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I'm just really emotional over here and couldn't stop myself from dropping by just to tell Logan that he has way more potential than he sees in himself and I believe in him 100%. *hugs Lo* Sorry for being sappy. Also you will sort out things with your best friend and everything will be okay soon, I promise.

Logan: (staring, awkward) Um…thank you. And…yeah. I…well, I can only hope it will be. It would be good to, uh…talk it all out with him. Once he’s ready. And okay, I mean. That comes first. I want him to be better first.

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college advice: build a rapport with your professors!! ask questions and show them you're interested in learning what they're teaching. try your very hardest not to procrastinate!! you'll end up with way less stress and you can treat yourself on days "off" for finishing your work early!

!!!! WHY AM I ALREADY LOOKING FORWARD TO TREATING MYSELF LACEY YOU ARE GIVING ME WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH POWER OH MY GOD no serioulsy this is SUCH solid advice thank you SO much for all of your knowledge!!! i will make an effort to do all of these things, especially this summer with my accelerated semester!! thank you SO much!!

impart wisdom on a college freshman

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omg i just realized i have a mirai story. when i went to nationals in 2011 i was hanging around after the ladies event & saw mirai walk upstairs in the coliseum when she was getting ready to leave & i was being polite & not bothering her, but a bunch of people were asking for pictures so she'd stop then move two feet before someone else would stop her. i kinda felt bad because she looked exhausted. i decided not to approach her but she smiled/waved at me when she left & i thought it was sweet!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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I have to admit I have had some weird and bitter feelings the last couple of years because I felt that we were left in limbo and I don't do well without closure. I don't think I've ever been so attached to any characters. But today I'm just feeling a lot of gratitude, for various reasons, so just thank you for giving us Warblerland! (Now I must dive into the Jogan tag because it's been a sad, empty place for far too long.)

Thank you so so much for your message. :) I am grateful to you for being here, for coming back to Warblerland and going on to read the newest ep. :) THANK YOU for being with us again and for all the kind support you’ve given our crazy world! And welcome back to the gondola! 8D

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I'M WITH U ON THE SPACE THING!!!! back when that movie gravity came out erin kept saying it was so great but i put off watching it forever bc i thought it would make me too anxious!!! (i was right)

I fucking refuse to watch Gravity, I don’t care how great it is. SHE IS LOST??? IN SPACE??? THAT IS MY NIGHTMARE????

I finallly relented and watched Interstellar with my bf and he had to explain so much and I still don’t get it why was the black hole a sphere and not a hole and what do you mean time moves differently that doesn’t make any sense and yeah fuck space.

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florida is ALL DISNEY WORLD lol (i wish) (it only takes me like 6 hrs to get to jacksonville but 9 to get to orlando uggggh it would be easier if the whole state was disney)

sometimes i forget the whole state is not in fact disney bc recently i was trying to plan a trip from orlando to tallahassee and i was literally shocked at the distance. florida is never ending. an ever expansive black hole of oranges and regret.

send me a florida stereotype and i’ll tell you if i fit into it