing me rough.
“You’re fucking mine” jax says as we strip our clothes, I walked back onto the bed and Jax wrapped my thighs around his face.
“Yes I am Sir.” I purr’d out as his tongue traced my clit, causing a moan to escape me, I arched my back up. Jax tongue started to dance across my wet pussy, screams escaping my mouth as he did wonders.
“Jax…you need to fuck me” I managed to mumble out, A laugh escape Jax as he moved ontop of me. He started teasing me.
“Baby, I’ll do it when I want…” Jax whispers, his mouth sucking my bare breasts. His tongue tracing my nipples.
“Please Jax…I’m begging you” I beg him, needing all of him inside me. Not this teasing bullshit. Jax bit onto my nipple and I gasped out.
“Mmmm” Jax moaned as he shoved his member inside me slowly. Enjoying every moment.
“Jax…” I moaned out as he thrusted inside me. His pace quickened up his lips leaving kissing all up my neck. I moan loudly.
“You’re so fucking tight babe” Jax mumbles out as his pace gets quicker and harder.
“Let me ride you” I giggle as he flipped me over. I adjusted myself and started going up and down. Jax grunts out in pleasure.
“Fuckkkk y/n” Jax moans out as my pace gets quicker. Both of us getting to our climax.
“I’m gonna cum” I yell out, Jax grabbing onto my hips as we both reached our climaxs.
“I love you so much” Jax says as I laid next to him, his arms pulling me into his warm embrace.
“I love you Teller. I like when you get jealous and angry.” I giggled and kissed my old man.

Jax tag: @realpowertwix @anarchyrenegade @soafanficluvr1 @fortheloveofthesoa @khyharah @redwoodog @thegoodthebadandtheempty @jade770 @supernaturalanarchy @coffeebooksfandoms @almostabbybennet

Issues- Part Twelve

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Sexual scenes, violence including blood and lots of bad language in this part <3

Word count-3,365

Read previous parts - HERE

Hang onto your seats, this ones a wild one.

Part Twelve

The next morning when I woke up I was alone. Disappointment flooded me. He didn’t say goodbye.

Stretching my hand over to feel the sheets I was even more disappointed that they were cold. How long had he been gone?

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Everyday (Brad Simpson Smut)

He’s just got to have you any time, any day.



I wake up, reaching to feel Brad but nothing. I open my eyes and see that he isn’t beside me. Strange. He normally stays in bed with me every morning. Maybe he had to get ready for work early. Although, his schedule has been free even after moving to our new apartment just two weeks ago. I check the time, it’s only 9 am.

I get out of bed to look for him. I check our bathroom and kitchen but no sign of Brad. I let out a sigh of relief as I spot his curly hair peeking from the couch.

“Hey, there you are”, I say as I walk towards him. My jaw drops as I take in the sight before me.

“I was waiting until you woke up. I was worried I’d be waiting forever then I’d have to cover up so I wouldn’t get cold.”

I just blinked at him. I was speechless. Never did I think I’d ever find my boyfriend in nothing but his birthday suit laying on the couch.

“Are you going to keep staring or are you going to join me?” he asks, breaking the silence.


“Not something you see everyday”, he laughs. “Here, I’ll help you out.” He stands up and starts undressing me. I shiver a little bit as I become fully naked. “Let me warm you up, babe.” He lies back down on the couch, motioning me to join him. His arms take me in, the warmth radiating off his body.

He leaves kisses on my body from my back to my shoulders then inching closer to my neck, my weak spot. As he gets closer I can feel my heartbeat increase. Goose bumps form and hairs rise as soon as his lips meet my neck. I let out a few moans from the feeling. It only took a couple of seconds before I could feel how hard he is.

I feel around for him then smirk to myself as I find what I was looking for. I take him into my free hand and begin pumping. He stops kissing my neck. “Fuck”, he curses under his breath. I keep going then stop.

I face him, looking straight into his eyes. “I want you right now Brad.”

“Anything for you.” He positions himself so he can enter me with ease. “Are you ready for me?” he whispers into my ear. His warm breath arousing me even more.

“Yes.” I feel him slip in. My mouth drops as he goes in all the way. He builds up a rhythmn, going a bit harder with every thrust. “Fuck”.

“Just the way you like it babe.” His hands pull my waist closer to him, closing the little bit of space between us.

Suddenly, an idea popped into my mind. “Hey..can you…” I try speaking but find it difficult to focus with him pleasing me so good.


“Push..your body…all the way..to the…”

He chuckles as I struggle to speak. “I got you.” His body moves all the way up against the couch. He pulls me back to him and finds his way back inside.

“No, I got you”, I say as rock my hips. He lets out a long moan from the motion.

“You’re all mine”, he says then flips me over, getting ontop of me. “The love I have for you goes deep.” We moan in unison as he goes in deeper than ever before.

His body collapses on mine as we reach our highs. We catch our breaths then spend the rest of the time cuddling naked.

“Where did that idea come from babe?” Brad asks.

I blush. “I read it from an online article. Luckily I remembered it.”

“Thank God you did because that was incredible.”

“I think what you did was incredible. It felt so good.”

“I’m glad.” He smiles then kisses me. “What would you say to round two?”

“Fuck yes!”

He laughs darkly, moving us onto the floor. He sits up. “Rest your thighs on my legs and wrap your legs around my waist.”

I do as he says and await his next move. He slides into me easily, as I’m soaked from before. I wrap my arms around his neck to hold myself up.

His hands grip my ass tightly as he thrusts into me. His lips crashing onto mine. We moan into each others’ mouths as we make love on the floor.

After a bit, he stands up, still holding onto me and carries me to our bedroom. He sets me down on the bed, looking at me with puppy eyes. I furrow my brows a little. What is he up to?

“Can you please ride me?” he asks in the sweetest tone.

I giggle. “That shouldn’t even be a question.” He smirks.

I pull him onto the bed then push him down. I take in this glorious sight. My eyes lust over how amazing his body looks. So sexy. So defined. And all mine. I bite my lip. God damn.

I get ontop of him, placing him back inside of me. I swirl my hips around and watch him roll his eyes back. God I love being in control. I grind my hips against him and he grabs my ass. I moan out his name which causes him to curse.

I keep my eyes on his face and get so turned on by the facial expressions he makes. All of a sudden, his thumb finds its way to my clit and starts rubbing. My body jerks from the feeling. He lets out a dark laugh.

I lean forward, placing my hands on his chest as I ride him faster and harder. “Ugh fuck, don’t stop babe”, he moans deeply. His hands find my ass and pulls me down everytime I thrust.

“It feels so good like this”, I say as I lose myself in the heaven-like feeling.

We keep going until we orgasm. My body falls ontop of his. I can feel his stomach go in and out, trying to catch his breath. As soon as our breathing returns to normal, he kisses me.

“I love making love to you”, I say.

He smiles. “I love being able to anytime, any day, with you. I’ll give it to you everyday.”

Pure - Sparks Chapter 32 - Part 2

Originally posted by gliceria

Pairing: Bucky POV X Reader POV ft. Other characters of the Avengers.

Word Count: 1.4K

Summary: Bucky asks you to stay with him because he is afraid. So you spend the night innocently and it turns into something so much more… SMUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A/N: I can finally tag Bucky smut without feeling guilty! Can’t believe I made you guys wait 32 chapters and 100,000 plus words for this. Sorry i’m lowkey an asshole for that. lol

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Artist/Person : Jung JaeWon

Group/Crew : Solo/YG

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 1083

Requested:  I’m having hardcore Jaewon feels right now, can you do a scenario where he’s sad because he misses Samuel (ex band member) and you comfort him and it turns steamy ;) haha thanks a lot, love your writing💕

A/N: I’m sorry that it took so long, but I hope that you enjoy~

 It was still dark outside, rain hitting the bedroom window. I woke up, my arm reaching out for the man that I fell asleep with. My eyes shot open and I sat up, looking around the room. “Jae…” I whisper, nibbling on my lip. After a few moments of silence, I adjust to sitting on my knees with the sheet held to bare body. “Jaewon…” “I’m right here.” His soft voice broke the dark silence, sounding heavy and thick. Then, there was a flash of lightning and I saw his hunched, shaking figure. “Baby…” I mumbled, dragging the sheet back as I crawled towards him. Wrapping my arms around his torso, I rested my palms against his chest and layed my cheek on his bare shoulder. “What’s wrong, baby?” He shook his head, gripping one of my hands tightly. “You wanna talk about it?” “I just m-miss him.” He stated, voice cracking and heavy with tears. “Who, baby?” “Samuel.” He breathed, a barely noticeable whimper leaving his lips. “Awh, my poor baby.” I held him close, his back pressed against my chest. “Do you wanna give him a call?” “I can’t right now. He needs to sleep.” He whispers softly, making me smile. “Come back to bed. We’ll call him tomorrow, see if he wants to come over for like a movie or something, maybe.” He nodded, turning his head and rubbing his nose against mine in a gentle eskimo kiss. Then he leaned in for a soft peck, that turned into a soft passionate kiss, that somehow ended up with me on my back and under him as he won dominance over my mouth. 

My fingers were knotted tightly in his dark hair, tugging slightly as he ground his clothed bulge against my sheet covered entrance. “Jae~” I moaned, pulling from his lips to breath. His lips continued down my jaw and neck to my collarbones, sucking, biting, and licking at the flesh. “Hm?” He hummed, hands gripping my hips as he ground onto me. “Fuck.” I whimpered, my eyes fluttering shut. “I need you.” He nodded, one of his hands moving from my hip to my womanhood. Nudging the sheet away, he ran a finger between my lips, spreading my juices. “Damn…already so wet.” I moaned softly at his words, a loud cry leaving my lips when he slipped two of his fingers in me, as I was still sensitive from a few hours before. “Always so ready for me…my princess..” He mumbed against my collarbone as he pumped his fingers in and out of me. Feeling the familiar knot in my stomach building up. “Jae…I’m close.” I moaned softly, a whine leaving me soon after as he pulled his fingers from me. I opened my eyes, ready to scold him, but caught sight of him slipping his boxers off. He looked up, making eye contact with me as he began slowly pumping himself. He didn’t break eye contact as a small moan left his lips, a soft whimper leaving my lips as I clenched around nothing. Leaning over me, he smiled softly and slipped into my sopping womanhood with a groan. I moaned out, gripping his biceps and arching my back. 

He slowly thrusted in and out of me with quiet groans and breathless words of appraisal. My hands were running through his hair as small moans and whimpers left my lips, my eyes shut in pleasure. Our bodies grinded against one anothers in perfect sync, continuously creating an amazing amount of euphoric friction. I felt myself clench around his hard length that plunged into me repeatedly, the familiar knot slowly growing in the pit of my stomach. “Jae….” I  moaned softly, feeling him nod softly as he placed a gently kiss in the crook of my neck where his head rested. “I know…wait for me, baby.” He breathed, his arms tightening around my waist as he held me closer to his body. I felt myself pulse around him, getting closer and closer to the edge. And just as I reached the edge he grunted out a low “Now.” Our orgasms hit, hard. A loud gasp left my lips, causing him to stop and look at me with a worried expression. “Don’t stop!” I cried out, bucking my hips upwards. A groan left his lips as he started to sloppily pound into me again, his eyes focused on my face. Watching how it scrunched up, my eyes squeezed shut, mouth ajar as silent moans and cries left from my swollen, bruised lips. Until I went limp, my eyes opening slightly. My hooded eyes stared at him, his nose scrunched as he rode out his orgasm. 

“Baby…you look so fucked out.” He whispered into my ear as he layed ontop of me, face buried into my shoulder as we listened to the rain hit the window. I nodded slowly, my eyes heavy with sleep. “Are you feeling better?” I spoke softly, my fingers lazily playing with the hairs at the bottom of his neck. “Yeah. Thank you for that, princess. I really appreciate it.” He sat up, a small smile tugging on his lips as he watched my sleeping figure. Leaning down, he placed a small kiss onto my parted lips before turning us onto ours sides and falling asleep, my body pressed snuggly to his. 

-Morning After-

I woke up to an empty bed, the smell of breakfast, and the sound of the television. Getting out of the bed, I cleaned up and got dressed in a pair of cotton shorts and a cotton crop top, before heading out. Walking into the kitchen, I saw Jaewon flipping pancakes while rapping softly to himself. Quietly making my way behind him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and layed my head against his back. “Good morning, baby.” “Good morning, princess.” I smiled at the nickname, and was about to say something, until I heard a familiar voice speak up. “Good morning, Y/N noona!” I turned around, finding Samuel. A very grown up Samuel. “Samuel? Ommo, you’ve grown!” I gushed, pulling him in for a bear hug. 
I was snuggled against Jaewon on the couch, Samuel sitting on the floor in front of us, as we watched a scary movie. It felt good to be back to how it was before they were disbanded and broken up. It was like the family was back together. 
“Yes, oppa?”
“I love you.“ 
"I love you too.”


“I can’t believe you’re alive” I said nothing in response. Ten reached out and touched my face, causing me to flinch a bit. “How….how have you been?” I glanced at him, dumbfounded by the question. He just learned that I was forced into the lower ranks to be a slave and had the audacity to ask that. I was angered by his words. I was angered that he was living well. I was angered that he was the reason I was in this situation. I was angered that he didn’t know I was alive.

In this anger, I slapped his hand away from me.
“Where’s my son?” The pressing question left my lips. Knowing that my child was probably living well was the only thing that gave me joy in that hell I was forced to live in.
“He’s at the castle,” Ten sighed, “He’s been properly cared for and looked after. He looks a lot like you too, same eyes and smile,” I felt myself tearing up a bit by this. Knowing my son was living well was also what pained me the most over these past years because altough he was living well, he was growing up without me.
“_____,” Ten noticed that I had started shaking a bit and reached out to hug me. I didn’t have the energy at that moment to push him away. “It’s okay…..I’m here now…..I’ll make everything okay,” Ten pulled away slightly and lifted my chin up so that I was looking straight at him.
“You said that last time…” I softly whispered.
“I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years,” Ten’s eyes suddenly changed color. They were as red as I had remembered but this time, instead of making me feel afraid, I was suddenly captivated. Before I knew what was happening, I had moved forward and my lips were on his. Ten immediately responded to my kiss, pulling me up onto his lap as he did so. His lips moved against mine roughly before kissing up and down my neck. The whole feeling was euphoric but somehow felt off.
“T-Ten…” I half-moaned, “This isn’t right,”
I wanted to push him away but something kept me from doing that.
“That doesn’t matter,” Ten pulled away and stared straight at me with his red eyes. It was almost as if they were piercing through my soul. “Your body is still going to think it feels right….like it did before,” He leaned forward and attached his lips to my neck again, leaving sloppy kisses here and there.
“Ten, stop,” My chest heaved at the sensation.
“No,” He sighed against my neck before proceeding to nip and lick at the skin. “See, ____, I’ve gotten a lot better at handling my powers over the years. I can control things, like you, so much easier than I could before,”
My eyes fluttered closed as Ten pulled me flush against his body, causing friction between our bodies. When my eyes opened, I found that we were no longer in the dining room. Instead, we were in the room upstairs, with Ten sitting on the edge of the bed and me on his lap with my legs wrapped around his waist.
“I mean not to say that it wasn’t easy to get you before,” He smirked and pulled away.
“Why are you doing this?” I breathlessly asked him.
“Because I missed you,” His eyes turned back to their normal shade of brown, “and because I need you. Your scent is so overwhelming even after 5 years and I can’t help my self _____,” As soon as the words left his lips, Ten flipped us over so that he was ontop of me before proceeding to slowly lead us up the bed and straddling my hips.
“Dont….” It was all I could muster out.
“I told you I can’t help myself,” Ten’s expression was filled with lust and a hint of something else that I couldn’t recognize. Suddenly, he rolled his hips against mine, earning soft mewl from me. “And it seems that you cant help yourself either”
“T-Ten…” I moaned as he continued grinding against me. “Clothes.” Taking the hint, Ten quickly got up and began to strip until he was just in boxers. I couldnt help but admire his body as he did so.
“You too,” Ten grabbed the hem of my dress before pulling it over my head and off of me. As soon as he did, Ten froze. I didnt realize why at first but realization struck soon. I became self conscious almost immediately and covered my body.
“How?” Ten’s eyes were once again red. He roughly took hold of my arms and removed them from my body. “How did you get these scars?”
“I got them because of you,” The words left my lips instantly and cause Ten’s eyes to change back. His expression seemed to soften for a moment but he quickly shook it off. His hands reached to touch my skin, tracing the imperfections as they did. I felt my body shiver at his touch and a low sigh left my lips. My eyes scanned over his hands and widened at the sight before me. As Ten’s hands moved over my skin, the scars and gashed that tainted me seemed to fade. His touch reached everywhere a mark was left and didnt falter until all the imperfections were gone.

My emotions were taking over me by the time he had finished his actions and before I knew what I was doing, I pulled Ten down and crashed my lips against his. I kissed him passionately, letting everything I felt- from the pain of five years to the lust of the moment- spill out with my actions. Ten responded eagerly and allowed me to take dominance in the situation. I flipped him over so that I was atop of him and started to kiss down his torso, stopping right above the waistband of his boxers. I palmed him through the cloth, earning a deep growl, and licked my lips. Slowly, I pulled his boxers off to reveal his hard on. My fingers wrapped themselves around his cock and began to pump at a steady pace. Ten rocked his hips in response and threw his head back.
“That feels really good,” he sighed, “but I’d like your pretty little lips to suck me off,” I smirked at his words and shifted so that my face was above his throbbing member. I decided to test the waters first and licked the tip teasingly. Ten groaned at the sensation and moved his hands to tangle them in my hair.
“More,” he mumbled and in response, I took all of him in my mouth. I bobbed my head slowly, trying to tease Ten as much as possible. I hollowed out my cheeks and began humming, causing Ten to tense up.
“Oh Fuck, that feels good,” he groaned and tigtened his grip on my hair. “Go faster,”
I chose to ignore his request and continued sucking him off slowly and teasingly.
“Fuck _____,” Ten heaved a sigh and thrust upwards, making his cock hit the back of my throat. “On your knees. Now” His command resounded through my body. I knew he was using his powers to control me now.
“Dick,” I chuckled as my body positioned itself.
“You’ll get some soon,” Ten winked and pushed himself into my mouth. He immediately began thrusting in to my mouth and grabbed the back of my head to steady me. Low moans left his lips and he chanted my name like a mantra. Soon, his thrusts became more erratic and I knew he was close, but before releasing, Ten pulled out.
“What are you-” I began but was cut off when Ten pushed me down onto the bed. His hands carressed the sides of my body and he bit his lip as he stared down at me.
“Ten-” I started to speak again but my voice caught in my throat when Ten suddenly slid my panties down and began to rub my clit.
“Youre already so wet,” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my chest. His free hand reached behind me and unclasped my bra before throwing it off to the side. His lips kissed around my chest, leaving dark spots here and there.
“Aaaah, Ten~~~” I moaned, feeling euphoric.
“You’re so fucking hot when you moan,” Ten stated before pushing two fingers into me. A high-pitched moan left my lips as he began to pump at a quick pace.
“Ten…fuck…” His name slipped off my tongue continuously as I felt the pressure in my stomach begin to grow.
“Ten I want you,” I sighed, “Fuck me,”
“Your wish is my command,” Ten smirked and removed his fingers, only to replace them with his cock. He positioned himself before ramming into me. My back arched in pleasure and I reached out to wrap my arms around his nape. My hands slid into his hair, tugging at the the soft tresses. Ten grabbed the sides of my waist and continued thrusting into me fast and hard. Low grunts left his lips along with the occasional curses.
“Fuck, youre so tight,” He noted and took hold of my legs, hoisting them up and around his body. This new position made Ten hit even deeper, sending me into a new place of pleasure.
“T-Ten!,” I screamed out his name when i felt him hit a special spot, “Right there!” Ten continued to assault the same spot, making the pressure in my body increase. I knew I was close and I could tell Ten was too by the way his thrusts became more sloppy. Suddenly, Ten reached down and started to rub my clit, pushing me over the edge.
“Fuck, Ten!” I bucked my hips in reply and soon released over his cock.
“Shit,” Ten threw his head back in pleasure as my walls tightened around his cock. He continued thrusting until he reached his high and released himself into me.

He crashed next to me in the bed as we both caught our breaths and while the moment felt so great to be in, a question stood out in my mind.

“Ten,” I panted, “What happens now?”

Low key just want to kiss a girl on top of a Ferris wheel
—  thoughts when the Fair is in town and something I’m patiently waiting to do leighannelovestolaugh
Scars - Chapter 12

Reader x Yoongi

Warnings: Swearing, SMUT

Words: 3,148

Chapters: 11 , 13


Yoongi P.O.V

“Look who it is”, i grabbed him by the neck and pinned him up against the wall “SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP!”, I gritted through my teeth. It was taking every cell in my body, to stop me from killing him right now, with my bare hands. “Woah, calm down Yoongi”, he said with a smirk spread across, “you should be happy, you’re engaged to such a beautiful, sexy wo-”, “i told you to shut up”, i shoved him harder sharing m against the wall. “Don’t you dare talk about her, you’re the sick fuck who abused her, scarred her, you’re the reason she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying”.

Jinyoung just let out a heinous laugh, before leaning slightly forward, “I’m sure she didn’t mind, especially if she didn’t protest when i fucked her every time”.

He just had to push it that bit further. I let out a chuckled before letting go off him and throwing a punch, hitting him directly on his jaw, causing him to fall. “You really don’t fucking listen do you”, i spat out, continuously kicking him in the stomach. Jinyoung was groaned out in pain, as i was about to kick him again, i was dragged to the side, “oi, calm down”, “hyung-”, Jin interrupted me, “instead of being here, why don’t you get home to your girl, she’s fucking worrying about your whereabouts”, Jin sighed loudly, “seriously go, I’ll get Namjoon and we’ll both take care of him”. Yoongi didn’t think about his decision, he knew what was more important, “just make sure he doesn’t come anywhere near (y/n) and Kaia, ever”.

(y/n) P.O.V

“Listen Hoseok, he deserves a second chance”, “(y/n), he cheated, that proves his, ‘loyalty’, towards you. Who ever told you to give him another a chance is just as stupid as you”, he scoffed. “Well it was my mother who told me, the one who had to let go off the man she loved. The one who had constantly got cheated on by my disgrace of a father, but you know what she stayed with him because she loved him. I don’t believe she actually does, but then again she may as i don’t know the real reason”, I shouted out, “i don’t know what I’d do if he was completely out of my life, but more importantly, he has a daughter, i want her to grow up with both a mother and father, i don’t want her to feel as if she doesn’t fit in with all the other kids because she doesn’t have a dad. I thought you out of everyone would understand”. Hoseok would understand as his dad wasn’t there for him as a child and in school he struggled a lot when it came to talking about family.

He sighed loudly before he walked closer to me and held my hands, “i do understand, but i just don’t want you to get hurt baby”, one of his hands was now caressing my face and playing with my hair. “If i get hurt, i’ll need my beautiful hobi to be there with me, because he makes everything better. Can i ensure that he’s gonna be there?”, “he’s always gonna be there for your dumb arse”, he gave me a small smile before engulfing me in a hug, “i love you”, “i love you too”.

“Not interrupting anything am i?”, We both turned to Yoongi, who was taking off his snow covered coat, “yes you are actually, a very loving moment between two best friends”, i smiled at him as i continued to hold Hoseok, who was chuckling. “Ah really?”, I nodded as he walked closer to the two of us, “well could i have a loving moment with my future wife?”, “Hmm…Okay, but only if Hoseok gets to stay for dinner”, “okay, he can stay, can i have my hug now?”.

Just before i could wrap my arms around him, Kaias crying filled the air, “I’ve got it”, Hoseok said rushing up the stairs.

“I fucking love Kaia, but right now i wish that we could just be alone”, “hmm…and why would you want that”, i was rubbing my hands up and down his chest as i questioned him, “why? So i can have some special time with my beautiful fiancé, you know do something that we haven’t been able to, in a long time”, “well, how about after dinner, we get Hoseok to watch Kaia and we can do whatever you want”, “i would love that”.

“How’s the food?”, I asked Hoseok, who we currently stuffing his face. He swallowed before answering, “it’s…meh”, I rolled my eyes at him, “it’s meh, but you’re scoffing it down like a pig”, “you’d be surprised at what people would eat when they’re starving”. I pouted at him, “you’re so horrible”, he just grinned at me, “Yoongi, it’s not horrible, right?”, I questioned, Hoseoks comment made me quite anxious, “it tastes amazing baby”, he said as he brushed my hair out of my face. I gave him a wide smile, “thank you”, I kissed his cheek and obviously Hoseok had something to say about that little bit of affection, “um…trying to enjoy awful food and you two aren’t helping”. I was about to say something to him, but Yoongi stopped me, “(y/n) eat, I’ll feed Kaia”, “it’s okay, I can do-”, “(y/n), eat”, he demanded, taking Kaias bowl out of my hands.

Yoongi got up and began feeding Kaia, whereas I decided to ask Hoseok if he could watch Kaia for a while. “Wait, so why do you want me to watch her? I’ll happily do it, but I need to know why”, “well…myself and Yoongi, wanted some quality time together and if Kaia is getting up crying, it’s kinda hard”. Hoseok smirked, I knew exactly what he was thinking, “I’ll watch her, that is if i get a show as well, you know you in your lingere-”, he stopped himself when he saw Yoongi staring directly at him, his jaw clenched. “I was joking, no need to get angry…and jealous”, “you know you’re lucky that you’re her bestfriend, otherwise I’d beat the crap outta you”, “lord, I am glad she is my bestfriend”, he said drinking his beer, whilst both me and Yoongi began laughing at him.

“Hmm…you go get ready, I’ll go check on those two”, Yoongi gave me a quick peck,before walking off. I went to our bedroom, it would be the first time coming I’m here after we came back, I couldn’t bare going in. As soon as I walked in I remembered the last thing I saw happening in here: Yoongi and Sofia having sex. Sex in the one place that was meant for just me and him.

Tears were brought to my eyes, I couldn’t stand being in here. I turned to leave, but walked straight into Yoongi's’ chest, “hey”, he placed a kiss on my forehead, before lifting my face so he could see it. “Oh…why are you-”, “i-i can’t do this, I’m sorry”, Yoongi​ began to panic, “what-what do you mean you can’t do this?! W-what can’t you do?!”, “I can’t be here, in this room, all I see is her ontop of you, it makes me sick”. Yoongi tucked my hair behind my ear, “I’m sorry”, I shook my head, “it’s okay, I just want to forget about it”, “I didn’t want to do anything in this room, I mean how could I?”. His hands were now holding mine, “I just wanted you to change, so I could show you what I’ve done”.

I looked at him confused, “I’ll show you”. With that he lead me to the back of the house, to the pool, which was now covered in rose petals, candles aligned all around it and on the table that also had a bucket, full of ice and a champagne bottle. “I know it’s quite cheesy doing something like this”, “you did this for me, how?”, “well, you know when I said I had some work to finish off in my office, I did it then”.

“Thank you for this”, I turned to him and kissed him, “like I said, i’d do anything for you”, “hmm…and I also love how soft you’ve become for me”, I teased him, holding back a laugh when I saw his eyebrow furrow and his lips frowning, he looked like a grumpy child. “Soft, huh?”, I nodded in agreement and next thing I knew the shirt I was wearing was ripped open, a few of the buttons flying off, “Yoongi!”, I screamed out trying to close it, but he pinned my hands to my sides and pulled me closer to him, so our bodies were touching, “it’s my shirt anyways…god you look so good in black”, he said as he began pecking my shoulder. His lips began travelling up, staying on my neck whist his hands sneaked their way into the back of the shirt and unhooking my bra. He yanked it down, exposing my breasts, which had obviously gotten bigger, his mouth travelled lower to my semi-erect nipples.With his tongue he gave them small kitten licks, making me whimper.

As he continued, one of his hands wrapped around my throat, his hold was slightly tight. Soon his lips were on mine, his hands pulling down the shirt and bra at the same time, making them pool at my feet, he pulled away and looked in admiration, whereas I felt quite insecure, I still had some baby weight on me and a few stretch marks. “Stop, i look disgusting”, I said, trying to cover myself with my hands, but Yoongi grabbed them, “it may look disgusting to you, but to me you look beautiful and these…”, his fingers trailing over my stretch marks, “are sexy, remind me of a tiger”, he leaned in and took the lobe of my ear between his teeth and pulled on it.

His hands then moved to the tie on my shorts and let it loose, before pulling them down along with my panties. His hands kneaded my behind as he bit and sucked at my collar bone, although he was pleasuring me, it wasn’t fair that I was the only naked one, “Yoongi-ah…take it off”, I said as I pulled at his shirt. He complied and took it off, throwing it to the side, he also took off his sweatpants and boxers, “that better baby?”, he asked pulling me closer, his erection pressing against me. I nodded biting my lips and it has a clear effect on Yoongi as he groaned, “don’t do that, god you drive me crazy”, he said as he walked, making me walk backwards till I was at the edge of the pool. I knew what he was going to do. “Hmm…do I?”, I questioned him, as I began nipping at his jaw, my hand grabbing hold of his member, giving it a squeeze, “ahh…fuck, (y/n)”, he began leaning forward to lean on me, but I moved to the side, so he stumbled forward and landed straight in the pool.

I was stood there laughing at him, whilst he moved his wet hair out of his face, “i’m sorry, do you forgive me?”, I pouted, “baby girl, you’re gonna have to do more than just that”. With that i joined Yoongi in the water and wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in giving him a quick kiss, “what about now”, he raised his brow and leaned in himself, giving a very deep,passionate kiss, his tongue exploring my mouth.

Soon he pulled away biting my lip, making me groan in both pain and pleasure. Yoongi lifted me, by my thighs, which were now wrapped around his waist, he eased his member into me at the same time, “ahh…”, i moaned resting my head on his shoulder, my arms wrapped around his neck. I waited for him to move, but there was nothing, so I looked up at him, he was staring back at me, “go on move, maybe then I’ll consider forgiving you”, he smirked, god I wanted to slap him, it’s not the first time he made me do the work.

I began moving up and down slowly, my core squeezing Yoongi’s member as I did. “Shit…”, he hissed out, throwing his head back slightly, his eyes closed I took this opportunity to attack his neck, biting and sucking his weak spot near his ear. I assaulted his neck and continued to ride him as slow as possible, I loved teasing him.

“Move faster”, he said grabbing my behind and pulling me closer, but I ignored him and continued with my slow pace. And no surprise he got annoyed, he hates it when I don’t listen, “(y/n), are you listening? I said move faster”, his hand was holding my face tightly, but again he was ignored and I just stuck out my tongue, to which he chuckled. His chuckle only lasted a few seconds, along with the smile plastered across his face.

He now had a quite intimidating face on, his tongue poking the side of his cheek. He put me down and began backing me up against the wall of the pool, I was pressed against the wall and he was almost against me, “when I tell you to do something, you do it. Is that understood?”, I just stared at him biting my lip, I loved it when he started showing his dominant side. “I said is that understood?!”, I quickly nodded as he raised his voice, “good girl”, his hand was now in my hair combing it down, before he grab a hand full and pulled me into a rough kiss.

He lifted one of my legs, a guided his member to my entrance, allowing it told through my walls a few times before shoving it inside me. Yoongi was far from gentle with me right now, he pounded in and out of me hard and fast, I was a moaning mess. “See, this is how you get someone to forgive you”, he gritted out as he continued pounding,his hand grabbed and pulled my hair back, exposing my neck to him. He left behind blue and purple marks dotted around my neck and collar.

I could feel my orgasm coming, but I needed that little push to get me there, I knew what I needed, but knowing Yoongi, he wouldn’t let me do it, he believed that he was the only one that could pleasure me and no-one else. “Y-yoongi-ah”, he hummed, “can you touch me, please”, “where do you want me to touch you baby girl?”, “I want you to touch me…d-down there”, my voice grew a lot quieter, due to the embarrassment I always felt when he made me ask. He smirked, kissing my cheeks as his hand traveled down to my clit, pinching it, I let out a loud moan in response.

Yoongi continued to vigorously rub at my clit and thrust into me, making my orgasm wash over me. I clawed his back as I rode out of the quite intense orgasm, whereas Yoongi was groaning because I was scratching him and because he was close to letting go. His thrusting didn’t slow down and it didn’t help how sensitive I was right now, “Yoongi, stop…”, I whimpered out, I was limp against him, “baby, it’s okay I’m almost there-”, he cut himself off as he came inside me, I took in every single drop of his cum.

“Baby?”, “Hmmm?”, “Bed”, Yoongi chuckled at me, “i’m tired”, “alright, let’s get you cleaned up and in bed”.

I woke up not even an hour after falling asleep, I turned to my side to cuddle Yoongi, but he wasn’t there, “Yoongi?”, I called out, but no response. I got out of bed, and as I walked to the door I could hear Yoongi, “come on don’t be like this”, he was probably on the phone to one of his partners. I was about to head back to bed, that is before I heard the one name I wish I could erase from my memory, “Sofia”

“Please tell me you are fucking, joking right now”, I let out a bitter laugh, holding back my tears. “(y/n), she-”, “I don’t care what you were talking about, that bitch almost ruined our relationship, but you still can’t let her go!”, I screamed out. Hoseok came out of Kaia’s room after hearing me, “what’s going on?”, he asked concerned, “nothing, just stay with Kaia, please”, he stood there for a few seconds before going back into the room, closing the door.

“(y/n), please, I swear to god she ran me or of the blue, I blocked her on my phone and told her to leave me alone”, Yoongi walked up to me and wiped my tears with his thumbs, “I promised you that I would never do that shit again, and I am gonna stick to it, because the worst thing that could ever happen to me is losing my two girls”, he kissed my forehead, before leaning against it.

I hated making him think I was going to leave him again, I could never do that again. “I’m not gonna leave you, I promise, but right now I want some time to myself, j-just to think”, “how long?”, “half hour tops”, “okay, don’t walk too far”, “I won't”.

I wish I wore more layers, it was freezing out, I pulled Yoongi’s jacket closer as I walked. I walked to the corner shops, they were a 10 minute walk from the house. I got myself some coffee, yes it was stupid to get it at this time, but it was the only thing that would warm me up right now.

I don’t know how long had passed, but I finished my coffee and was heading back home. “He tells me to stay away from you, but he doesn’t even stay with you, see now that’s not a smart things to do”, a bruised Jinyoung shakes his head as he leans against the wall in front of me, “see I wouldn’t let what belongs to me out of my sight”, he pushed himself off the wall and walked around me, “anyone could just come along and take it”, he was now in front of me again.

Jinyoung tutted as he stared at me, “looks like someone thought they could mark what’s mine…”, his fingers touching the hickies, I tried to move, but he grabbed me tight around the waist and pulled me against him. He leaned down and whispered into my ear, “it seems like someone else needs to be punished for letting this happen”.

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