View of a Chicago Transit Authority train on the Lake Street elevated line, Chicago, June 30, 1967. Hedrich-Blessing Collection, HB-30550.

Discover the history of Chicago’s rapid transit system.

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The Spice Girls debut single ‘Wannabe’ was released in the UK 19 years ago today on July 8th, 1996.

It became the WORLD’s biggest selling single by an all female group, selling 1.3 million copies in the UK, 2.9 million in the U.S. and over 10 million worldwide! 

It topped the charts in over 31 countries worldwide, spending 7 weeks atop the UK charts in 1996 and 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1997!

It went onto became one of the defining songs of the 1990s and catapulted the Spice Girls to global stardom on an international scale. 

Wannabe was also named the Best British Single of the year at the 1997 BRIT Awards and won 2 Ivor Novello Awards in the same year.

Wannabe was named at the catchiest song of all time in 2014 and in 2015 Billboard Magazine called it a ‘Pop Culture Smash”.



On this day in 1999, the music video for “Scar Tissue” was released. Directed by Stéphane Sednaoui.


On This Day in 1980 President Jimmy Carter signed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act into Law 

With the signing of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, the BLM became responsible for managing six Wild and Scenic Rivers, nine study rivers, one National Conservation Area, one National Recreation Area, and one National Scenic Highway. Enjoy these photos of the Delta Wild and Scenic River, Gulkana Wild and Scenic River, and Beaver Wild and Scenic River in celebration of Alaska’s vibrant waterways!

This year, we are celebrating 25 years of German Unity.  The Day of German Unity is celebrated every year on October 3.

Why October 3?

The decision to reunify East and West Germany was not made lightly. After the Berlin Wall fell in November of 1989, many leaders around the world, most notably Great Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, were against German unification. In the end, the steadfast support of a few countries, including the United States, and the will of the German people outweighed the doubts. Negotiations for a unification treaty went on throughout the summer of 1990 and finally a unifcation agreement between the Germanies was decided upon. On the sidelines, the 2+4 treaty between East and West Germany, Great Britain, France, the US and the USSR was also being negotiated and was signed on September 12.

All that remained, then, was the date. With two entire parliaments and various parties, it comes as no surprise that the decision on a date was a difficult one. In the end, the then Prime Minister of East Germany Lothar de Maiziere called a special joint session of parliament to debate this issue. It was as difficult as one might expect to come to a consesus, but eventually October 3 was chosen.

Later that day Helmut Kohl, the Chancellor of West Germany and the first Chancellor of unified Germany, said, “Today is a day of joy for all Germans.”


On this day in 2000, the music video for “Otherside” was released. Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.


On This Day in 1967, the BLM designated nearly 62,000 acres of the Red Rock Recreation Lands in southern Nevada as its first recreation area.

Today, Red Rock Canyon is better known as Nevada’s first National Conservation Area. Red Rock Canyon is located 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip on Charleston Boulevard/ State Route 159. The area is 195,819 acres and is visited by more than one million people each year. 

In marked contrast to a town geared to entertainment and gaming, Red Rock offers enticements of a different nature including a 13-mile scenic drive, more than 30 miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, road biking, picnic areas, nature observing and a visitor center. The unique geologic features, plants and animals of Red Rock represent some of the best examples of the Mojave Desert. 


On this day in 2002, the music video for “By The Way” was released. Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.