“Do we have a Davesprite? Davesprite? No?”


“…I guess we could pretend to be Davesprite”

and from then on the Daves ran around flapping their little chicken wings and making ridiculous faces

Dave: nathaylee, tsund-erin, science-of-time-and-saltzexionienzo, daves-closet

Jade: night-oowl, …?

John:  ryo-tan, biggerdamnhero, goshdiddleydarnit, …?

message me if you know who the other cosplayers were!



Enjoy this guys! And again sorry for how shaky it is nwn;;;

Toronto Can Town Project

I’m going to do this via submit since it’s easier.

I’m not the organizer, but I saw the ask of someone wondering about meet ups and this is a cool project happening on March 8th in Toronto.

The concept is a space is being rented out, and people will gather in cosplay with canned goods (non-perishable of course). Then we will build a can town.

Once that is done the cans will be donated to a local food bank.

Facebook Group

Event Page

It’s a very cool project and it should be a fun day. If people are in the area/can be it’s something worth going to.

(And hopefully it can become an annual thing)