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if you don't mind me asking, what all mods do you have for ts4, and where did you find them?

I have 23094802385092485 mods, but here’s the Dragon Age ones!

If you have sims 3, this lovely person has lots of dragon age stuff pulled right out of the game, and so does this wonderful person

Dick is so passive in that “Grayson” comic

Ew, just look at these evil teenagers harassing this poor defenceless man. He doesn’t even have his shirt on

Terrible how they don’t let him make any of his own choices 

He never stands up for himself either, pfft


So passive

He’s kind to animals? FFS, so now he’s a Disney Princess too?


So gross how he has no free will in this comic

Or control over anything whatsoever

Agency over his own appeal and charm? Lol pls

Soooo passive, amirite?



Toronto - Summer Textile Program for Women

For who?

Young women* aged 16-29 who have experiences with being homeless, street-involved, or living on the margins.

*SKETCH recognizes and affirms a wide gender spectrum. In this case “women” represents anyone who identifies somewhere on the female spectrum.


A textile arts program. Learn sewing machine essentials, hand sewing, simple patterns, fabric design/printing, embroidery, and other employable skills.


At SKETCH’s Creative Enterprise Hub. 180 Shaw Street, which is in the Trinity Bellwoods Area.


It’s a 10-week program, starting July 22nd to September 26th.


The boys out east are shredding the gnar, even in Onterrible. I guess its not all flat out there. Give this rad video a peak for some of Ontario’s finest shredders.