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Just want to start by saying your garvez fics are everythingggg!! Could you pretty please write a fic about the team finding out about garvez, maybe garvez accidentally spends the night together on a case cause they fell asleep in a hotel room together, and although nothing happened the team freaks out and is excited for them?

I wanted to start by saying thank you! I really appreciate the compliment and I hope the following piece of fiction is to your liking. 

Last Resort

Pairing: Garvez

Words: 2,047

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Emily sighed as she stepped out onto the balcony, staring off into the distance. The trees were starting to change color, and it was chillier than usual. “So close to autumn already…and my birthday is next month too…” She looked up at the moon above. Hm, it was pretty quiet tonight…too quiet.