ontd on ontd

it’s so weird seeing all these posts about people who are ashamed to have been a homestuck fan when i’m just like, buddy, i’m not even ashamed about the couple months i gave a shit about twilight. i had fun.

holy shit in three months there are going to be people who will watch skam with zero waiting. all of the episodes and texts and instas will exist, and they can be consumed immediately. they will have no idea what this is like.

i have to treasure every second of waiting because soon i won’t be able to. i won’t be able to anticipate on this level. i won’t be able to imagine on this level. i won’t feel the adrenaline rush, the blessing of the next clip.

we are so lucky to be here right now.

aprillikesthings replied to your photo “So this weirdness just happened to me.  I know tumblr often makes…”

also by ffa do you mean fail fandom anon or something else?

only people who were part of ffa know what ffa was

Nah I’ll explain it properly, I just felt like being cryptic for a moment there.  On Livejournal, you probably remember, there was a popular celebrity gossip/entertainment news community called Oh No They Didn’t!  From ONTD lots of spinoff communities started for discussion of specific TV shows, bands, et cetera.  I was part of ontd_startrek and ontd_lost.  Every Friday ontd_lost would have a Free For All Friday or FFA where you didn’t have to keep your posts or comments on-topic to Lost, you could bring up anything and it was all jokes and memes and excessively personal anecdotes.  We had fun.  After Lost ended and the community wound down, some members who’d really enjoyed the FFAs started a new community called ffa_forever to have fun in, and I was one of them.  When Livejournal began to die and a lot of us relocated to Tumblr we became mutuals and a big part of my dash is still FFA alumni who I call my ffairies.  It makes me happy that they’re still my friends.  And a couple of people from the Star Trek community too.

The AoS fandom majority on Tumblr is showing itself...

Melinda May talking to an unknown on the phone: TRAITOR, BITCH, HOW COULD YOU

Victoria Hand re-routes a plane: THAT BITCH, I NEVER TRUSTED HER

Grant Ward shoots someone point blank and then puts 2 more bullets in her: B-but he and Skyeee kiiissed… and he has so much man pain! He’s probably just a spy for Coulson. He’s probably brainwassshed~