tbh my mind is blown every time i think about ferguson

a bunch of people are pouring so much energy and effort into making sure a white man gets away with murder like I literally cannot comprehend the amount of hatred racism must invoke in some people to keep fighting the citizens asking for basic human respect and justice  

I don’t know if its intentional or not but I just realized that the higher class Gems have fuller lips than lower class Gems. Excluding Fusions, we have

Confirmed lower/common Gems:

Confirmed ‘higher ranking’ Gems:

(Peridot says Amethyst outranks everyone else due to being a Quartz, so I assume Jasper and Rose would be the same ‘rank’ if not even higher, so I consider them to be confirmed to be higher ranking than the Gems in the lower ranked section)

Just thought that was kind of interesting


“Opal Forgets” comics. long post

based on

opal is very forgetful and even a bit absent minded when it comes to instructions, but when she’s focused she excels above the rest. which might explain how she manages to pass despite the circumstances…

1. in the first comic/first row, opal forgets her socks on the way to school. she goes back home to get them, but forgets what she was doing and watches tv the rest of the day.

2. opal misunderstands what mrs. maheswaran meant by home-work

3. opal forgets her bow for her archery classes


Season 1

The Christmas Special

Season 2

Season Zero

pros and cons of watching the devil is a part timer


  • the characters are amazing
  • everyone is cute
  • the plot is perfect
  • every single person is cute
  • the humor is spot-on
  • the music is excellent
  • everyone’s cute as hell, which is where half of them come from


  • the devil is portrayed as a fun and wacky guy
  • ?????????
  • you feel bad for lucifer
  • ????????????????

Hey, little train! We are all jumping on
The train that goes to the kingdom
We’re happy, ma, we’re having fun
And the train ain’t even left the station
Hey, little train! Wait for me!
I once was blind but now
I see have you left a seat for me?
Is that such a stretch of the imagination?